Saturday, January 28, 2012

Flash Report: Brent in Portland's Serenity Prayer for 1/27/12

Doc here with a quick Flash Report from my colleague and good friend, Brent in Portland.  The Flag System was working overtime at The Paris Theater in Portland, and here is Brent to fill in the gaps for us.


Red and Orange Flag 12:53am

Question: Is it the couple that posted with their young female companion?

They were. Two of the girls played with each other, a little, kissing, fondling, sucking on each others big titties. The young thin one just sat there and smiled. The guy who was there for the first time was put off by all the guys, staring into the couples section, so he just sat there. The reason all the guys were staring into the couples section was there was another couple and she was giving him a blow job.

Robin was leaving as I was coming in. I hope I meet, greet and eat her tomorrow. If I can get down there in time, I will. Bend Over Girl, AKA Silver Girl was there and she looked great with her long legs and sturdy ass. She was built for fucking and she got a lot of hard cocks in her pussy at The Paris, last night. One guy went down on her and ate her out while she was spread legged on The Arena Bed.

There was another couple there when I arrived. She looked like Sasha Grey. She took off her jeans and panties but kept her top on. Her old man ate her pussy and fingered her for quite a while. He was slow and deliberate. They say eating pussy is like riding a bicycle, you always remember the first time you do it successfully.

There were a lot of couples that came and only stayed for a few moments, last night. The crowd was fairly well behaved and what with Robin and Silver Girl doing their things, there was always something going on, so it was never boring. It just goes to show, a lot of couples doesn't always mean a lot of action.

So I'll just say The Serenity Prayer and get ready for tomorrow.



Doc here again... For The Good Doctor, every day there is a new Brent report, it's like Xmas.  I just cannot wait to open it and check it out.  Thanks again to the TOP adult theater reporter in this thing of ours, Brent.

He's good enough.
He's smart enough.
And gosh darn it, people like Brent.


Flash Report: Laars on Theater X in Orange Heights

Doc here with an excellent rookie report from first time contributor, Laars. The scene is Theater X in Orange Heights, FL, one of JaxBchBum's favorite haunts  (info available in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database).  Laars was there Friday night, 1/27, and has this to report from the Sunshine State.



 I found your blog and have been a reader for the last couple of months...Last night I was at Theater X in Orange Height's, FL, and here is an update.

I got there around 8pm...not too much going on. Around 8:30 a couple (him older around 55 and her 40-50 ) arrived she was wearing a short dress blonde and was pleasant looking - well built for sex. I paid my entry and sat quietly. They were commenting on the movie and as soon as she spread her legs, I moved next to her.

She was rubbing herself, but had some kind of transparent panties on. To the left of her was her man and next to him a guy stroking. As soon as I sat next to her she asked me to show her what I got. I pulled out my dick and started stroking while watching her. Suddenly, they got up and left. 15 Minutes later they came back and stood in the back of the theater, & then they sat down but nothing else went on. I'm guessing she got off on teasing guys..After 30 minutes they left.

Theater X
Orange Heights, FL
Around 10pm a super hot chick with brown hair boots and a brown dress with a plunging neck showed up. She was with a guy and both sat in the front. She was giggling and having fun w/the movie. The same stroking guy as above sat next to her and began stroking away. She didn't seem to mind as her legs and plunging neck line were showing. She seemed to be down for action, but her man was really reserved and when she put her hands around his crotch he grabbed her hand.

They stayed there for a while doing the lovey dovey giggles and chatting and then went to their car where I guess she took care of him. They came in and out of the theater twice after, both times following the same MO.

Also around 1030pm, a mixed couple around 45 years old showed up. She was a thin tall blonde and her face was OK with nice body. She was wearing high heels and a mini skirt with a red top. By this time the place was packed. They stood in the back as there was no place to sit and after 10 minutes left. A wasted opportunity!

At 1045pm another mixed couple showed up...She was a bbw blonde and wearing jeans. They sat in the middle row and took off their jackets and covered themselves with them. After a while she undid her jeans and while covered played with her tits and pussy(could tell by the movements). He stroked away. They finished and left to later come back and sit in the back row.

By the time I left around midnight they were still there. The hot brown dress girl and her man had gone outside and just came back in. It was around midnight and I gave up. I don't think there was gonna be any flesh show.

A promising night for the future. I have been there a few time during daytime but the place is dead and was there a Tuesday night till late at night without realizing that's the day of their gay movie showing. So far this is the first time I have seen some resemblance of activity.

Keep up the good blog.



Doc here again... Thank you Laars for the kind words, and your excellent first report.  I enjoy reports that give give the time frame, couple's appearance, and the writers interpretation of what they may be looking for inside an adult theater.  We are looking forward to your next effort, sir.

Do you have an adult theater report?  I hope so, because that's what we do here (besides make a top-notch prosciutto sandwich). Send your reports into Armand Assante The Good Doctor at Your white suit wearing buddy will edit, format, and drop in a pic or two.  I might even design a logo for you too (just like I did with Laars).  You submit the report, I do the rest.