Sunday, March 28, 2010

BJ Marathon at CTs Adult Theater on Friday 3/26

Doc here with reports from a BJ marathon at CTs Adult Superstore and Theater in Gary, IN from this past Friday.
Here is report #1 from poster "Mr. Chairman":
As the unofficial Chairman of the Board, I agree 110% with and support the last poster totally. I have seen Maris in pics and felt that she could throw down but I didn't know to what extent. Amazing, astounding, moving, an artist, a spiritual experience (it must have been . . . I went for seconds!!!!).

Her technique and touch were second to none but she has one hell of a personality as well. She would laugh and joke around while at the same time make you cum like the world was about to end. Just a very sexually skilled and personable individual. Women who are not in this lifestyle could take a few pages from her book and try to learn a damn thing!

I've always been a fan of oral . . . just say BJ and I'm there front and center. However Maris added much more to the experience. I don't know what became of Cathy (peace be upon her), our former BJ Queen, but last night the mantle was passed to Maris without question. This will be a great an interesting summer, I feel, this year at CT's and she will be one of the reasons why. Until then Maris . . . until then.

-Mr. Chairman
Doc again, with a response from "Maris" about her fun evening at CTs...

Thank you all who showed up for the BJ Marathon last night—it was great seeing the theater packed full of men waiting for my mouth. I greatly enjoyed pleasuring all those eager cocks—you men are wonderful to share your awesome bodies with me. I love touching those strong muscles, hard asses, hairy chests and of course, your hard cocks. Men's bodies excite me to no end.

I had such a great time at CT's last night. I met old friends who I always love pleasuring—Don, TJ, Eric, Marc to name a few and met new ones—Mr. Chairman, Paul, Wally, Darnell, BLUE to name a few. I love being a sex slave to you ALL while I am at CT's.

Thank you ALL for making the BJ Marathon a success. My mouth loved on 89 cocks in 8 hours. Special thanks to those who stepped up to the plate and batted out TWO batches of cum for me. Your double donation to the cause did not go unnoticed. YOU HORNY MEN!!!

Thanks Pete for being the great host that you are and having an awesome place like CT's. You're the best!

Well, it looks like the house was rocking at CTs in Gary.  The staff here at The Journal will be on the lookout for more reports from there.

If you have a report you'd like to see on the Good Doctor's Journal, please e-mail me at


Updated! Wild Eyed Girls and Horny Old Sluts: Paris Theater Report by Brent

Doc here with another report from the Walter Cronkite of adult theater journalists, Brent from Portland, OR.  As always, great stuff!

Ladies, do you ever flash deliberate like when you get out of a car careless letting your skirt ride up?

I wish The Paris had full size glory hole booths. I didn't go to The Oregon last night. I started to go there but I went to The Paris from 10 until 1am instead. I had to Max it... Max needs to run longer on weekends.

Four couples "played" while I was there. The first one I saw was "fuck everybody big woman" we know as "B Condom In Mouth Lady" (very horny nasty slut her husband talks dirty to her while she fucks and sucks any one with a hard dick and a hot load). One guy fucked her so much she had to take a break. He was a thin built like a strong wall fucked her fast and hard pound pound pound. Then a blond came in with her husband. They laughed and joked and sat in the couples section alone. Finally she bent over pulled down her pants and showed us her beautiful round ass while she sucked off her man, They stayed and played for a couple of hours- her asshole winking at us just out of reach I wish I had a flying penis.

Then a young couple came in she was cute American Indian I think. They made a slow tour around the theater taking it all in- B getting fucked by a tall black man in the annex, the guys jacking and ogling at the blond in the couples section , one old man sucking off another old man in the main section, a TV dressed like 60s bad taste waiting by the "glory hole" while guys pretending she was really a woman and not an exotic male flirted with him her. The young couple left without sitting down.Another couple came in. He looked like Bob Seeger. She was tall with cascading permed hair and a lovely face Carol King Chelsea Clinton but nicer and a wild Tanya Harding exhibitionist slut I'm so horny look in her eyes. She took off all her clothes wow she loved being naked. Said to us "Do you like the way I look with a big cock in my mouth?" One guy got her a water and she grabbed his cock when he handed her the bottle. She kept her legs spread and her long fingers in and out of her wet pussy constantly strumming . He fucked her ate her pussy licked her ass. Her body was amazing long legs soft breasts wet cunt waiting wanting cocks our cocks but while I was there she grabbed a few cocks and they felt her up but she did not actually fuck anybody . Maybe she got busy fucking guys after I left. She loved dirty talk. Her man called her a dirty little whore ,a nasty slut, a horny easy lay . Her visit was the most intense one of the night while i was there.

It was like last Saturday the best show in my opinion was when a pretty girl (A full figured Demi Moore/ Carnie Wilson) in a red dress fucked and sucked her man and another man and woman in the couples section. The two girls got together for some erotic delicate girl on girl play. The other woman has been there before she is totally uninhibited. She is a big girl with a big sexual appetite and huge round breasts that defy mortal description (big-uns) She has the honor of being the last woman to get fucked at The Jefferson Theater before it closed (future Jeopardy question). Anyway I wanted to express how much I enjoyed her and the girl in the red dress a few Saturdays ago. There has also been a very sexy red head who looks just like a horny wild exhibitionist Alicia Witt. She loves to show off to the crowd taking special care to spread her lips and ass as if to say "This is where the wild penises go, boys." She also has that constantly turned on excited look in her eyes. So far she has only played with her man in the couples section. I think that she will be playing with the boys before too long.

Last Thursday The Lady Librarian Who Loves Bareback was at The Paris and there was no one there to fuck her. It was a slow night and the men who were there were either in their own little porn world or with each other in the gay theater. So I got on Brent's Theater Tails and posted a little "soups on- come and get it" message and before you could say "viral marketing" dudes started showing up at the theater and J's pussy was getting fucked and filled with man chowder. Just another example of the power of The Internet to bring the world together.

UPDATE!  An addendum from Ray about the above evening... Our story picks up after Brent leaves the building...

After you left the blonde asked "who is the nicest guy here", then grabbed a pillow, got on her knees and gave one of the guys on the rail a blow job. She then played with her friend. Just as they were getting ready to leave, a very young couple came in. The young couple found a couch, undressed and started to play (of course all the boys gathered). The guy had to tell the boys to back off and give them some room. The blonde from the couples section came down to watch. The young guy asked for some lube, the blonde said I can get it wet.  She then bent over and licked the young girl. After a few minutes of fucking the young guy said they were looking for a hotel room. I think the couple from the stage made a deal, because both couples soon left together. I think if they would not have left, the couples section bonde may have taken on a few of the boys. She was really getting into to it. Made me wonder if the only reason the young couple came in was to get a hotel room, they did not seem to be the theater type.

BTW, you did not miss anything at the Oregon. I got to the Oregon about 8 and eft around 11. No couples when I was there. Gary, said they will be closed a couple of days this week for a remodel. Moving the couples section to the middle and the movie server to the lobby. The new couple section will have 2 f-tables, an exam table and be enclosed in a fenced area with a 3' buffer zone. Hope that works and gets some couples to come play. After the new projector the movie is much clearer at the Oregon then the Paris.
The Good Doctor here again...Nice follow-up to Brent's original report.  That is what teamwork is all about!