Monday, February 6, 2012

Flash Report! Jim & Chris at Eros Theater in Colorado Springs (w/pics!)

Doc here with a fantastic Flash Report and 5 HOT pics from the actual event from Jim & Chris. The scene is Eros Theater in Colorado Springs, and took place in December of 2011.

Here is Jim & Chris and their latest report...


Hey Doctor, just a quick post.  Several weeks ago we met my wife's black BF.   He told her to be dressed in heels, garters and hose, nothing else.  He was going to take her to a xxx rated theater. 

He met us at our hotel and fucked her to loosen her pussy up as he's hung and she's tight.  He fucked her for 5 minutes or so, and had her put her coat on to go.  We went to the theater and he told her on the way that he has a friend meeting us there that he owed a favor to and she was to suck his dick.

When we arrived, we got our tickets and he had her open her coat to show the clerk out her outfit(nakedness) before we went in the theater.   Upon entering, there were about 10 guys.  Her BF took us to the back of the theater and stood waiting for our eyes to adjust.  There was a few guys already standing in the back with their dicks out jacking off.  

There's some wooden boxes along the walls that make it just right for leaning over, sitting on, or laying on for sex.  He guided my wife over and took her coat off, handing it to me to hold.   He'd already told me to take the camera as there would be a lot of photo opportunities. He had her suck his dick for a bit before he bent her over one of the boxes. 

As soon as he bent her over the box, a crowd of guys gathered around them almost pushing me aside.  He pushed his dick in her pussy and proceeded to fuck her with 5 guys watching and others looking on from a ways away.  Soon a guy was standing next to her face and her BF introduced him as his friend that she was suppose to suck.  She did without pausing.

After a while in this position, he had her turn over on her back and continued to fuck her with her legs in the air. Soon her BF told all the guys that if they wanted, they could jack off on her tits as they'd all been already feeling her up.  It wasn't long before 5 guys came on her.  When there was no more takers, he had her get up and walk to the restroom naked with cum dripping off her. 

Three guys followed and watched as they left the door open and she wiped off.  We left soon after and went back to the hotel where they fucked for an hour.   I love her at the theater and I know there will be many more trips.

Jim & Chris


Doc here again.  A special thank you to Jim & Chris for another white hot report and set of pics!  Keep up the great work!  Their reports have been super popular, as evidenced by the number of page views their reports garner. We are truly lucky to have such a legendary adult theater couple as contributors to the Journal.