Monday, September 14, 2015

Field Report! Hugh Johnson on a New LA Adult Theater! Romantix near Dodger Stadium!

Doc here, a man who some say once dressed as Spiderman on Hollywood Blvd., but was thrown out since Spiderman apparently doesn't have an Italian accent, with a Field Report from the City of Angels.

New contributor Hugh Johnson has submitted a nice Field Report on this good news from LA.

Take it away, sir!



Romantix, a chain I am sure you are familiar with for their adult sex shops and video arcades, has taken over what used to be Le Sex Shop in the Glassell Park/Atwater Village part of Los Angeles. The actual address is 3147 N San Fernando Rd 90065, and it is very near to Dodger Stadium. This location not only features the 1 man video booths (no holes, all separate), 2 or 3 person preview booths (not sure how much play they tolerate there, but they are definitely sized for 2 or more patrons), and 2 "theaters".
Los Angeles, CA

These theaters are about the size of a nice living room, with 6 loose chairs, a couch that can seat 3, and what must be meant as some sort of privacy booth in back. The walls are all black and it is dark. There is a bigger than 65" HD flat screen on one wall, and there is 1 straight and 1 gay porn theater.

I really don't know how much action the theaters see. You pay $12 for 24 hours of access (plus a $1 re-admission fee if you leave the building) and can go in either theater for the whole 24. You must be buzzed in, as the door to the room is locked from inside. The staff will occasionally poke their head in for some reason (showing a new patron the lay of the land?) but I was told by another patron there that the manager makes it a point to jingle his keys and doesn't open the door too quickly.

I was there on a Friday afternoon, before work let out, and there were 4 guys in there, and no one was being shy about enjoying the movie. I really think it is just a little burst of popularity in the right circles away from being the best place like this to play in the L.A. metro area.



Doc here again... Many thanks to Hugh Johnson for an excellent Field Report and the good news for our LA readership.  Well done, sir.