Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Flash Report! Setting the Table for Holly Godarkly by Knight on 10/22/15 at Past Time Video in Stuebenville, OH (w/PICS!)

Doc here, a man who Johnny Paradise refers to as "The Lou Grant of the Libertines", with the pre-game show for Part 3 of Holly Godarkly's Journey into This Thing of Ours

Holly's escort for this first trip to an adult theater is Knight, a reporter for the Journal in it's early days starting in 2011. In Parts 1 and 2 of her report, Holly discusses meeting Knight and making the decision to have him escort her to her first adult theater.

Also as part of this visit, Holly brought along her partner in crime, Lacey. Who would not want a wing woman by her side as she dips her toes into this thing of ours?

Now, let's meet Knight as he sets the table for Holly.

Take it away, sir.

Hi Doc.. long time no talk! 

I found our lovely Holly Godarkly and her friend Lacey. They both are newbies to This Thing Of Ours (TTOO) and so I decided to choose a proper venue for their first time. I chose Past Time Video in Steubenville Ohio. 

Past Time Video
Steubenville, OH
Past Time is about a 25 minute drive from the Pittsburgh Airport and 40 min from the Steel City itself. Well worth the drive. It is under new ownership and COMPLETELY remodeled (see pics). I believe you met the new owner once... Remember the Summit Theater in Warren? Big Jake was one of the managers there and now runs Pastime. 

The Summit ran into some issues and the theater and play rooms were closed. This place has the same potential in my opinion as that former top 5 venue used to have. The booths are new, clean, all have "gloryslots" ..my word.. its a vertical style gloryhole so that men and women of various heights can experience full play (yes that means fucking for those in Cleveland.. hey I'm from Pittsburgh so I gotta throw smack). 

There are two theaters.. one huge straight theater with a massive flatscreen tv with 10 big leather couches and one gay theater with 2 screens playing gay and tranny movies. They're open 10am-midnight and to 10pm Sundays. 
Thursdays couples get in free. Jake and the crew are highly protective of their couples and single ladies... they do not tolerate guys who don't understand the word no. There is a even a changing room/bathroom for the ladies to slip out of their street clothes.

Speaking of clothes.. it's a rule of mine that any of my ladyfriends who accompany me to the theater must never wear panties. I informed Holly and Lacey of this rule and they said they would comply. 

We met at a public location not far from the theater and they were both dressed to play. Holly in a Hepburn style dress and hat.. Lacey in a low cut top. Both women are stunning.. they had a simmering sexuality about them. They were nervous but ready. Of course, after getting into my car, I had to check each one for the "no panty" requirement. needless to say my fingers became quite warm and wet very quickly.
Past Time Retail Store

Once in the door, they were greeted by BigJake and given the tour. The men in the house followed. In the theater, a regular couple we call "Beauty and the Beast" were playing.. what a site for our two newbies to see Beauty riding a cock with her perky boobs and blonde hair bouncing up and down. This couple is one of the best looking and friendliest couples I've ever met in TTOO. Holly and Lacey stayed close to me and I asked if they were nervous... "Ummm, yeah".. but another quick check of their pantilessness told me they were excited too!

I'll let Holly tell you the rest of the details. Even though I definitely sampled the goods, I wanted to be somewhat of a Mr. Roarke (the only man to rock a white suit better than our own Doctor) (ed. note: Hey! Those are fighting words, sir!) and get them to experience many things. I'm pretty sure they both will be back.



Doc here again...It's good to have you back Knight, and your escorting duties for Holly & Lacey (I almost type Cagney & Lacey every time) were and are appreciated. Keep up the great work, sir!

Past Time looks like a great place, and The Good Doctor sends his best wishes to Big Jake for a great run at Past Time Video!

And now ladies and gentlemen...It's onto Part 3 of Holly Godarkly's Journey Into This Thing of Ours...