Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tour Of Duty 2012: Chapter 7 With Old Marine Corps Guy: Adult World in Vegas

Adult World 
3010 Valley View
Las Vegas
Bookstore, arcade and theater

Same ownership as Boulder Hwy location.
$7.00 admission  24/7
2 theaters, one admission  1 str8, 1 gay
Plastic patio chairs
Couples free from midnight Tuesday thru midnight Thursday, but clerk says couples free anytime.
Mostly gay, but do get some regular couples.

House Call! An Evening With Kate & Len @ 15th Ave. Adult Books and Theater in Chicagoland

Doc here with a House Call Report, hot off the presses @ The Journal's print shop, located in The Valley near the small women's liberal arts college.

The mission statement here @ The Journal is a simple one, yet one that attempts to fill a void in this thing of ours:  "The Journal provides a national perspective on the adult theater landscape, and provides an accurate resource for couples involved with or wishing to be involved in the adult theater scene." 

(The Journal's original mission statement, "Pretty girls, bigger alligators", was replaced in 2009 after several complaints.)

Well, on a very recent Monday night, in the western suburbs of Chicago, The Journal's mission statement was executed to perfection. 

In the morning hours of that same Monday, The Good Doctor received the following e-mail from Kate & Len, excerpted below:

Hello Doc,

Thanks for your blog. I have been trying to get the wife to go to the bookstore for a year. After reading your blog this weekend, she is excited to go. We are going tonight. She is a very hot brunette with large natural tits. She will be wearing a little black dress(not for long).  I know that we will be regulars after she gets fucked good tonight. She truly enjoys your blog. She wants to know if you might want to meet? She wants the good doctor to enjoy her sweet pussy and write about it in your blog. Looking forward to meeting!

Kate & Len

This e-mail stopped The Good Doctor mid-sip into his Bloody Mary, and drove me to open my appointment book.  The evening's schedule was clear, and it was time to provide assistance to this fine couple.

15th Ave Adult Books & Theater
Melrose Park, IL
I opened a dialog with Len, and learned that while he and Kate had been in 'the lifestyle" for 12+ years, they had never dipped their toes into this thing of ours.  However, her curiosity, fueled by a recent Journal article regarding 15th Ave Adult Books & Theater in Melrose Park, IL, was peaking.  This resulted in the e-mail mentioned earlier in the report that landed on my desk.

During the day, I spoke to Len a few times, in order to get a feel of what they were looking forward to that evening.  The bottom line was that Kate was hungry; hungry for fat large cocks.  Oh, and more than one please.

The Good Doctor is a firm believer in planning. Good planning typically will swing the odds of a fun time at an adult theater for a couple (experienced, or first-timers like Kate and Len) in a positive direction.  I was able to set up a time and meeting location with K&L, as well as provide an overview of our first 15-20 minutes inside the facility.  We also agreed to look at this first visit without expectations, and to go with the flow.

While behind the wheel of the Lizardo 3000, I received a call from Kate and Len, who were also on their way. Len put Kate on the phone, and we had a nice chat. She sounded excited about this step into what some may perceive as the dark side. Kate also divulged that she switched from the little black dress to something a bit more comfortable (more on this later).

The Good Doctor arrived first, and shortly thereafter, arrived K&L.  When Kate got out of their SUV, I was stunned on how hot she was: Picture a little Jennifer Garner, mix in some Kate Beckinsdale, and you'd be on the right track. Maybe 5'4" in bare feet, and a spinner.  Adorable face and smile. Perfectly tan.  Large, natural boobage. And the more comfortable outfit?  Cute shorts, and a black tank top with the words "Wanna Bang?" in discreet letters on the front.

This was going to be a fun night.

Len was as personable in person as he was on the phone. A great guy with a broad smile (I'd be smiling as wide as Len if my wifey was Kate).  In other words, OLB (one lucky bastard).

Since one of the objectives for the evening was "peni" (multiple weiners), I sent out the Lizardo Signal to my good friend and fellow reporter here at The Journal, Mocha Pickle. He would meet our trio at the theater, and let the chips fall where they may.

After The Good Doctor provided a guided tour of the facility (theater, video booths, spa area, shower room, sauna, the private rooms, and lastly the bleecher section), we headed to the theater.  The crowd was sparse this evening, and that was a good thing.  Less time shooing guys away from Kate, and more time focused on Kate.

In the blink of an eye after sitting down in the couples section, Len had Kate's tank top off, revealing an incredible set of natural, tan, and firm C's. Yes, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I was hypnotized by them. Len and I set about fondling said boobs, while I whispered dirty things into her ear.

It seemed to work.

Kate reached over and started stroking me while also doing the same to Len. She then leaned in, and asked "Is it OK if you take your cock out?"  Before the word "out" was completed, I was out and about in the fresh air of the theater.  After stroking a bit more, she asked "Is it OK if I suck it?"

What followed was an incredible BJ...Soft, wet, with a healthy dose of naughty/nasty thrown in for good measure. She looked and felt awesome, even though this was just the appetizer.

We then decided as a team to head back to the private room we reserved.  Kate was ready to be fucked, and Len and myself were just the men for the job.  The door of the room closed, clothes came off, and it was on.

Kate's body was the stuff of wet dreams... Tan, lithe, an incredible ass, and a smooth pussy with a hint o' landing strip. I removed my stethoscope, and promptly dove between her tan thighs to find a pussy to die for. Licking and finger fucking ensued, to a point where Kate was begging to be fucked.

Len and I alternated fucking Kate, complete with ass spanking and harsh language. However, the main event was yet to come...

During an earlier conversation with Len, he revealed Kate to be a squirter. The key was at the moment Kate would orgasm, to pull your cock out and spank her pussy and clit with it. Your reward would be pretty obvious.

As Len was driving Kate to a big orgasm, he pulled out, spanked according to the recipe, and the squirting began in earnest. And it was very hot.... Now, placing Kate on her hands and knees on the bench inside the private room, The Good Doctor gave her tight pussy a thorough pounding, and copying what Len executed earlier, made her squirt in a major way...Twice.  I think "pussy spanking" and myself will grow to be good friends.

After a quick break, our threesome became a foursome with the arrival of Mocha Pickle.  Mr. Pickle gave Kate some incredible tongue lashings, while I was kneeling beside Kate, fucking her mouth.  This was followed by more tag team fucking of Kate, and more incredible squirting.  I then decided to ramp up the excitement, and check out if Kate liked her sex a little rougher.

I mounted Kate, pinned her wrists above her head, while she said she "loved getting it rough". And true to her word, she did... Her pussy clamped around my member, trying to milk the cum right out of me.

After some more serious fucking by Len while Kate was bent over the bench, I told Kate that I was ready for lift off.  Again, earlier in the day, Len told me that Kate really likes to watch guys cum, especially on her.  Who am I to rock the boat?

Kate dropped to her knees, and gave The Good Doctor another 5-star BJ. I pulled out of her wet mouth, and hosed down those incredible C's with a large load of baby batter. Kate then gently sucked the rest of my cum from the head of my cock...

Sometimes, it's good to be The Good Doctor.

After some fun post-sex conversation, it was time to turn in our key, and head back to our mostly vanilla lives. As Mocha Pickle and I waved good bye to Kate and Len as they drove out of the parking lot, we both shook our heads. 

Kate was that special. Sexy. Cute. Naughty. Nice. Insatiable.

For her first time at an adult theater, she took to the environment like a fish to water.  Maybe her next visit will be on a slighly busier night, with more cocks at the ready.  And if you are one of the lucky ones like Mocha Pickle and myself, you will find yourself engaged with one of the hottest women I've run across inside an adult theater in many, many years.

Len, you are OLB.


Thank You! A Milestone Day @ The Journal!

Doc here with a huge thank you to you, the good readers of The Journal.  Yesterday, Monday 7/23, was the highest traffic day in the history of The Journal. Close to 1,700 unique visitors, gobbling up 6,182 pageviews, visited The Journal yesterday.  That's a far cry to when I would get 70 visitors and 200 pageviews a day if I was lucky.

There are some great reports on the way... Keep checking back to The Journal of Adult Theaters, your one stop shop for this thing of ours.

Thanks again!