Monday, September 14, 2015

Field Report! Hugh Johnson on a New LA Adult Theater! Romantix near Dodger Stadium!

Doc here, a man who some say once dressed as Spiderman on Hollywood Blvd., but was thrown out since Spiderman apparently doesn't have an Italian accent, with a Field Report from the City of Angels.

New contributor Hugh Johnson has submitted a nice Field Report on this good news from LA.

Take it away, sir!



Romantix, a chain I am sure you are familiar with for their adult sex shops and video arcades, has taken over what used to be Le Sex Shop in the Glassell Park/Atwater Village part of Los Angeles. The actual address is 3147 N San Fernando Rd 90065, and it is very near to Dodger Stadium. This location not only features the 1 man video booths (no holes, all separate), 2 or 3 person preview booths (not sure how much play they tolerate there, but they are definitely sized for 2 or more patrons), and 2 "theaters".
Los Angeles, CA

These theaters are about the size of a nice living room, with 6 loose chairs, a couch that can seat 3, and what must be meant as some sort of privacy booth in back. The walls are all black and it is dark. There is a bigger than 65" HD flat screen on one wall, and there is 1 straight and 1 gay porn theater.