Thursday, May 2, 2013

Flash Reports! The Traveling Man Hits BNA & The Green Door in Bethlehem, PA

Doc here with a terrific set of Flash Reports from senior reporter, The Traveling Man.

Take it away, sir!


Flash Reports from The Traveling Man

Sunday night, April 28th, found The Traveling Man near the Pembroke Theater, in Bethlehem, PA. I've been looking forward to this visit, as when I am normally in this general area of the country, I tend to visit the Berlin News Agency in Berlin, NJ. Unfortunately, I have nothing to report from Pembroke/The Green Door. Total sausage fest, mostly of some confused but mostly convinced people of the happy persuasion. 

I was told by one of the clerks that a real hot blonde, part of a mid 20's couple was in earlier that afternoon. But I'm not so sure he was only telling me what I wanted to hear. I stayed from 4:30pm until 9:30pm, sticking it out like a trooper (pun intended) in the hopes a couple (male/female couple) would show up. Alas, it was not meant to be. I could have gone to BNA, and there was a flag that a couple or single girl was in during the time I was at Pembroke.....but that is 2 hours away, so it was not going to happen.

Berlin News Agency
Berlin, NJ
Tonight, Monday the 29th, I was trying to finish up business, as a flag stated a single female was at BNA around 4:30pm. I couldn't get there n time, but heard it was a single black female who is a regular. Not sure if or how much she played. By the time I arrived, it was about 8pm, and I found a late 40's white couple in the far right hand quadrant in the back. She was in the corner, with her man next to her, and he was openly stroking. She had long hair and was showing a good portion of healthy cleavage from her blouse. 

All the guys were sitting on the surrounding benches and standing around the perimeter walls with cocks in hand. She was getting excited, and bent down and started sucking on her man. One guy was standing next to her hoping to get some action, but her man pointed to another, who stepped up to the plate and fed her some Berlin sausage. She was like the Energizer Bunny, but he either couldn't stay hard, or couldn't come, and when she sat back up to take a breath, he backed away and made room for another batter.  

The Traveling Man moved to the warm up box, stroking while watching the lady strip and then mount her man in the cowgirl position. That proved a little uncomfortable, so he laid her down on the round table in the middle of the cubicle, and started fucking her in the missionary position with her legs on his shoulders. The Traveling Man was right there, in position, so the lady reaches over and starts rubbing my swollen balls and stroking my cock. I casually mentioned that if she were to slide on over, I could feed her my Italian sausage...

She liked that idea, so she shifted over, and started sucking and licking my cock until I was ready to blow. The rules were, no cumming in her mouth, or on her, so after fair warning to the other shooters priming their pistols, I pulled away, pulled back,
and made Jackson Pollock proud.   

I thanked the lady, offered to get her some water, which she declined, and headed back to my hotel. I think I was in and out in under 20 minutes, vs. 5 hours at Pembroke with nothing to show but blue balls.

Ah, this thing of ours. Life is like a box of chocolates...

The Traveling Man


Doc here again... Thanks to The Traveling Man for another outstanding report from this thing of ours. And how can you not love a Jackson Pollock reference in a Flash Report? Keep up your fine work, sir.


Couple's Flash Report! K&S Cummin at Berlin News Agency on Saturday 4/27

Doc here with a great Couple's Flash Report from regular contributors K&S Cummin.

This report covers their visit last Saturday night to the terrific Berlin News Agency, and their naughty adventures there that night.
Enjoy the report!
Hi Doc,
“K&S Cummin” for a report from last Saturday evening at Berlin News Agency. We arrived at 9pm and found the place packed with approx. 50 guys and not one female in the room. Since ”S”(my lady) is quite shy, we just sat and waited for some action to start once some other couples arrived. The pack gathered around us at first but then lost interest as we didn’t play. We would move around a little to see if anything was going on even with the male population as we enjoy all types of interaction very much.
After 2 hrs. The couple I wrote about a month ago who “snowballed”  guys showed up and immediately went to town satisfying each other and the pack. Now “S” wanted to watch because that gets her motor running.

During the 2hrs we were being patient a young stud with a “Phillies” cap kept eyeing “S” and she right back at him. Now since I love to watch guys hit on ”S” and stroke to my lady, I motioned for “Phillies” cap to stand next to “S” and keep her company. After a while I could see the hands wondering and knew it wouldn’t be long for “S” to take this fellow to a secluded area and do what she does best.

Berlin News Agency
Berlin, NJ
Meanwhile I wondered around as still another couple arrived and had 4 guys servicing her real quick. I fingered her while I stroked myself and enjoyed the scene. I was really turned on and needed to be deep inside someone so I found “S” and immediate started pounding her.
By this time there were at least 10 hard cocks around us stroking hard. Like the nice guys they are they asked if they could touch “S”. She said “yes” and all the sudden it was hot and wet.
I fucked her a while, then she asked “Phillies” cap to fuck her which he did and left a nice load for her. She then asked all the guys to shoot on her and she took at least half dozen loads on her tits.
Since we were last at BNA, “S” has talked about this one guy who I will call “R” that had wanted to get together with her when we were there about a month ago on St Patty’s Day. They never hooked up that night for whatever reason, but it was obvious they wanted to. She did hook up with his friend who I will call “A” which you can read about in my report of BNA part #1 St Patty’s day party.

So anyway “S” spots “R” and says a very sexy hello and it was quite obvious they were hungry for each other as she couldn’t get his dick in her mouth fast enough. So as guys are leaving their loads on her tits she is devouring “R”. Meanwhile I am playing with a few guys (I am bi and “S” gets off watching) and getting extremely turned on. So this play goes on for about 45 minutes and the room clears out as all of the guys around “S” are drained and she needs a break.
Berlin News Agency
Main Theater
We head back to the “Snowballing” couple and they have just about drained there group of hot horny studs as well. With the couple laying down next to each other myself and another guy shoot our loads into both the couples mouths as they shared our loads with each other. Fucking hot to say the least.

Afterwards, about 6 guys and us 2 couples sat around talking. We talked about your blog Doctor, and all the places we have played and why we like “this thing of ours”. The other couple had read my report on the St Patty’s Party on your blog and wondered where the Part #2 was. I explained to them that I had a major medical issue that prevented me from writing the part #2. I just wasn’t up to it til recently which is why my lady and I headed back to BNA.
Eventually, we left BNA and were heading home when we road past another theater the others had told us about so we did a U-turn and visited this place called the Red Barn. They were having “Tranny Night”. It was hot and exciting as both “S” and “I” love she males and CD’s. We ended up hooking up  with “L” who was experiencing her first night dressed up. She was stunning and passed very well for a young hot lady. She also wanted to experience a woman for the first time.

Berlin News Agency
Booth Area
Well “S” couldn’t pass that up so in she went. Literally. There was a guy who we had played with at BNA that had ventured over as well. I’ll call him “thick” because he was. He filled up “S” and quickly blew his load. “L” was so excited to be doing a woman and being dressed up she was just plain giddy. The entire place was active and smoking hot.

Overall a great night for us and we hope we can go back. We are moving back down to the Deep South in a couple weeks, so visits to BNA will be scarce. To “A” and “R” I wish we had your contact info cause “S” wants you both there the next time we visit BNA.
So Doc, that’s what we did last Saturday night. We love BNA and the staff. They make sure we are comfortable and hydrated. Great crew. “S” and “I” are taking a New England vacation in late May and early June and we are hoping to get close enough to BNA. The Art Cinema is already on the route to travel to, so the next report will probably be from there.

Bye fromK&S Cummin


Doc here again... Many thanks to K&S Cummin for another action packed report from this thing of ours and the terrific Berlin News Agency. We are glad you are feeling better K, and that you and S are back in the game.

I got a huge smile on my face as K&S were relating the fact they were discussing The Journal with another couple @ BNA, and that the other couple read about K&S's exploits. That is EXACTLY one of my main objectives here @ The Journal: The provide a forum for couples to read about and help facilitate visits to adult theaters across the country.  I am very glad I could help the cause!