Monday, March 11, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! Hawaiian Eyeful at Club Sesso in Portland, OR with 7 New Pics!

Doc here... With each new Hawaiian Eyeful report that comes across my desk here at The Journal, they share one thing in particular: Each report is better than the last one, and is a page-turner.

Case in point is the following Couple's Flash Report from Ms. Eyeful. It's nothing short of amazing. Great exposition, rich details, and an insight into her sexual state of mind at the time. 

Enjoy this report along with the brand spanking new pics of the insatiable Hawaiian Eyeful.  Please remember to click on the thumbnails as the original images are hi-res and should be enjoyed in all their Hawaiian glory.


Hi Doc,

We began our weekend visiting Ron Jeremy’s Club Sessos as it was “Gang Bang” night. I thought an unusual theme for a Friday night as normally they are held on Thursday, but heck, why should I care? 

As we entered the club, we noticed more couples than usual already in attendance. This had me concerned as I was looking forward to enjoying the men of the club. We made our way up the stairs watching from the balcony the interaction between couples as well as those patrons entering. We already had an agenda and knew what we wanted so we made our way to the couches close to the strip pole to stake our place.  
The Real Hawaiian Eyeful
As we settled down, one guy in particular who had been watching us since we first entered made his way onto the adjoining couch. We all continued to observe what was going on below and before I knew it we were conversing with him. I didn’t catch his name, but before we got too far into our conversations he asked me, “Are you the “Hawaiian Eyeful”?   I have read about you through Brentstheatertails” Boy, if that didn’t catch me by surprise! A little embarrassed, I nodded my head in the affirmative and smiled.

As my man began unzipping my dress to expose one of my better assets, he asked the man if he would like to join us on our couch to partake. There was no hesitation on his part and I found him sitting beside me in no time. As each of the men began sucking my breasts, I pulled up my dress and began fingering my pussy. I don’t know where they came from but before I knew it there was a crowd of men gathered around to watch. One man came forward, knelt down to my pussy and asked if he could lick me out. “Definitely”, I replied. We only lasted only a few minutes playing on the couch before my man announced we were going to the fishbowl room and that those who wanted to participate could. 

My pussy was wet and now throbbing for want - couldn’t wait to be fucked. As I continued to play with my double dd’s, the guys put on their condoms. Starting out missionary style, I was able to enjoy at least 4 cocks at a time; one in mouth, one in each hand and one in my tight pussy. As I was being pounded by his hard cock, I could feel myself ready to enjoy the first of many orgasms. I am not sure who came first, he or I. The only thing I remember was his thrusts got deeper and deeper as he could feel his load preparing for release.   
After his release, he dismounted me and the guy that I had been sucking thrusted his cock into my pussy. It was almost like an assembly line had been formed. This continued on for at least 5 rounds before I requested a short break. During those few short minutes, I took in my surroundings a bit better and was quite surprised to see who was gathered around and watching. There were many couples as well as men. 

One couple in particular I had noticed a bit earlier was at the foot of the bed fondling each other. As I caught both their eyes, I could see the smiles in their eyes. My man asked if they would like to join us, but they both weren’t quite ready to partake. I found myself later being finger fucked by him, as his wife sucked his cock. In just a few short minutes, I was squirting all over his hand.

 I repositioned myself into a doggy style position and began enjoying the next few men pounding me from behind as well as sucking a cock in my mouth. There were times that I could just go from cock to cock sucking as each man continued to fuck me. Knowing I wasn’t going to last much longer in that position, I flipped onto my back so the guys could now do the work (LOL). Still enjoying cocks in my mouth, and having someone on top of me, others began to release their warm loads of cum onto my breasts.

Whether it was a cock in my pussy, a tongue enjoying my sweet tasting pussy, or a finger or two; finger fucking me, my screams of sexual satisfaction couldn’t be missed by the gathered crowds as I squirted on many cocks, mouths and fingers.

Exhausted, we got dressed and went downstairs to replenish our body with food and drink with the thought of the possibility of going another round. As we mingled with the crowd, I was surprised how many men and couples came up to us and expressed their positive thoughts on the exhibition they had just witnessed both then and in the past with our last visit being on Mardi Gras Night. I had even one woman comment on recognizing me by my heels I was wearing. If that’s not a woman for you I don’t know what is :)

As we made our way back up the stairs we headed back to the area of the balcony. We noticed that the couple that was at the foot of our bed earlier was seated on the adjoining couch where we had been earlier. He motioned for us to sit, so we did. He placed his hand on my leg and began to make his way up towards my pussy. His wife in the meantime was showing us some of her skills of pole dancing; being very provocative as she seduced her husband. As she continued to dance, she leaned forward and bent down to suck his cock. A crowd had now gathered, watching and waiting with the hopes of some men being asked to participate.  

 As my double d’s were exposed, twisted by my man and my pussy still being finger fucked by her husband, I felt myself squirting once again. One brave man knelt down, asked if he could lick out my pussy and began his magic with his tongue. He licked, sucked and drank all my wetness till it was gone. 

As I continued to be pleasured, the woman had now mounted her husband and was grinding away on his cock. She than leaned forward and asked if she could enjoy my pussy. I don’t often partake with women, but gave my consent. She began to finger fuck me and as I was enjoying the pleasure I watched her eyes as she realized I was about to cum again. She had a big smile on her as I began squirting on her hand. She than knelt down and licked me out. There is a definite different feeling of pleasure when a woman’s mouth is on your clit. I felt exhilarated!

As my body began to fade, we thanked the couple and began to make our way down the stairs. We were once again stopped by many expressing their thanks for making their night memorable. It just confirmed to me that many do not need to be an active participate in what we call “this thing of ours”. Is it the many voyeurs or the many participants that makes our world what it is? Or is it the combination of both?

The Hawaiian Eyeful


Doc here again... Wow.

Many, many thanks to the beautiful Hawaiian Eyeful and her report.  This is a classic report, and one that will not fade from memory anytime soon.

And, from I hear, there are more on the way VERY SOON.