Saturday, October 2, 2010

Flash Report: The Olde 'Un Theater on 9/24 by EyeOfTheEagle

Doc here with a flash report from EyeOfTheEagle about the Olde Un Theatre in Columbia, MO.  This theatre has a couples only theater on weekends, and is open 24/7 on weekends.  Here is Eye's report:

The Olde Un Theatre
101 E. Walnut
Columbia. Missouri 65203

Last Friday at the Un was fairly quiet. 4 Couples showed up, but only one of the regs did any playing. Talked to them awhile and they said that the action in the couples room was extremely tame. They later moved to the singles room and played with a young newbie male who was quite shy. She gave him a HJ while he fingered her to a nice orgasm. She asked him to fuck her but he was too shy to do it there.
Thanks Eye for the report.  The adult business laws in Missouri are now quite constrictive, and we all hope buisnesses like The Olde Un hang in there until this latest wave of bible-thumpers move along to their next cause.

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