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Special Report! Holly Godarkly's The Journey: Chronicles of a Woman’s Initiation into the World of “This Thing of Ours” - Part 5 (w/PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say the Mayans called The Golden Viper, with the gift that keeps on giving: Part 5 of Holly Godarkly's Journey into This Thing of Ours. 

When we last left Holly, she had just visited her first lifestyle meat meet and greet, and once again had her eyes opened to another facet of this thing of ours (report HERE). 

So where does Holly's adventure take her to now?  Well kids, it's back to the scene of her first crime: Past Time Video in Steubenville, OH. 

Let's jump in the Way Back Machine and set the controls for this past Monday...Holly, take us away!

The Journey: Chronicles of a Woman’s Initiation into the World of “This Thing of Ours”

Part 5 -- The Second Adventure – Holly Visits Past Time Video for a Second Escapade

WOW!!! I feel alive for the first time in my life – I mean REALLY ALIVE. And I feel feminine – that is a first for me as I grew up as a tomboy. I am feeling that I am special – all of the email and compliments have been a tremendous boost to my self-esteem. I am coming out of my shell. Yes, SLOWLY…but still, I am taking steps to discover my full sexual potential.
Past Time Video
Steubenville, OH

The theater is a great medium for me as an exhibitionist. I am so very grateful to the Knight – for exposing me to this venue, and for being such a great model escort for me on that first adventure. He made it so special for me, and helped me begin my journey. I will always be eternally grateful to him. He is one special man for sure!!! Even though I was scared that first time, I really did learn a lot and I had fun. 

So I make my mind up I will go again. I deserve to enjoy myself. And I have someone who has offered to be an escort for me. B, the man who I wrote about in Part 4 of the blog, was the gentleman who took my picture and was in the booth next to me on my first adventure with the Knight. We have corresponded by email, and he offers to be my escort for another adventure. I decide to take him up on the offer and we select a day.So let’s talk for a moment about the duties of an escort. B has agreed to be responsible to keep me safe and make sure that no one steps over any boundaries I may set for the day. He wants the day to be all about me. He asks what I might like to do or have done. He endeavors to discover what will turn me on and what my limits are. Since I am new, I do not know, so we decide to play it by ear. But I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he absolutely will keep me safe and make sure the day is enjoyable for me. He seems devoted to that end. Therefore, my confidence level in him as escort is very high – and I was concerned over this because I really did not know him. 
The Real Holly Godarkly

I have to say – he is such a sweetheart! And I felt so comfortable in his arms. He sat there and held me the entire time!!! It was PERFECT! And when one gentleman took a picture on his cell phone – B was right there to stand up and correct it – IMMEDIATELY. He made the man delete it and asked him to leave. I said it was okay, he deleted it, so B just asked him to step back. Some of the men may have not known the rules, as they were new to the theater.

I had planned on being there at 2:00, but was running late because my manicure/pedicure appointment took longer than usual: they were backed up. The trip was 80 minutes for me and I got there at 2:45. Disappointing, because I HATE to be late for anything. And I was afraid I may have people waiting for me. I had told quite a few people on SLS that I was going and there were quite a few men who wanted to come to meet me. Plus, they had posted I was coming on their Yahoo Group site – and I did not know if anyone would be interested in coming. I was upset about being late. As it was, I know of 2 men who came over and had to leave, one before I got there, as he got an emergency call to help someone and another who got there at 11:30 and had to leave just as I had arrived. I will need to make it up to them!!!
Holly Godarkly

I was wearing a long black dress, black lace bra, black lace panties with black heels and a black hat. Typical Audrey Hepburn style. B met me at my vehicle and we went inside. I was so surprised at the attendance – there were quite a few men waiting. One gentleman drove 3 hours from Cleveland to see me (he even gave me my first cert on SLS!). One man came 3 hours from Elkins, West Virginia. One gentleman drove almost 4 hours from the middle of PA south of Harrisburg. Several others drove 30 to 90 minutes away just to meet me. They all knew I was not promising anything except to maybe show my tits a little. And I tried to make sure they all knew I was older – over 60 – and overweight.

I WAS SHOCKED. I mean totally, take my breath away shocked. These gentlemen had come to see me. I was not sure ANYONE would show up. But here they were. And each and every one of them acted like a gentleman, was respectful and seemed pleased to be there. Talk about a boost to a girl’s ego!!! CHEESE AND CRACKERS, I could not have asked for a better group of men to spend the afternoon with.

B had taken me in the theater, and steered me to the far side middle sofa. I put a sheet down and we sat down. The gentleman who drove from Cleveland asked to sit beside me and I said yes. I was so nervous and scared. But B put his arm around me, kissed me lightly and began to rub my shoulder. He calmed me down and then mentioned taking the girls out. I obeyed and the day of fun began. Everyone got to play with my tits and B began to slide his hand up my dress. I had on black see through lace panties because B had mentioned he liked panties. He pulled them to one side and began to finger me. Others fingered me. At one point I stood and allowed those in the front sofa ahead of us to play with my tits. Then I stooped to suck on B a little. Others were given a chance to play with my tits and pussy. One rule I had was expressed: No fluids were to touch me – I’m still scared about that a little.

I was just relaxing there, enjoying the men touching me, when all of a sudden, I saw that the men had their cocks out. And then I saw something I had never seen before. There was a gentleman in an orange shirt and he had his cock out and he was stoking it. I was mesmerized. I saw the other men holding their cocks and stroking them. HOLY CRAP!!! It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. To watch them was intoxicating, especially the man in the orange shirt – I liked watching him the best. Just the way he held it…damn, he was sexy! But I truly enjoyed watching them all!!! To think they were turned on from seeing me and touching me – OMG – it turned me on SOOOO MUCH!!!! I just could not believe it. 

Holly Godarkly
And I began to realize how wet I was. It was the wettest I have been – I mean I was soaking wet. DRIPPING WET. And one guy dipped his fingers in and then put his fingers in his mouth and said how sweet I was and how good I tasted. Then others did the same. It was so hot. I could barely stand it. 

I was to the point of cumming several times, but stopped myself. I pushed away every time I got close. I was afraid to cum in public. I asked to touch a cock and then another. I got to touch them all. OH MY!!! They were all different, some long, some short, some thin and some thick. I LOVED touching every one of them!!! On guy in front of me was stroking his cock and he asked me to hold his balls -- they were very big! And I loved touching them. The man beside him let me touch his balls to. They were different – so nice!!! Seriously – I JUST HAD THE BEST TIME!!! To touch and be touched. This I love to do.

B asked if I wanted to use some toys, and offered to get something from the store. He said he would get something small to start with since I was so tight. I told him I had not played with toys yet…maybe another time. They talked to me about something called squirting. We all talked for a little while toward the end…me and all of the men as they continued to touch me and stoke their cocks. It felt so comfortable. I would have never believed I would feel so comfortable with this, but I totally was.

We stayed for quite a while – until 4:30. B had to leave. I stayed until 5:00 – I changed into street clothes. I hung around because I knew there might be one or two men who might come late. I did not want them to make the trip and be disappointed if they missed me. I left around 5:15. One regret I have is that the gentleman who drove 3 hours from WV stayed late, and I passed him in the theater. I wanted to play some more – just a little, but I waited for him to ask me, and he did not ask me to join him or sit beside him – and I was scared to ask him. I wish I had been bolder.

I have to say, this was one of the best experiences of my life. I finally feel like a woman – accepted for just the way I am, flaws and all. I am so grateful to B – I would love to have some quiet private time with him to properly thank him for making this day so special for me. When the man truly makes it all about the woman, the woman then wants to give her all to the man. B did this for me in spades. I owe him HIS fantasy now!!!

I LOVE the Adult Theater Scene. This is perfect for me. I will learn so much here. There is so much more to experience: cumming in public for the first time, masturbating in public for the first time, playing with toys for the first time, and so much more!!!! And I am still waiting for penetration – that proper fucking I have never had! It will happen. I WILL have the TIME OF MY LIFE – I deserve it!!!

I am so very grateful to each and every gentleman who came and helped make my day special. And I am so very grateful for B. I APPRECIATE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!!! And I look forward to the next adventure – will another invitation come????

HMMMMM, interesting – the Knight just texted me:

“Nice write up. (He is referring to Part 4.) I still have other things for you…If you are ready.”

I text back:

“I’m listening…I had a really good time at Pasttimes this past Monday. It was SOOOO much fun.”

He texts back:

“I’m glad you’re getting more comfortable…Typically what I’ll do is test your limits…Push you just a bit. We should meet for a drink again to discuss your ‘Curriculum’.”

I respond:

“Sounds good. I plan on being at Rooster’s Saturday for their Meet and Greet. Was hoping to meet new people and make new friends.

Well, I hope you feel I have been a good student. I am open to discussing my future curriculum. I will await your invitation for coffee or drinks to discuss.”

SO…other things for me!!! I wonder………………



Doc here again... Many thanks once again to my good friend Holly Godarkly and the peek into her journey. In offline conversations I have had with Holly, I have strongly suggested to go slow and smooth as she wades into these treacherous waters of this thing of ours. And I am grateful to see she is doing just that...And it will pay big dividends for her and her growing legions of fans.

Stay tuned for more...