Saturday, August 27, 2011

Flash Report: Bukkake Blast #2 @ The Oregon Theater by Sam Lancer

Doc here with another report on last Friday's Bukkake Blast Event #2 @ The Oregon Theater in Portland, OR.  Kitty's report was her first person account of the fun, and now we have regular contributor Sam Lancer with his view. I think you will enjoy Sam's report and writing style... I did.

Here is Sam Lancer and his report from Kitty's Bukkake Blast Party #2 @ The Oregon...


I saw Brent's short report and Kitty's POV regarding the Bukkake event at the Oregon Theater last Friday evening.  I thought I would add my two cents.

I had never been to this theatre so I arrived early because I thought there might be a parking problem such as at the Paris.  There was plenty of open space on Division and the side streets.  At 7:30p there were two couples in the "couples" section.  Both were older ladies - one looked like the actress Maureen Stapleton and the other was a BBBW - offering periodic blow jobs to the side gallery.

Kitty from Blast #1
For those who have never been, the Oregon is a huge classic theatre about four times larger than the Paris, filled with couches of varying sizes and descriptions.  The two side sections extend from the back to the front, while the larger center section is divided in half - the front half being (crudely) roped off for couples only.  Singles can line all four sides of the couples section to watch or participate as allowed.  The screen is not as large as the Paris and the sound is very faint coming from one speaker in the back.  No one cares.  People continually walk in front of the floor projector cutting off the view.  No one cares.  In the right front corner are six "closets" attached two by three with glory holes cut in every direction, including into the aisle.  I originally thought these were for the gay contingent but was surprised to see two females regularly entering one compartment closest the the wall.  One was a tall lady in a red outfit and another smaller girl dressed Goth-like in black.  I tried to get into an adjacent booth to watch the show but was crowded out each time.  Late in the evening I finally was lucky enough to make it in time.  Fact is - neither of these were ladies.  But you probably already guessed that.  Sometimes I am so dim.

Kitty already described the action in the Bukkake corner so I will focus on what was happening elsewhere.  Kitty was a great sport filling in for the "missing" lady and Big T did an excellent job organizing and orchestrating access to Kitty.  I did not see any fluffers actually fluffing but there were two attractive ladies on either side of Kitty allowing access to their ample breasts to assist the men getting ready to adorn Kitty.

Oregon Theater
3530 SE Division Street, Portland
Two couples arrived while the rules to the Bukkake were being explained and sat on the opposite side of the couples section.  One was a soccer mom who vaguely resembled a middle age Debra Winger who put on an excellent show with her man but never interacted with the audience.  Brent spent a lot of time watching her as she was very pretty and exhibited her body from every angle.  The other lady was a heavier Jane Krakowski look-alike who kept choosing new male partners from the gallery and did a lot of fucking on the couch in many different positions. 

Later in the evening two other couples arrived.  Both girls were good looking.  After watching the Bukkake for a while, they entered the couples section and the two girls started to suck each others tits and one went down on the other briefly.  They continually dressed and undressed (I love this) and often interacted with the peanut gallery standing alongside.  One of these women took a liking to Big T and was rewarded late in the evening when he entered the area and gave her a good fucking on the couch.  While this was going on, a nice looking younger single lady with glasses entered and watched the Bukkake while being gradually relieved of her clothing by the onlookers.  She had extremely small but cute tits and she soon made a few friends who she took into the couples section where she was eaten by a lucky guy for about 30 minutes while she blew a couple of other guys.  She left the theatre but returned just before closing where she made a few new friends and repeated the earlier scenario of being eaten while giving blow jobs.  Just before closing, she was fucked by a few guys.  She seemed like a really nice person and was joking with everyone throughout.

I'm sure I missed a few other scenes as the place was very crowded but I had a very good time and hope to return to the Oregon again.

Thanks, Doc for doing all you do to promote "this thing of ours."       

Sam Lancer


Thank you Sam for a great recap of the event at The Oregon Theater last Friday.  Sometimes the action on the perimeter of The Oregon Theater is a hidden gem... It's dark cavernous corners can yield some fun, and always a few surprises. 

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