Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Flash Report! Crusing the Coast with Bob in Biloxi for 3/10/12

Doc here with this week's Cruising the Coast with Bob in Biloxi. Sounds like things are heating up as we head into spring break season, and our man on the ground has the story - Fair and Balanced.

Here's Bob...


Hi Doc,

Very active on our beautiful Gulf Coast this weekend !! We had 6 couples that showed at our tGulf Coast Adult Theater, and two down the street at the ABS. Weather was perfect in the 60’s and the all the ladies were dressed to play.

Around 6:15pm a young looking brunette showed at the theater. She was about 5’4, 110lbs sporting a blue jean mini skirt and black pullover blouse with high heel - a real good looking girl. They sat down in the middle left of the theater with her against the wall. Almost immediately they started playing. She hiked her skirt up and her man started rubbing her button, this of course drew a crowd from the confused folks and straight guys. With most of the straight guys giving them room to breathe, she had 3 guys standing behind her, one of which reached over and start rubbing her tits. After a few minutes of this she pulled her top down and that started a full blown grab fest then.

One confused fellow was sitting next to her man, evidently he had tried to rub the guys leg once earlier and was rebuked, he then tried to reach over him to paw the girl and was sternly rebuked then. I almost laughed out loud, but only snickered! One guy standing behind her was fingering her pussy, you could hear her wetness as he banged her with at least two fingers. It sounded like she got off too!! Abruptly they straightened themselves up and left.

Can you guess where they went? Yep, straight down the street to the ABS. I was unable to get next to this young lass, but one of the confused folks did.  Then a true scout did, and both said she gave them blow jobs and both said she had the talent. Not sure I believe either one.

The scout was just not in there long enough before they came out. While the confused fellow was inside there is light that shines under the door from the video and when someone is at the hole that light is blocked. You can plainly see it from standing outside the booth. Also I could hear her man slapping her ass while he fucked her, if he was doing that, then its impossible (in those booths) for her to suck cock at the hole at the same time. How’s that for a little CSI?

Later a blonde and her man came in the ABS, she sucked one guy and both of them left. She’s only into a certain kind, so once and done for her. At the same time there was a skinny looking blonde that came in with a black guy and they went to a booth with no holes. I think she was a working girl because later I saw her with a different black guy. So I don’t think that counts as attendees. In my book, if you’re not there to have fun at the holes, you don’t get counted. My story, my rule.

Meanwhile back at the theater, two couples showed up.  One was a well build blonde wearing a silver (look at me dress) with high heels, the other was a BBW brunette wearing black stretch pants and heels (the brunette was also on clutches, which that’s a first for me anywhere in the country).

They took the front couch and the girls began playing. Soon the blonde just stood up and striped off leaving nothing but her heels on, she then dove into the brunette’s pussy. The two guys they were with wound up having high heels in their face as the girls were muff diving each other. One guy couldn’t take any longer and stabbed his dick into the brunette and fucked her while the blonde was kissing and sucking the brunette’s tits. These two ladies were very vocal and were soon drowning out the theater sound system.

At one point the blonde raised her ass up off the couch in a direct line of fire with yours truly. I had been stroking my cock with the rest of the crowd, I looked at her man and asked if he minded if I hit that. He got up off the couch and said it’s all yours! Nice guy huh?

I suited up and entered what I thought was a vice - man she was tight! After hitting bottom she really let out a moan and started pushing her ass back toward me. I pounded her while the onlookers stroked and maneuvered to get to a mouth, any mouth really, blonde or brunette. I was quickly replaced by another guy and both girls took on everyone that needed/wanted to be taken care of. One of the scouts told me the brunette gave excellent head, but I will take the pussy any day over head (that’s just me). The duo stayed a couple of hours, then they left. One scout talked to them in the lot and girls told him they were looking for more pussy to lick - can’t blame them on that point.

Around 11pm another couple showed, but they were into watching guys. I was tried so I left (with time change and all -at least that’s what I’m blaming it on this week)! The two ladies put on the best show of the year so far, so I hope they come back! 

That’s the high lights from the Gulf Coast Doc.  Still not a damn thing on TV Saturday nights, and this sure beats the shit out of sitting in a recliner!