Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Flash Report! Mr. Glass Reports from a Midwest Theater on 2/7/14

Doc here... Mr. Glass checking in from the Midwest, and his latest Flash Report.
Here we go!
Hi Doc,
Mr Glass making his first official V2 report.  Friday Feb 7th, , I found myself at a theater in the midwest.  I been going in here and there and I have to tell you there is a new buzz in town!

Flash Report! GK Arbee on a Disapointing Biloxi Visit on 2/19/14

Doc here with a quick Flash Report from GK Arbee.



Hey Doc,

Bob in Biloxi is right.. not much going on in Biloxi's two adult businesses. I got to the Gulf Coast Theater at 7pm,and there was one couple messing around on the back couch against the wall. They had made it clear that they didn't want to be crowded..

Some tall, skinny, totally grey headed old man with black glasses kept trying to hover over them.. not touching, but grunting, groaning, telling them what to do... Finally... the lady stood up and said "I just want to tell all you polite guys who were watching from a distance, we are leaving because of this ass****..."