Friday, July 31, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! Britt & Terry at XTC in Akron, OH (w/3 HOT PICS!)

Doc here, a man who say only uses a Magnum XL-200 condom, with a very cool first time Couple's Flash Report from Britt & Terry.

In this excellent report, Britt & Terry hit XTC in Akron, Ohio as a change of pace from other Ohio venues they have visited in the past.

What did they find? Was it worth taking the flyer on XTC? Let's see, shall we?

Take it away Britt & Terry!


Hey Doc,

Britt and I have been big fans of your blog over the years and thought we would write in to tell you about our recent experience.

First off, we have had a lot of fun over the years. We started with Summit News, however that dream has long faded. So we have been forced to find new venues for our enjoyment. We have given the Akron Adult Cinema a try, but find the facilities to be severely dirty and run down, and Britt did not like the manners displayed by the clientele. 

The Real Britt

We've tried Foster's (in Youngstown) only to find that they close whenever they feel like it. We've also tried Pulaski which has a very nice theater, but they close at 10pm. Because of such we have fallen in love with the Westwood in Toledo. Our biggest complaint however, its over a two hour drive to get there from where we live.Well being as it is, we keep trying to find something more local to satisfy her urges when we don't have the time to make it out to Toledo. We recently heard that XTC in Akron (address in the Adult Theater Database) began allowing couples into their booth areas. So we figured we would give it a try this past Tuesday night.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Flash Report! The Oral Reporter's Good Luck Runs Out at Fantasy Zone in Memphis

Doc here, a man who some say used to wear a wire while playing poker at The Tangiers, signaling my partner when and how to bet, with a Flash Report from our good friend, The Oral Reporter.

The Oral Reporter visited Fantasy Zone in Memphis, TN, and lady luck was not on his side.

So what happened at Fantasy Zone?  I will let our esteemed senior reporter tell you himself.



Well my several weeks of good luck changed to nothing happening for a straight guy at the Fantasy Zone Theater in Memphis.

I guess I was spoiled by the abundant action in Dallas, Phoenix, and in Buffalo.
There were plenty of guys chasing each other around the booths, the theater, and the little room off to the side of the screen. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Flash Report! The Watchman Hits the Downtown Adult Cinema in Akron, Ohio

Doc here, a man who some say raced competitive dragon boats, which was a challenge since he grew up in the inner city, with a terrific Flash Report for you. First time contributor, The Watchman, has submitted a report from Akron's Downtown Adult Cinema, and it's the best one I have received from there in many moons.

Since this theater is one of the few I have not ever visited, so any intel on this place is most welcome and The Watchman delivered.

Please welcome to The Journal...The Watchman!



Long time reader and first time reporter. Had to be in Northeast Ohio for business and checked out two places for this thing of ours. First, I contacted Summit News in Warren only to find out that the theater continues to be closed. Booths are open but the theater remains closed. 

With nowhere else to go I dropped by on Friday and Saturday at the Downtown Adult Cinema in Akron. Lots of activity though largely relegated to gay or bi activity (not my thing). However, there were some very interesting couples that came through on both nights. 

One guy appeared to have a young girl he was hoping to introduce to the lifestyle. They spent a long time just sitting and watching the movie without any contact or action. However, he persuaded her to go with him to the room behind the screen (a unique feature of this place is the space behind the screen that is used for explicit sexual activity by all - no place to sit and a crowded space, but it did produce some interesting action). 

They kissed, he caressed, she stroked his manhood, and then he pulled down her shorts. This was an open invitation to grab some of her lovely and firm backside - I took advantage. Had a great time playing with her backside and moved to her sweet honey spot before the guy next to me tried to lay his thing on her ass. She said she had enough and they returned to their seat. So close, but it was a great ass grab.

UPDATED 7/28 at 8:30am! Visit Announcement! Sexy Savannah and Mr. Midwest at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on Tuesday 7/28 at 12:30pm

UPDATED 7/28 at 8:30am: Doc here...I just got a note from Sexy Savannah and Mr. Midwest, and all systems are go for today at 15th Ave. Adult Theater

Their arrival time will be between 12 Noon and 12:30pm. I am looking for reports from this visit,, so if you are there, please shoot The Good Doctor a report at . Please and thank you.

Lastly, as always, if you see them today at 15th Ave. in Chicago, tell them "Doc sent me.".



Doc here with a Visit Announcement for this coming Tuesday, July 28th 2015, for 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago.  The time is set right now for 12:30pm for their arrival, give or take a few. 

Coming in to enjoy a matinee at 15th Ave. is the lovely Sexy Savannah and her co-pilot, Mr. Midwest.  They were nice enough to send in a note to The Good Doctor about their visit, and being the benevolent soul I am, was happy to oblige in getting the word out. 

Here is their note, along with 5 HOT pics of the Sexy Savannah...


Hello Doc, 

We are a fan of the blog and all the things you do for "this thing of ours". 

We are couple from the Midwest that will be traveling through from vacation and will be stopping by the 15th Ave Theater in Chicago for some "mid-day" fun. We will be coming through on Tuesday July 28th and are really looking forward to seeing the place. We have read such good things about this place!! 

So Mr. Midwest will be escorting the cock hungry sexy Savannah there on July 28th. We would love to meet you and any other guys there as well!

Flash Report! Sadly, The Last Ever Report from the Buford Highway Twin Cinemas in July 2015

Doc here, a man who some say has visited the Quantum Realm more than one, with a terrific yet sad Flash Report from the late great Buford Highway Twin Cinemas. 

It was 10 days ago that the Buford Highway Twin Cinemas closed for good, after fighting the good fight for more than 35 years. Hopefully the owners will find a new home, but in the meantime, all we have are memories.  And this report from H. Houdini is likely to be the last report ever from the BHTC.

I used to enjoy this theater, having visited it back in 2007 and 2008 while in Atlanta for work. Two large auditoriums, couples friendly, and a very nice lobby area. Now all gone.

So kids, savor this report from Harry Houdini, as this is most likely the last one we will ever see about this classic adult theater.

Take it away, sir.


Hey Doc,

My travels last week took me to the great city of Atlanta. My Friday night was free so a visit to the Buford Highway Twin Cinemas was put on the itinerary. I arrived around 9 PM and not knowing what to expect I found a place to park where I could see the folks coming and going.

I had been there maybe 15 minutes when an Asian couple pulls in. Now, this is not something you usually see in this thing of ours so, I gave them a few minutes to get settled in and in I go. 

The Late, Great Buford Highway Twin Cinema
Atlanta/Doraville, GA
I pay the $15 admission and the clerk informs me that I can go outside and back in up to 3 times with the ticket and tells me about the "Couples Only" Section. I look in the first theater, only a couple of guys in it so onto theater two. 

I come in and see them about half way down outside the couple only area and sitting towards the end of the row. I take up my position 1 row in front and about 3 seat down so that I may get a good view should anything take place. After about ten minutes of them sitting like stones watching the movie I decided that 'nada was going to take place here and I would explore the area to get a better feel for the place. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Flash Report! H. Houdini at Fritz the Cat in Dallas Pike, WV

Doc here, a man who some say was pulled over by a West Virginia State Trooper for having good dental work, with a dynamite Flash Report from senior Journal scribe, H. Houdini.

H. hit one of the most elusive adult theaters in the country, Fritz the Cat in Dallas Pike, WV. Reports are very few and far between on this place, so getting one from none other a trained magician was a treat.

So sit back and enjoy the song stylings of H. Houdini and his visit to Fritz the Cat.



As I stated in my previous email, I have recalled the 1st Marine Division from the search and rescue mission dubbed operation "Where's Lizardo?" and am back on the road working and looking for field reports for you.

Monday this week took me through the "Wild and Wooly" State of West "BY GOD" Virginia. Although it was early afternoon, what trip across I70 would be complete without a stop off at the Dallas Pike Exit and Fritz the Cat Bookstore(?) if nothing more than a reconnoiter mission for the database. 

Fritz the Cat
Dallas Pike, WV
First off, you really can't call it much of a bookstore anymore. It is more of a head shop with an adult theater and video booths attached to it.  

I didn't expect much and ended up just hanging out talking to the clerk and sitting in my pick-up for a couple of hours. The store was clean and tidy compared to the last time I had darkened their doors some 10 years ago or more.  

I jump into the pick-up and getting my seat belt on when wouldn't you know, a couple pulls into the spot next to me! Music thumping, she's wearing a short sundress with no bra and as they exit the car she looks at me smiles and says "Hi!" (on a side note: I don't know what kinda air freshener they had, but it had the smell of a skunk that pissed on a Christmas Tree).

My intuition was that they were there for the "Tobacco Accessories", but what the Hell, I'm already here so back in I go.  Back inside, I do not see them in the store proper, so I head to the "Man Cave". This what they have called the video booth section. Danada! That leaves one place, the theater. 

Flash Report! The Black Hat & The Weary Traveler at 15th Ave. Adult Theater on 6/30/15

Doc here, a man who some say isn't that guy, but who knows a guy for that thing, with a terrific Flash Report from senior Journal scribe, The Black Hat.

The Black Hat, along with fellow Journal scribe The Weary Traveler, visited 15th Ave. Adult Theater at the same time, on June 30th, and TBH has submitted this report to the news desk here at The Journal.

In this report, you'll hear how veterans of this thing of ours game plan and approach the scene, and also you hear how one asshat almost screwed the scene up for everyone. 

The title of this report is awesome, as is the report!...Thanks for the shout out, sir!

Without further ado, here is the Black Hat and his top shelf report.  


The Black Hat and The Weary Traveler Meet while Spreading the Gospel According to Dr. Emilio Lizardo

Dear Doc and friends, 

I once again found myself in the Chicago area on business on short notice and decided to roll the dice on a Tuesday (6/30/15) evening visit to 15th Ave.  Readers may recall my last visit to 15th Ave this past February, also on a Tuesday night, found me enjoying time with Vickie (the Vixen) and Victor.   And while my new friends from that February visit were absent (and missed), there was plenty to see and do on this cool June evening.

First, I made the acquaintance of fellow Journal scribe The Weary Traveler.  I was hanging in the booth area, comfortably seated and was listening to TWT regale myself and some other patrons with his recent experiences at 15th Ave and elsewhere around the country.  He and I share some common territory and the subject of the Journal came up and we both explained our contributions.  It is always nice to meet others from the Journal who enjoy this passion and are on the same wavelength when it comes to behavior and approach in an adult theater.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Good Doctor's Pic(s) of the Day! The Incredible JP's Slut Toy!

Doc here, a man who some say once traveled to the Ancient One's Tibetan palace, and the aged sorcerer offered to teach him a killer meatball sandwich recipe. Reluctantly, he accepted.

Well kids it's Saturday, the busiest day in this thing of ours across North America and the world as well.  And what better way to kick this day off than two brand new pics of my good friend, the smoke show we know as JP's Slut Toy.

Yesterday, Friday the 24th, JP's Slut Toy along with her Master, JP, decided an afternoon Matinee at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago was in order. And with that, two teaser pics were tweeted out in advance. 

So, for today's Good Doctor's Pic(s) of the Day, I present to you, the lovely, talented, and very naughty JP's Slut Toy.



(PS. Please click to ENLARGE)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Good Doctor's Pic(s) of the Day! The Amazing Ms. PIPY 3 Ways!

Doc here, a man who some say was once the toast of Rock Hill, NY, with a special Good Doctor's Pic(s) of the Day.

One of 2015's most pleasant surprises was the emergence of a sexy little thing by the name of Ms. PIPY, who made her first visit to an adult theater earlier this year at Memphis' Fantasy Zone.

Ms. PIPY's partner in crime, The Escort, has been very diligent in keeping The Good Doctor up date on their adventures. And with some of these adventures, there may be a pic or two sent along. The three pics I am highlighting tonight are three of my favorites from Ms. PIPY. 

Ladies and gentlemen of this thing of ours, please welcome Ms. PIPY as The Good Doctor's Pic(s) of the Day (please click to ENLARGE them).


New Video! The Art Cinema's Back to School Party on Saturday September 19th 2015 at 7pm in Hartford, CT


Doc here with a little something to get your juices running in anticipation for September's Back to School Party at the mighty Art Cinema in Hartford, CT:  The Journal's promo video for the event!

Save the date...Saturday September 19th, 2015 at 7pm. I look forward to seeing all my friends for another night for the ages at The Art!


Review! H-Man Reviews the A-Z Videos with Added Color Commentary!

Doc here, a man who some say once had a sweet relish named after him, with a review from senior Journal reporter, H-Man.

H-Man has taken the time to screen the three HOT videos from A-Z that were re-published yesterday on the Journal, and wanted to add his two cents and perspective on the scene.

So without further ado, please welcome back to the Journal, H-Man!


Hello Doc!

It has been a while since I submitted a report…but I have to comment on the “A to Z” videos that were recently posted on your site.    They were outstanding and that woman is like the “energizer bunny” without a blemish or imperfection on that dynamite body of hers!  She is one sexy and hot young lady!!!  (Z is one lucky man!) BTW……The “mardi-gras event” was one for the ages.

When those videos were shot, I had the pleasure of being present…and I mean feet from the scene and it was unbelievable.  I will try to recreate the scenario that was extremely hottt!!

Flash Report! The Oral Reporter Returns to Xposed Adult Theater in Dallas on Couple's Night (and Afternoon)

Doc here, a man who some say has fought off sharks in both the sky and the sea with nothing more than a ball-pein hammer and a cannoli, with a great Flash Report from senior reporter, The Oral Reporter.
His most recent trip to Xposed Adult Theater in Dallas, Texas was a grand slam home run, and the type of night most of us only dream about. I hope he played a lottery ticket before he left Big D.

So without further ado, please welcome back The Oral Reporter.



I had a spectacular time on a recent July evening at the Xposed XXX Theater on Mockingbird Lane in Dallas, TX. This was a Saturday night and that means it's one of two nights where it is couples only in the theater. Now there is a way around the couples only thing on Friday and Saturday nights after 9 PM. That is any single guy wanting to go in the theater on those two nights after 9PM has to pay a newly reduced rate of either $75 dollars or $100 dollars.
Xposed Adult Theater
Dallas, TX

So far I have not had to pay that extra fee, I have been lucky enough to have Jennifer accompany me to the theater on those nights. This was only her third time in a XXX theater, so she is still a little new to it but is really enjoying the sexual freedom she has in the theater. 
She and I arrived pretty early (5PM) & paid the $20 dollar admission. We entered the theater and we were the only patrons at that time. But that would change drastically over the span of the night until 5AM in the morning. 

First let me start things off by saying that this theater is one of the cleaner and nicer ones I have been in. The staff is usually helpful and pretty much knows where their popularity is coming from. They know that if the couples show up they will sell more of those high priced singles tickets on Friday and Saturday nights. 

The night started with Jenn and I sitting in the theater watching a not so good porn movie. Jenn is a little Bi, and wanted a Girl/Girl video on so I went out to the counter and requested one. The clerk was having a hard time doing his job while he was glued to his cell phone, in fact I had to ask him twice to change the video. Once that was done, Jen decided it was time for her to give me a very nice blow job. The night started out with a very nice blow job and it ended with another fantastic blow job from a different lady.

I dropped my shorts to the floor and Jenn began sucking me off. After about 10 minutes of this I shot my load in her open mouth and she swallowed it. She is a bit of a 3 hole slut, and likes as many men as she is able to fuck and suck in the time she has at the theater. While she was doing me, another white guy came in the theater (not couples only time yet) he sat down on the same couch we were on, and started stroking his tool while watching Jenn blow me. After she was done with me, she started stroking the other guy's cock and asked him if he had a condom, he said yes so she sucked him for a while, then he put on the condom and she sat on his good sized cock, she rode him until he had his orgasm and had cum. He then decided it was time for him to go, so he took of the condom and put his clothes back on, and was not to be seen for the rest of the night.

Another guy came by and Jen had fucked and sucked him the first time I took her there, so he walked up to her pulled out his already hard cock and she started sucking his cock. She worked on him for probably 10 minutes, but he had not cum yet. He needed to go, but h
e said he would be back, but it was very late before I saw him again. He must have told another guy outside about a white woman in the theater sucking cock, so he came in and had his cock already out and was stroking it. He said is the party over and she said no, bring that thing here, she then sucked him off (he was much quicker). He had his happy ending in probably 5 minutes. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! Central MA Fun Couple at The Art Cinema on Friday 7/17 (w/2 New Pics!)

Doc here, a man who some say worked the regional carnival circuit, giving impromptu mustache rides to members of the Ladies Auxillary, with a great Couple's Flash Report from regular contributors Central MA Fun Couple.

John & Brenda (the CMFC) visited the mighty Art Cinema Friday night 7/17, the evening before the Beach Blanket Bango Party.  That evening was a busy one, as The Good Doctor was busy working in the lobby of The Art making up the swag bags for the next night's festivities. And by the sounds of this report, it was a hot and wet night for them!

Please welcome back to The Journal, the Central MA Fun Couple!



Last Saturday night there was a Beach Party theme at the Art Theater in Hartford. Brenda and I wanted to share in the group get-together but we already had previous plans and couldn’t attend. We decided to go on Friday night so at least we could have some fun of our own.

When we arrived we headed far into the seating area and took our seats to let our eyes get adjusted to the darkness. Very quickly we could see that there was a large group of men in a circle around someone in the very front of the theater near the movie screen. Although we couldn’t see clearly what was going on, it was obvious based on our previous visits to the theater that more than likely a woman was the center of their attention and taking turns making each of them happy.

The Art Cinema
-Main Auditorium-
Not too much later another couple entered the theater and sat in the row in front of us. They were in the front row of the seating area, behind the wide aisle that separated that section from the next one closer to the movie screen. Soon several men moved toward them. A couple of them sat next to them and a couple more stood in front of them. There was a brief conversation between the men and the husband and then they all started playing with her. 

We were wondering why nobody sat next to us, but that question was quickly answered after one of them men entered our row and stood behind the other couple. One of the staff members told the man that the men were not allowed to sit or stand behind a couple. Without realizing it, once the other couple sat one row in front of us, that automatically prevented anybody from sitting next to us. Well, that wouldn’t work so we got up and sat in the same row as the other couple, just a couple seats away from them.
Central MA Fun Couple

A Journal Editorial: "Curious Ladies? Let Me Put You at Ease" by Flogbound

Doc here, a man who some say has mastered the artosculari pulcre, with a new feature here at The Journal: The Journal Editorial.
The Journal Editorial will be points of view expressed by readers of The Journal on topics germane to this thing of ours. 
I am leading off this new feature with an excellent piece written by my friend Flogbound, who is the girlfriend of Art Cinema ambassador SirJack2u (and also an Art Cinema ambassador).
This piece is written to females who may be thinking of making their first trip to The Art Cinema in Hartford, but it's advice can be taken globally as well.  Plus, it's right on point!
So let's give this new feature a test drive, shall we?  Please welcome Flogbound to The Journal with her editorial!
Curious Ladies? Let Me Put You at Ease
My boyfriend and I have reached out to invite a number of people to the ART Cinema. Invariably, most of the men respond with a resounding yes, while the women are more tentative. Let me put you at ease, ladies: You are safer at the ART than a at a local bar. If any man is rude to you, does not take “No” for an answer the first time you say it, or even approaches the “couples only” rows or balcony, security will handle them, first with a warning, and then, if necessary, by removing them (rarely needed).
Can you go to the ART and still be a “good girl”? If that’s what you want to do, of course you can! Perhaps you and your partner just want to cuddle while watching the film and the people around you. Go for it. It’s fun. If another couple approaches you, chat with them, ask questions, or, if you just want to be left alone say, “No thank you.” That’s it. However, do expect to be approached--you’re at a party after all.

Now, if you want to take a walk on the naughty side for a night, you’ll be at the right place. As long as you are being safe and sane, feel free to enjoy any or all of the treats the ART offers. For those ladies who have wondered about other women.......the ART is a safe place to explore those ideas. Where else can you go to ask strangers intimate questions and get honest answers?

They're Back! Three Hot New Videos from The A-Z Couple!

Doc here, a man who some say prowls the rooftops at night, a guardian devil, with some very good news.

Last week The Good Doctor posted three brand new videos from my good friends The A-Z Couple (out of the Hartford area). After posting, I identified a glitch in the upload, and needed to take them down to re-compress.

Well kids, that exercise is now complete, and without any further delay, they are back and better than ever, with a soundtrack recorded in Suck-Around.  

So sit back, and enjoy the return of these amazing videos from The A-Z Couple.


Exclusive! The A-Z Couple's Latest Videos!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Breaking News! The Twin Cinemas at Buford Highway in Atlanta (Doraville) CLOSED! The Full Story...

Doc here with some bad news from this thing of ours...

Last night I received a note from Journal reporter H. Houdini  that the Buford Highway Twin Cinema just outside Atlanta had closed.  I then started digging around social media, and with some of my peers in the field.

I then went through my Rolodex (for those under 40 years old, think of a paper version of your  Outlook address book), and found my contact info for the owners of the Buford Highway Twin Cinemas. I shot off a note asking to confirm the rumor, as well as some of the details surrounding the closing.

To preface their answer, I have always found the new owners of the TCBH to be nothing but kind and gracious when talking with them in the past.  However (and this is on me), I have not reached out to them in a couple years and thus lost the pulse of how things were going there.

When it comes to city politics and agendas when it comes to adult theaters, the resolution is not always a good one for this thing of ours.  And that is the case here, with the theater confirmed to be closed.

This is the nice note I received back from the owners of the TCBH:


Hello Doc,

Yes, we are closed.   We closed the place at 3pm Saturday.

The city of Doraville annexed us into their city in Janurary.  Our lawyers told us that it would be difficult to operate under their guidelines.  After some legal matters and their investigation, we just could not fight the situation any longer.  

It would have cost us a lot of money to continue and it would still be possible to lose.  Therefore, our lawyers advised us to close.  

We are looking for another location but it doesn't look like it will be soon.  We are building an email list for notification.  It is: .

We want to thank you and so many of our customers that have supported us over these many years.  The theatre has been in operation for over 35 years and will be missed by many diverse people. 

Maybe some day people can stop being moral prudes. Decisions like this weaken the First Amendment Rights for us all, and even for the prudes. 

Thank you so much !!!

Twin Cinemas at Buford Hwy.


Newspaper Ad from the Buford Twin
Doc here again... I absolutely hate being the bearer of bad news when it comes to the adult theater scene, especially the Twin Cinemas at Buford Highway.  I visited this adult theater back in 2008 on a Friday and Saturday evening, and had quite the enjoyable time both nights.

The Twin Cinemas at Buford Highway was the last Atlanta-area adult theater. It was a former Jerry Lewis Cinema, with two large auditoriums, a huge lobby, and discreet parking.  It shared it's plaza were other adult businesses, such as two strip clubs. I wonder if they are facing the same scrutiny as the TCBH had to endure?

This theater, during it's run as a non-adult theater, showed Star Wars along with other late 70's hits. It then transitioned to adult fair for the next 35 years, at least until this past Saturday afternoon. 

So what's next?  Well, if the owners of the TCBH find a different location, I will do all I can to help get the word out and promote the new venture. As long as I am wearing the aviators, mustache and white suit, that is my pledge.

And here are a few photos from my pic archive of the Twin Cinema at Buford Highway:

The Good Doctor will keep you informed on the next steps the owners of the TCBH take, and what we can to support them. Remember to get on their e-mail list at . 

I need a Bloody Mary.


Monday, July 20, 2015

Box Score! Beach Blanket Bango Party at The Art Cinema in Hartford 7/18/15

Doc here, a man who some say once threw a lobster roll through a tire 40 yards away, with the Box Score for last Saturday's record-setting Beach Blanket Bango Party at the mighty Art Cinema in Hartford.

We knew going that this was going to be a huge event, and we were spot on. The Art Was decorated to the nine with beach themes, and as the evening went on, many a guest also decorated.  In what?  Well, you'll have to wait for the reports to come in for those details...

This event was the biggest party since  2013, and it was truly a night for the ages (or the next event - Back to School Party on Saturday September 19th at 7pm). 

Here is the Box Score for Beach Blanket Bango at The Art Cinema on 7/18/15:

106 Male/Female Couples
  6 Single Females
  & Dozens of Single Guys

Now, don't you wish you were there?  

I am looking for reports from this party by singles and couples alike. Submit them to , and I will post them as quickly as possible.  First timers, remember to also submit a pen name so I can publish the reports.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Flash Report! Johnny Paradise Returns with an Instant Classic: "Have Hot Dog, Will Travel" from June, 2015

Doc here, a man who some say knows that the best teacher is experience, with what just may be one of the best adult theater reports to come across my desk in the 6 years I have edited this blog.

It's good to have Johnny Paradise back in the fold here at the Journal, located in The Valley, near the small women's liberal arts college.   His reports never fail to take you places.  Not only the places within this thing of ours, but the sights, the sounds, & even the smells.

In this report, Johnny has hit the highway, and landed at a familiar haunt.  Luckily for all of us, it was a target-rich environment that he will tell us all about.

Take it away, sir.


or An Evening Spent at A Certain Cinematheque of Ill Repute in the Great Midwest

So, suddenly I wanted an Hungarian hot dog.

 It was as simple as that. Nothing else would do, and in the hierarchy of impulsive culinary predilections, the visceral need for this unique staple of a certain city's cuisine is justifiably near the top, and if you've had it you know why. 

Saturday had been a perfectly imperfect cold June day in Detroit - no sun, no baseball, no summer, just unstoppable precipitation on wind-swept streets, gray sky, gray pavement, gray everything everywhere and through the window the almost-bitter breeze carrying rain-soaked whispers to just set it all down and GO... I rang Lola who, if anything, had been even busier and more consumed by responsibility lately than I had and I suggested the improbable plan but she had promises to keep and miles to go before etc. etc. so I jumped in the Black Beauty and rocketed down the wonderland that was an interstate to...

(flash flood forward)

* one original with mustard, sauce, and onions
* chili mac on the side
* a cola

Journal Astronomy Update: Pluto Flyby Yields Unexpected Images

Doc here, a man who some say would chase Kirk round the Moons of Nibia and round the Antares Maelstrom and round Perdition's flames before giving him up, with a Journal Astronomy Update. 

The New Horizons mission to Pluto has given us some spectacular photos as it flies by this dwarf-planet. However, last night, the most surprising images to date were transmitted.

I have no explanation for this...But my friends & colleagues here at the Journal, namely Jean & Scott and MajorVoyeur, have other ideas.

I think it's only a dwarf-Lizardo?

Just goes to show how far this Man & his Mustache will go to cover 'This Thing of Ours''.

More images forthcoming as they transmit to ground control.


Monday, July 13, 2015

Box Score! The Summer Lingerie Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on 7/11/15

Doc here, a man who some say can dance, puts on his red shoes and dances the blues, with the Box Score from this past Saturday night's HUGE Summer Lingerie Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago.

This was a big one folks, and the lust in the air was thick enough to cut with a vibrating egg.  

There were a lot of first timers attending, and from what I could see, all were having a pretty amazing time!

And the outfits...Jesus tap-dancing Christ, were spectacular!  

Here is your Box Score from the Summer Lingerie Party at 15th Ave. in Chicago:


Thank you to everyone who came/attended the event!  It was an honor hosting you, and cannot wait to see you on Saturday August 22nd for the Back to School Party.


Saturday, July 11, 2015

Visit Announcement! The Sexual Athletes at The Art Cinema in Hartford TONIGHT (7/11) at 7PM!

Doc here, a man who some say grew up in the city. A city of crime, of lust, of desire...There are 8 million stories in the naked city, and this is one of them.

Tonight at 7pm at the mighty Art Cinema in Hartford, CT, my good friends The Sexual Athletes will be dropping trou by for a visit that will include film appreciation and maybe some group therapy.

Regular readers of The Journal know of the legendary Mrs. Sexual Athlete... She is insatiable and undeniable.  Here are a few visual reminders of what is in store tonight at The Art Cinema (click the thumbnails to ENLARGE):

So kids, pop by The Art Cinema tonight around 7pm, and tell The Sexual Athletes that "Doc sent me!"