Saturday, December 24, 2016

Field Report! The Mon Chalet Motel in Denver, CO by John

Doc here, a man who some say takes his advice from Agent Dale Cooper: "Give yourself a present every day." And I do. 

As part of The Journal's Christmas Sextravaganza of Reports, how about a Field Report from the very cool Mon Chalet in Denver, CO?  It's been a minute since we have heard about MC, so here is first time reporter John and his report.

Here we go!


Hi Doc,

I was just reading ORichard's review of the Edgewater West Hotel. Somewhere in his post he mentions that he would like to know if there are any other motels left like the Edgewater. There is! The Mon Chalet motel in Denver is just about the same as the Edgewater (address of Mon Chalet is in the adult theater database). 

Mon Chalet
Denver, CO
Mon Chalet has about 25 rooms in an L shape. The same rules apply as were in place at The Edgewater: If the door is left open it is an invitation to come join in. If the windows are open they are inviting voyeurs. 

The have a very large heated pool in side, as well as two jacuzzi's. All clothing optional. And in addition, they have a super size bed in one corner of the room that gets lots of group play. I go as a single guy and have never not had a good time. Weekends of course are best, but the rest of the week are not bad. 

Happy Holidays From The Good Doctor: Wreath of Khan Edition

Doc here, a man who some say traditionally stitches mistletoe to his belt every December just in case a young lady misinterprets "kisses under the mistletoe". I know, creepy. 

Another December tradition at The Chez Lizardo, nestled deep in The Valley near the small women's liberal arts college, is the annual hanging of the Wreath of Khan. Nothing, and I mean nothing, rings in the holidays like "Revenge is a dish best served cold."

I get asked at every adult theater event I host where The Journal is based. Since many of you do not know where The Valley is on the map, I thought I would go an extra step in the spirit of Christmas. The Good Doctor has decided to publish the first ever image of The Chez Lizardo (aka "Journal of Adult Theaters HQ"), complete with a lovely holiday decoration.