Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Flash Report: floyd Reports On The Afternoon Action @ The Paris Theatre in Portland

Doc here with the return of our old friend, floyd.  Every reporter here @ The Journal has their niche, and floyd's is the daytime action at The Paris Theatre in Portland, OR.  The night gets plenty of reporting (led by General Hudson), but the day needed that go-to reporter.  And then up stepped floyd, and the rest of history.

Here is floyd and his afternoon report from The Paris.


Is the Schoolteacher the Librarian?

Well it’s been a good long while since your loyal daytime Portland theater reporter filed a report, so please accept my apologies.  The Good Doctor probably assumed that I was cavorting about the Polynesian Islands with a bevy of olive skinned,big-breasted nymphos, but sadly he would be wrong.  In fact, floyd has been tied up with work, family, and business travel since early July.

The worst of it is that when I have been in town, the daytime action at the Paris Theater has been at an all-time low ebb.  Even with the nighttime action hotter and heavier than ever,especially on weekends, the flags that designate theater action have been few and far between during the afternoons, which is floyd’s time to prowl.  This drought is all the more remarkable because the weather in Portland has been spectacular, and this time last summer there were couples in the theater at least two or three days a week.  Making it worse is that most of the few Red Flags that have appeared have been tourist couples that watch the movie for ten minutes and leave.

So what’s the point of this report?  You’ll note that I said few and far between, not non-existent, and a couple of weeks ago I had a most satisfying visit to the world famous Paris.

It was around 1:30 on a Friday afternoon when the first daytime Red Flag of the week flew. I hustled off to the streetcar for the short ride and walk to the theater, paid my fee, and entered the pitch black main theater.  After leaning against a side wall for a few minutes to let my eyes adjust, I took a seat about two rows in front of the couples section at the back. Presently I could discern a couple sitting close together on the backbench, talking very quietly.  There was nothing happening, and I feared another quick in and out was in store.

Boy was I wrong.

While this was going on (or not going on) two thin, tall young guys entered the theater within five minutes of one another.  The first made straight for one of the couches in the center of the main theater, while the second let himself into the chained-off couples area and sat on the other side of the woman, quite close, and also began chatting quietly with the couple.  There was still no action happening,and the few other guys in there were rapidly losing interest.  Every now and again I would turn around and check to see if anything was happening.  After about 20 minutes, I saw that Tall Thin Guy #2 had his cock out, and the woman was stoking it slowly.  She was probably mid-forties, about 5’7”, and dressed pretty conservatively in a skirt and blouse. She had shoulder length frizzy dirty blond hair, and wire framed“granny” glasses.  She looked like a schoolteacher.   Her guy looked older, maybe mid-fifties, and was casually watching his wife stroking the much younger guy.

After a few minutes of this, she stood up and started to strip.  She wasted no time, and was completely naked in less than a minute. She had a very nice body, a bit soft as would befit her age, with ample hips and slightly saggy but very attractive breasts, which sported excellent big brown “mommy” nips.  A floyd favorite feature!  She paraded naked down the aisle to the Arena Table, followed by Tall Thin #2 and the rest of the faithful, as well as the hubby. She stretched out on the table on her back while we gathered around and Tall Thin #2 stripped naked.  At this point a black dude made a move to get in between her legs to eat her pussy, and hubby whacked him on the back and said “No, dude!”  Fortunately, he apologized and withdrew,or we may have had a bad scene that would have ruined it for everybody.

Tall Thin #2 stood next to the table/bed and fed theSchoolteacher’s mouth his cock, which was long and thin and getting hard in a hurry.  As soon as he was hard, he gloved up, hopped up on top of her and started pounding her, mish style.  I was sitting on the stage-side bench next to them, my face not more than eight inches from her shaking tits.  Hubby started to walk around, and I thought I was going to be shooed away, but he sat next to me and said, “You’revery polite, so we have no problem with you watching as close as you want.  Of course, ask before touching.”  I thanked him and assured him my theater ethics were impeccable, as I am a student of the Good Doctor.

The guy lasted less than two minutes and came with a loud groan.  Hubby had a small penlight,which he was using to illuminate her shaved pussy while she was getting banged. Most considerate.  Then to our surprise, Tall Thin #1, who had been watching from about 20 feet away, did a quick strip and approached the table, stroking his cock.  She repeated the quick suck routine, and he put on a condom and got on top.  This guy fucked her for over 15minutes, all missionary, very hard and deep.  While he leaned back and fucked her, I took the opportunity to ask her if she cared to have her tits done by the one and only floyd.  She nodded yes, and I had some excellent fun with her flopping tits, and particularly with the aforementioned nipples.  Tall Thin #1 was not close, so he pulled out, de-gloved, fucked her mouth for a few minutes, then put a load all over her tits.

I noticed that there was a short Hispanic guy jacking off right across from me on the other side of her table.  He didn’t look like he was going to make a move, so I went over to the bedroom area and grabbed a condom. When I turned around to walk back to the Arena, the Schoolteacher was standing on floor, bent over ass-up against the table.  Hispanic Guy was standing behind her,and I saw for the first time that he had a huge cock.  It sure looked like he was going to bareback her doggie-style, but at that exact moment he groaned and shot an enormous load all up her back and down her ass.  After this, hubby produced a towel and started cleaning her up.  I was hoping this was just a break before the main (floyd) event, but unfortunately she was all fucked out and she started to dress.  I politely thanked her, and she promised to “fuck my eyeballs out” the next time she saw me in the theater.  I can’t wait….

So Brent, does that sound like the Librarian of your reports?



Great to have you back floyd!  Another great recap from a senior reporter at the top of his game.  Brent, please let us know if floyd's hypothesis is correct. 

And floyd...Don't be a stranger.  ;o)

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Flash Report! CK on Call Reports on Tasha's Bukkake Event at CTs

Doc here with a much awaited Flash Report on Tasha's Bukkake Event at CTs Adult Theater, 4620 Industrial Highway, Gary IN by Journal reporter, CK.  I like CK's reports...There is no fluff here, just the facts and the details. 

So here I end my no-fluff intro to CK's report on Tasha's Bukkake event...


Hey Doc,

CK reporting on Tasha's Bukkake at CTs Adult Theater on 8/11. Impressive performance by this youngun. She must have been eager as she arrived early, around 6:15pm.  CT's parking lot was full when I arrived. 

The Real Tasha
The theater was packed and I had to wait a few minutes to get in.  I found Tasha on her knees, with almost twenty guys surrounding her.  She was only wearing a pair of jogging pants and dark sunglasses, and she had cum on her face.  A seat cushion was on the floor.  She was alternating sucking the 5 guys nearest to her.  She was begging for the cum.  She took her sunglasses off and you guess it, got a nice cum shot on her face and in her right eye. Cum was flying! Cum on her face, tits, stomach, back, cum was dripping off her face.  As one cock came, another would take his place.  Tasha was glazed like a donut.  

As the evening progressed and the numbers dwindled, she gave one on one BBBJTC.  She took real good care of one lucky guy sitting in the back row.  She took an occasional break, but in all, she was there for 5 hours! Went she left at 11:20pm, she had drained all the cocks.   Outstanding!



Thanks again CK for a great report on Tasha's Bukkake Event... I wish I would have been able to travel up to Gary for this event, but alas I was kept away by a patient relapse and a plate of lasagna.  Hopefully there will be some pics from the event that will come to light (hint, hint George).  If they do, you will see them here at The Journal.

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