Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Flash Report! The Watchman Hits the Downtown Adult Cinema in Akron, Ohio

Doc here, a man who some say raced competitive dragon boats, which was a challenge since he grew up in the inner city, with a terrific Flash Report for you. First time contributor, The Watchman, has submitted a report from Akron's Downtown Adult Cinema, and it's the best one I have received from there in many moons.

Since this theater is one of the few I have not ever visited, so any intel on this place is most welcome and The Watchman delivered.

Please welcome to The Journal...The Watchman!



Long time reader and first time reporter. Had to be in Northeast Ohio for business and checked out two places for this thing of ours. First, I contacted Summit News in Warren only to find out that the theater continues to be closed. Booths are open but the theater remains closed. 

With nowhere else to go I dropped by on Friday and Saturday at the Downtown Adult Cinema in Akron. Lots of activity though largely relegated to gay or bi activity (not my thing). However, there were some very interesting couples that came through on both nights. 

One guy appeared to have a young girl he was hoping to introduce to the lifestyle. They spent a long time just sitting and watching the movie without any contact or action. However, he persuaded her to go with him to the room behind the screen (a unique feature of this place is the space behind the screen that is used for explicit sexual activity by all - no place to sit and a crowded space, but it did produce some interesting action). 

They kissed, he caressed, she stroked his manhood, and then he pulled down her shorts. This was an open invitation to grab some of her lovely and firm backside - I took advantage. Had a great time playing with her backside and moved to her sweet honey spot before the guy next to me tried to lay his thing on her ass. She said she had enough and they returned to their seat. So close, but it was a great ass grab.

Another mature couple arrived and she did a group of several guys laying on the steps that lead up to an emergency exit platform that overlooks the theater area. Couldn't get in line quick enough but she was very experienced at this thing of ours and they had a great time with those who got in line first. They left way too quickly, but the show was entertaining as she sucked and got laid by her guy and several other patrons. She was a little older but really hot.

Another couple came in, sat in the front row. She was wearing a skirt and it didn't take long for someone to park himself in front of her and go down on her lovely pussy. It was a train in the making. Now, her guy also had someone go down on him and it was a bisexual feast. They moved to the room behind the screen and she offered guys to play with her, screw her, or anything else they might want to do (as long as you were gentle, she didn't mind). She got fucked by her guy several times and by others as well. However, if you got in there close, he was libel to grope you. I felt her up a bit and moved off when he wanted to take me. Again, not my thing. She was young, blonde, great body, sexually adventuresome, a moaner, and got off watching other men suck off her guy (she would join in on sucking the member with her guy). Again, not my thing.

All in all Doc, an interesting place on the weekend. Several other couples came and went during the evening with lots of sexual activity taking place. This place could become an alternative to the Summit if couples start showing up frequently. Hope it happens, as I get to Northeast Ohio several times a year. Place is fairly clean and the theater is large and cheap ($11.00 in and out as much as you want as long as you check with the attendant).

~The Watchman~


Doc here again... Many thanks to The Watchman for a solid first time report here at The Journal.  Consider your cherry popped, and welcome to the jungle.  Keep the reports coming, sir!