Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! The Boston Red Cox & Julie Ann Visit The Paris Theatre in Portland

Doc here with a nice Couple's Flash Report from regular contributor, The Boston Red Cox.  He and his lady friend Julie Ann ventured to the Pacific Northwest, and to the Rose City of Portland.  
It is here that we begin our report...
Good evening Doc L,
Last week brought an old Boston friend and I to Portland for a mix of business and pleasure.
Julie Anne is a clothing designer of fine sensual evening wear, and had an appointment to see a buyer for a distributor of R-rated evening clothing and sensual lingerie, who came up from LA to meet her.
While in Portland we took in some of the sights, and a few events that were going on last week in town, such as the MV Convention, the Expo Gun Show, the Saturday/Sunday street market, and the Brewer's Festival. All of which were astounding events! A visit to Mt. St. Helens was also an awesome day trip. While we had originally planned on spending some time at both the theaters, and in at least 1 ABS, but time wasn't on our side, and neither was the traffic around town. On 2 of the days we sat in traffic on the interstate in town for over 2 1/2 hrs, just creeping along.
After over indulging at the Brewer's Fest on Saturday afternoon, we needed a nap to sleep off the buzz, before going to Ray's Paris Theatre. Well, we napped in the car in Chinatown till after 9pm, then proceeded to the theater.
The crowd was thin and the guys seemed to be tapped out already. (It must have been a fun afternoon and early eve there for them.). Julie Anne and I played quite a bit together, and chatted about how quiet it was there Saturday eve. She really wanted to suck a lot of cock, as that is her specialty, but even after disrobing her skirt and blouse,  showing what she has, only one lucky guy came over to take the bait! And quite a bit he had!
Julie Anne was enthralled with the length and girth of his endowment. Made me look like one of the 7 dwarfs..lol... He went to town orally on Julie Anne, and then she asked me if she could let him fuck her. Well, not being able to stand up to the occasion myself, I said, "of course"! and fuck her he did! all ways to Sunday! I think Julie climaxed at least twice, before he unloaded inside her. The gentleman that he was, he thanked both of us profusely, and was quickly on his way!
Julie went to the ladies room to straighten herself up, and we left for the hotel. We had been quietly hoping that a couple would come in and we could all go back to the room together, but that did not happen. On the ride back to the hotel, I could tell Julie was holding something back from me, and it wasn't until we got to the room and relaxed and started to play again that I found out why she had the huge grin. It seems that while she was being fucked, she slipped the guy's condom off between strokes and had a huge dripping load in her to share with me. I only wish we had taken the time in the theater to play again, so I could have enjoyed it freshly placed, as creampies are one thing I adore!..
Well Sunday brought us back to Beantown, and the puritanical life of Massachusetts. We have already planned a future trip back to Portland in the fall, and WILL spend much more time doing       "This Thing of Ours".
Ciao for now. The BRC is going to bed!
Doc here again... Many thanks to The Boston Red Cox and Julie Ann for their terrific Couple's Flash Report!  Keep them coming!