Thursday, May 24, 2012

A New Call For Reports!

Doc here, shining the Batsignal back up against the skies of The Valley near the small women's liberal arts college (Go Spinners!).

Yes, once again, The Good Doctor's in-box has been emptied of all reports.  The well is dry my friends, and I'm looking for you to fill that well back up with Flash Reports, Field Reports, or Blast From The Past Reports.

The past two weeks saw many first time reporters submit some fantastic reports. The efforts of CTFireGuy, Calico Jack, & Szabo were dynamite, and I can't wait for more from this new wave of reporters.  If you ever thought about submitting a report, but have not as of yet, this is a great time to do so.  Just provide The Good Doctor with a pen name to use for your reports, and type up your observations.  I will edit, format, drop in a pic or two, and best of all, you get the byline.

Senior reporters... It's time to answer the bell.  Right now, only JaxBchBum has a valid excuse for not submitting a report, as he is out of the country for another month.  May is a great time of year for this thing of ours, and we need your reports.  The action has been terrific at Berlin News Agency in NJ, 15th Avenue in Melrose Park, IL, The Paris and Oregon Theaters in Portland, OR, The Lido in Dallas and of course, The Art Cinema in Hartford. Let's read what you saw...

Send your reports to me directly at I'll take it from there...

Thanks again to you, the good readers of the #1 source for information on this thing of ours.


Flash Report! Trucker Tony Checks In From The Road

Doc here with a Flash Report from our good friend, Trucker Tony.  On his latest adventure, traversing one of the fly-over states, he found a little Show Me...

Here is Trucker Tony...


Hey Doc,

It has way too long since I have anything to report. Seems every time I go somewhere, no action at all. Well, that changed this past Saturday night, and in a place I have not seen any couples for a long, long time.

If you are familiar with the Show Me State, you know where I am talking about. Seems the do-gooders have done a lot to clamp down this thing of ours, and where we do it at. So, I arrive at about 21:30 on Saturday night. Biggest draw for me, being a commodities relocation expert, is where to park at the end of a long day.75 feet ain't easy to park.

Anyway,  I go inside, talk to the clerk for a few, pay my fee, & o inside knowing there is nothing going on. After a few, I walk outside, and low and behold, a couple had just driven up. Now, I am not gonna waste anytime about what he looked like (who fricken cares). She on the other hand was a genuine MILF. 5'10 in her fuck me heels.Wow!

They looked around the store for a few, and I am doing my best to not make a fool of myself. I even went outside to let them get comfy inside. I walk back, and the clerk says they just went into the theater. Yippee!

After a few minutes of watching the lame ass movie, I thought all was lost. They get up and look like they are leaving. They stopped at one of the side rooms, and I make my way towards the exit. I casually mention to them about the arcade, "a bit more privacy". He asks about police busts, and I mention that out in the country, the law has more important things to worry about.

He just wants to fuck his (did i say beautiful wife). They go back into the theater, and it did not take them long to get going.When she pulled off her top, I almost came right then, and what lovely tits. And could not tell if they were real. She even let me play with them, and I still could not tell.

To bring this to a close, he fucked her 9 ways to Sunday. After jacking off twice, I had to leave, as this was way too much excitement for me.They couldn't have stayed long, cause as we know, in "Missery", they have to close by midnight.

So, yes, even in the bible-ruled state of "Missery", there is action to be viewed (or had).

Good luck to all my fellow pervs in this thing of ours.
Yours truly,
Trucker Tony

PS. Oh did I mention, she was bee-a-you-t-ful?

Thanks again to Trucker Tony, and his latest dispatch back to the newsroom here at The Journal.  Keep up the great work sir.