Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Field Reports from The Flying Dutchman

Doc here with first time reporter, The Flying Dutchman, and a Field Report with a question...
What is/was the name of this ABS/theatre combo?  If you know the answer, please add a comment below with the answer.
About 4 miles east of Sweet Springs, MO, on County Rd 328 which runs parallel to, and just south of I-70, there is/was an Adult Bookstore with easy access via Exit 71 EB or Exit 74 WB. My wife J. and I used to stop there once a year on a trip to or from KC. 
From the bookstore you had access to 2 areas one with booth (don't know if there where GH's)  and the theater which was subdivided into 3 or 4 small theaters with different videos. J. played with and enjoyed quite a few men in them. The place was very couple friendly, as a matter fact on several visits to the theater the off duty clerk/manager (must have been  shift change) came in the theater and played with J.
My wife J. and I stopped there once a year and she enjoyed quite a few men there. You may want to put out a call for reports for this location.
The Flying Dutchman
Doc here again...Thanks to The Flying Dutchman and this nugget.  If you know which place this was/is, add a comment to this report with the name of the theater, and whether it's still open.

Flash Report! Sixfoot4 on The Barnett Superstore in San Diego

Doc here with a great Flash Report from San Diego's Barnett Avenue Superstore by senior Journal scribe, Sixfoot4.

Friday night is a Couple's night at Barnett, and it looks like 3 couples took advantage of this promotion.

So from San Diego (nee The Whale's Vagina), here is Sixfoot4 and his Flash Report.



Stopped by Barnett Superstore (address in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database) in San Diego on Friday night. Three couples graced those of us in the theater.

The first couple looked to late 20's, a pretty Latin lady and her light skinned black boyfriend. She was wearing jeans and a tank top (red flag for playing right? Unfortunately, right.) He was wearing jeans, a dress shirt and a tie. They were in the back of the theater making our when I walked in. I caught a couple of eye flashes from her, and as they got up and moved to the other theater, I got eye fucked...the kind that makes you think "I'm in".

I followed them to the other theater, she sat against the wall, carefully guarded by boyfriend. They started making out some more, and I got eye fucked while they were kissing. Pretty hot in my book. But alas, it wasn't to be....they whispered something to one another, the guy leaned over to me and said "Hey man do you know where we can score some shit?" Uh no. Sorry. But I'd like to fuck your hot girlfriend. After that, they asked 2 other people I am assuming the same question, and then left. Sigh.

The next couple that came in, an older guy with a smoking hot woman. He looked early 50's, graying hair, in jeans and a golf shirt. She looked to be mid 40's, wore jeans (damn red flags)and a tight little sweater that covered her big tits and flat stomach. She was smoking hot. They whispered and chatted a bit while the flock started forming around her. Everyone was being respectful, and I took up a seat directly in front of her. A great view of her perfect body. The guy was reaching into her jeans and playing with her, she was enjoying the attention of the guys. The guy next to her for some reason got up and left, immediately filled by the closest guy to her. I didn't mind, I had a great view. And she was smiling and loving the eye fucking I was giving her. She pulled up her sweater showing a hot white bra covering her ample tits ( most likely purchased, but I don't care... She was giving a great show). Her pierced belly button was looking sexy as fuck.....Then it happened.

Barnett Superstore
Side Entrance
The ASSHOLE came in the room. Some guy with more beer guts than brains walks up to her, blocking my view by the way, and starts molesting her. I guess he thought "she wants me"... Because he went straight for the tits and bra....by the time she pushed him away, one of the bra cups was halfway off her tit and she was covering her face. It happened so fast, all I could say was, "what the fuck, give her some room"....but the damage was done. Her man stood up, said "that was waaaaay too fast"....and they pulled chocks...gone in a flash. I was pissed!

Luckily, later on in the night the regular....I call her old hot lady ( I heard she was 64...but she has a great petite body). She came in wearing a pullover shirt/dress. Her hubby gives my height a run for its money, he is fit, and loves sharing her...he calls her whore and slut...and let's guys shoot their loads on her. She does fuck, but I've never had the privilege. And tonight I was number 2 in line, so I decided to release all over her ass....she was bent over against the wall, and I finger fucked her until I jerked a nut on the small of her back. It was hot. I left after that...but I imagine a lot of guys got their nut.

Sorry for the quick close out....I am boarding a flight...like right now.

Love the blog, thanks for the great stories! More to come from me soon....


Doc here again... It's about time we have a positive review on the San Diego scene, after the nightmare in progress at The Jolar Cinema the past couple of weeks.  Many thanks to Sixfoot4 and his reporting skills!