Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Flash Report: The Editor Presents a SoCal Overview

Doc here with a Flash Report from senior Journal reporter, The Editor. The Good Doctor provided The Editor with a few SoCal adult theater tips several days ago, and over this past weekend The Editor sprung into action.

What did he find?  Let's find out...


Hi Doctor,

Fri and Sat at the Deja Vu in Ontario, California

No couples during the period 7-9 both nights.

Sunday Eve at the Jolar Cinema in San Diego

A couple arrived about 8:30pm, they were maybe 40.  She was nice looking Caucasian and had huge tits under a black zip front sweatshirt and a skirt, no purse.  He was Hispanic. They are very familiar with the Jolar as she went to the ladies room alone while he went into the theater. For the next 3 hours, they moved from one theater to another and spent considerable time in the hallway near the door.  If guys got too interested, he directed them away.  Not sure what the point was.

Couple #2 arrived about 10:30 and went directly to theater #2.  They sat and watched the movies, not looking around, not touching, nothing.  They stayed until after midnight and never did a thing.
So 0 for 2 at the Jolar.

Monday eve, cold, windy and rainy.  A bad night even by Seattle standards, much less SoCal. Not sure if I'll make it Monday night.

The Editor


I hope The Editor got there Monday night, as that is typically a great night to visit The Jolar.  Fingers are crossed for you, sir.

Do you have an adult theater report?  Just e-mail Jimmy Olsen The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com, and I will do the rest for you.  Editing, formatting, and photo insertion.

Give it a test drive...


Flash Report! Gloryhole Nancy's Latest Report - Part 1 (with 9 HOT Pics!)

Doc here with Part 1 (of 2) of a doozy of a Gloryhole Nancy Flash Report from The Glass City, Toledo, Ohio.

Regular readers saw a sneak peek photo of this photo set a few days ago here at The Journal, but wait until you get a load of the full two-part gallery.

Part 2 will go up Wednesday at 9am CDT, and also contains 9 HOT pics of Nancy devouring a huge cock the way only she can...

Here is Nancy and her guy T with their latest report...

(Note: These pics of Gloryhole Nancy are very high resolution images.  CLICK on the pics to ENLARGE them. Thanks!)


Hi Doc and fellow readers,

Sorry for the delay ladies and gentlemen, but trying to figure out a new digital camera is not my area of expertise LOL.
We went to the bookstore not sure what to expect as it was a last minute thing, but you never know right?  After talking to the clerks for a minute we wandered back to the booth area. There a total of three people there, and two of them were us LOL. We go into a booth and sure enough we hear the sound of someone leaving their booth and entering the one next to us.  Nancy peeked through and said that he was past her "age limit." In other words, a little too old for her liking. 

We're getting ready to leave the booth when he sticks it through for her and she took one look before dropping to her knees and taking it down to the base, without saying a word.  He groaned out loud and let us know he has been waiting for months to get the booth next to us! Nancy told him to shut up, enjoy the cock sucking and give her cum! 

He lasted almost too long for her liking (remember this guys: you are not there to impress her or make love to her mouth! Shoot your poison and let the next guy in lol.)  But he finally erupted with a groan so loud we were afraid he was gonna have a coronary right there and lay twitching in a puddle of cum and other liquids. 

After he left Nancy told me he was too old but his cock was just right;) And that, gentlemen, is why Nancy causes a scene wherever we go.  Enjoy the pics, we have more on the way....

While were on the subject, can anyone suggest a good place for gloryholes in Chicago besides CT's?  Nothing against that place but we can't even join their Yahoo Group unless we go through hoops, applications, interviews, instant messages, blah, blah, blah LOL.  We just want a place she can go and suck through the hole without too much hassle, is that too much for Nancy to ask for? (ed. note: You can e-mail Nancy and T at nwonancy@yahoo.com if you have a good suggest for gloryhole play in Chicago).

We are going to be hosting at our travel gloryhole we'll set up in the hotel room, but we also would like to venture out and see what the other half lives like...

T & N


Doc here again... Part 2 of Gloryhole Nancy's latest photo shoot will be published Wednesday at 9am CDT here at The Journal, your one-stop-shop for this thing of ours 9 More HOT images of Nancy at the hole, satisfying her oral fixation.

Thanks Nancy and T!