Sunday, March 31, 2013

Flash Report! Brent Escorts Joyus to The Paris Theatre in Portlandia

Doc here with a classic report from my good friend and colleague in arms, Brent in Portland.

Long time readers know that Brent is indeed the poet laureate of this thing of ours. Those of us that write about the adult theater scene owe a debt of gratitude to Brent for blazing the trail (or tail, depending on your POV) for others in his footsteps.  As a matter of fact, I started reporting about this scene in his long vanquished "Portland Adult Theater Pumpers" Yahoo Group almost 10 years ago.

This past week, Brent escorted the local Portland legend Joyus to the Paris Theatre for a wild, wicked Wednesday and what follows is his report on the evening.

This report is classic Brent...Enjoy.


Joyus, a fine woman who occasionally likes to participate in "this thing of ours" emailed me this past Wednesday. She was looking for an escort to The Paris Theater, a private adult cinema located in downtown Portland Oregon. I wrote her back that I would be happy to be her escort and asked if I could announce her arrival on this group. She told me I could say I was bringing a woman to The Paris but not to elaborate.
Paris Theatre
Portland, OR

We met at a nearby bar, had a few drinks, and proceeded via a circuitous route to The Paris. When we arrived there were only a few men in the theater. Before she commenced to fucking, Joyus wanted to have an orgasm or two by means of a little lap licking provided by yours truly.

I wasn't sure I was up to the task but nevertheless I gave it my all, licking and sucking on her pussy like I was devouring a 4th Of July watermelon. I munched on her from her clit to her bunghole. I found a really sensitive spot and went to work on it. Soon I felt her tense up, grab the top of my head and shudder with an earth shattering orgasm.

Now she was ready to fuck. We moved the party to the exam table. The first young man was wrapped and before long her was pounding Joyus with his shiny black pussy pounder. The next guy was a little smaller but just as eager. The third guy was very well hung. He took it a little longer and a little slower. I think he was her favorite but she loved them all.

Another couple came in. He was black. She was white. Together they were hot and sexy. They got naked almost immediately, starting in the bedroom then moving to the couples section. I was sitting between the two couples, Joyus on one side and The Young Couple on the other, enjoying stereophonic fucking.

There were at least five couples at The Paris Wednesday and there was some really good theater sex. There was a blond BBW getting fucked in the couples section, a young couple who was at The Paris for the first time was getting turned on watching the sexy black and white couple in the bedroom. Joyus and I dropped back in after taking a break.

We went down to The Arena where I proceeded to give her another tongue ride. This time I knew where to go and for the second time that evening I was able to make her climax. She was ready for one last fuck and chose a guy that had endured crosstown traffic to get to The Paris, just to meet her. He fucked her for a pretty long time and they both really enjoyed it.

It was a great "Wicked Wednesday". Thanks, Joyus, for letting me be your escort. I hope you weren't too sore the next day, but if you were it had to be a happy pain.

Doc here again... Thank you Brent for all you do for this thing of ours.