Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Field Report: Donny Digital on the Albuquerque Adult Theater/ABS Scene

Donny Digital
Doc here with an updated series from Albuquerque, NM by Donny Digital.  Donny holds a warm spot in The Good Doctor's heart, since he was the first contributing reporter here at The Journal, back in August of 2009.  (To see that first report, click HERE)

Donny will take us through the several adult theater options in Albuquerque, and give us his ratings on 5 different criteria:
1. Picture/Sound 
2. Safety
3. Cleanliness
4. Action
5. Couples

So without further delay, here is Part 1 of Donny Digital's ABQ Review:


98th St. Adult Video
It is located on 98th street just south of I-40 across the street from the Flying J truck stop. It is probably one of the cleanest place in town. There are about 15 arcade booths that use dollar bills, some have seats and some don't. There are some that are big enough for 2-3 people and the back row of booths all have glory holes. The theater is open all night and cost $6 per person (including women) and they allow 3 re-entries per visit. The theater is large and usually is way too cold especially in the winter time but is fine during the summer months. There are 4 metal bench seats with footrests. They are not very comfortable and hurt after awhile but do get cleaned daily. There is a back wall where guys like to stand there and watch the action or do their own thing back there. The TV has just been replace with a 42” LCD flatscreen that is very good but way way too small for the size of the room. It also is very bright so it lights up the room too much and doesn’t offer much privacy cause of it. Sometimes there are smokers but the room is well ventilated.  Fri and Sat are now couples night but the number of couples are minimal and don’t come close to the potential this place has for them. But once in awhile the action can get very good. Management is fairly cool as long as you don't loiter. Parking is good and well lit. There is a nice motel right next door should the need arise.

Picture/Sound *****
Safety *****
Cleanliness *****
Action *****
Couples *****


Doc here again... Donny had ABQ covered like a blanket, and this first part of his "ABQ Review" is indicative of his reports to follow.  I will have each new chapter up at least once a week until we have run the table.  Thanks again Donny!


Flash Report: JaxBchBum Reports on Theatre X in Orange Heights, FL

Doc here with a terrific Flash Report from that old clam digger himself, JaxBchBum. As one of The Journal's senior reporters (dating back to the first month of The Journal's existence), Jax knows how to get it done: Lots of detail, personal experiences, and opinions galore.  Plus, he is an excellent dancer.

So, hailing from The Sunshine State, in the blue trunks with the white stripe, here is JaxBchBum on Theatre X in Orange Heights, FL.


The usual theater scene has been a bit sporadic as of late, so I haven't had much to report that was newsworthy.  Struck out with visits to the Chateau Experience Theatre in Charleston SC as they were only sausage fests with no couples on my two visits. 

My luck improved over the last couple of weeks with trips to Theatre X (formerly Pure Pleasures Adult Megastore) located about 12 miles east of Gainesville FL (6810 N.E. U.S. 301) in Orange Heights FL.  For those not familiar with Theatre X, it is a small adult store with a wide selection of adult novelties, DVDs, an arcade and a small theatre.  Couples admission to the theatre is always free; but single male price is $20 (supposedly for 6 hours), so the high admission price tends to help sort out some of the penis gallery members.  Theatre holds only about 20 people consisting of 3 rows of 2/3 person couches and some individual chairs on the side wall.

JaxBchBum, Esq.
Stopped by one Friday afternoon about 2pm about 3 weeks ago on my way back from a trip to Central FL.  I never expect much on a weekday visit, but at Theatre X (and any adult theatre for that matter), one never knows. 

I was surprised to see a couple seated on the second row closest to the aisle and only 2 other guys there that seemed to be more interested in each other than the couple.  I sat down in one of the chairs on the side wall directly across from them about 3' away.  They appeared to be in the mid-to late 30s, well groomed and attractive.  She was wearing a T-shirt and denim skirt and he was dressed (or undressed) in shorts and a T-shirt.

After a few minutes of making sure I wasn't going to jump up, flash a badge and yell "Vice", they resumed their activity.  She had a battery powered dildo vibrator that she began using with her right hand, while stroking his cock with her left hand (love those multi-tasking ladies).  He pulled up the front of her T-shirt and exposed a lovely set of perky C-cup tities with nipples that must have been almost 1/2" long.  Ever now and then he would bend over and suck on one to make it even harder.  From time to time she would remove the dildo and his hand would immediately take its place rubbing her clit and finger-fucking her.  He would get her close by the sound of her low moans and pressing down on his hand, then he would stop and they would relax for a minute.  They clearly enjoyed having an appreciative audience and both he and she glanced over to me from time to time and gave me a nice warm smile, but gave not sign that they wanted another set of hands, lips or other body parts involved.  This went on for about 30 minutes and fortunately there was only one interruption when another guy came in and then left again within a couple of minutes.

After he left, their activity got a bit more animated.  She resumed her dildo gymnastics while he stood up and she began sucking his cock.  It was interesting to watch the synchronization between her dildo thrusts and her cock sucking speed.  She would slowly insert the dildo while at the same time slowing taking his cock in her mouth and savoring the taste and feel.  This slow pace would continue, and then she would burst into hyperdrive with her mouth and dildo with fast paced in/out motions accompanied by slurping motions that I wasn't sure which end was generating them.  I was delighted to drop my trousers and join in the pace setting routine as well.  After a bit, he got down on his knees and pulled her so her pussy was sitting on the front edge of the couch and she was semi-reclined.  She removed the dildo and began rubbing it on her nipples.  He began rubbing his cock against the front of her pussy and would sometimes run the head just inside her lips.  He started to fuck her and she moved the vibrator down to her clit and and top of his thrusting cock. 

Their activities lasted a couple of minutes and they both seemed to climax together.  They hugged each other for a bit and then got up, straightened their clothes and began to leave.  I told them "thank you" and they both that I was welcome.  Wow, a great matinee treat.  I hung around for another couple of hours, but no other couples so I headed home.

I returned to Theatre X again on a recent Friday evening and hoping my luck would continue.  Arrived about 7pm and there were about 4 other guys there, but no couples.  The couch on the second row where the couple above had sat was empty, so I plopped down and began the wait. 

About 8:30, a couple arrived that I had seen in the past that I knew loved to play with each other and sometimes would invite audience participation.  She is a very attractive lady that always wears simple but sexy outfits and she has a smile that will melt your heart and one of the most beautiful pairs of tits I have ever seen and I consider myself a tit man.  They are probably C's with just a slight hint of sag, but with ivory colored skin that glows and really contrasts with her dark aureole and nipples.  Her husband is full head of hair Jimmy Buffet with a trimmed mustache.  I was fortunate in the couch to my left in the same row had been vacated and they moved toward it.  Ah, great viewing location for this thing I enjoy. 

As they were walking by, I said "good to see y'all again" and she responded "it's always good to come back".  They sat down with her closest to me.  She was wearing a nice outfit that was almost a cross between a teddy and a sun dress.  It had a rose-colored top and then a black dress part (sorry, failed my fashion design class and don't know all the technical dress part names) that went about 4" below the bottom of her butt checks.

They weren't there more than a minute when she leaned over and they kissed deeply.  She sat back up and he began rubbing her breasts through the outside of her dress.  This continued for several minutes and I saw her left hand slide over and begin rubbing his crotch.  After a bit, he pulled down the shoulder straps of her dress and pulled down the top to expose those lovely breasts.  Seeing them straight on is a sight to behold, but even seeing their profile as they are rubbed and nipples tugged upon is spectacular.  Their activities were beginning to draw interest from some of the other patrons and they seemed to delight in the attention.  One thing led to another as his cock soon emerged from his shorts and his hand would move from her breasts to her slightly spread legs and up under the dress (which I knew from previous visits were not constrained with any panties). 

It was all getting interesting and arousing and then poof - a big bear of a guy that had been providing his quips and commentary during the porn movie, moves over to the other side of them right next to the guy and remarks "I want to check out these wares."  Couple immediately goes into frigid mode and starts to re-dress.  The guy says "I'm sorry" as the couple gets ready to leave the theatre.  They say "It's OK" but their actions speak louder.  But there is hope as they say they will be back later.

So slight pause in the festivities.  Fortunately, the couple does return about 30 minutes later but everyone has learned their lesson to let them have their personal space, at least initially.  They move down to the front row of couches which is even better from a voyeur standpoint as the light coming from the screen blasts on these couches so visibility is much better as there are not much in the way of shadows to deal with.  After a short time of foreplay, they resume where they had left off with her having her top completely pulled down and her stroking his cock.  This goes on for a bit and then she leans over and starts sucking his cock.  As she is bent over, he pulls up the back of the dress exposing her smooth beautiful ass checks.  She straightens up and then schooches down in the couch and he moves to the floor in front on his knees and begins eating her pussy while rubbing his tits. 

A young guy had been sitting on the other couch in that row and he moved over to the edge of his couch.  He evidently asked if it was OK to touch, as the hubby said something to him and the young guy began cupping and rubbing her breasts while hubby concentrated on his more immediate task.  This went on for about 45 minutes with sucking and fucking in all kinds of positions. Even the guy that scared them off initially got some titty rubbing time in.  They ended their playtime with her being fucked doggy style.  A wonderful sight for sure.

Long live Theatre X and the couples it attracts.


Doc here again... Another classic tale from JaxBchBum is in the record books, and as always, it was a good one.  Thank you sir!

The Good Doctor still needs more adult theater reports!  Thank you to the reporters who have sent in reports since Sunday (they will be all be posted soon).  But we always need more... Just e-mail Papa Bear George Halas The Good Doctor at I will edit and format your report for you...And you get the glory.

And chicks (hopefully).  I have it on good authority that one particular senior field reporter may have a groupie or three in the mix.  That's what a good Flash Report will do for you.

Trust me. I'm a Doctor.