Monday, April 4, 2011

Flash Report: The Captain Returns to The Art Cinema in Hartford

Doc here with the return of that crusty old seadog, The Captain, and Part 2 of his nefarious adventures in Hartford, CT at the Art Cinema. Aside from being an excellent seafarer, The Captain is also an excellent dancer.  How do I know this?  Well, The Good Doctor has moles planted in every adult theater port o' call in the good old USA. 

Enjoy the seaworthy and solid work of The Captain...


Ahoy Good Dr!

This part 2 of the report on my visit to the Art Cinema in Hartford CT. (I had incorrectly listed the name as "Art's Cinema" in part 1).
After my Saturday evening adventure at The Art, I headed out for some live music and to find some friendly locals to help me hoist the party flag. You'll notice the party flag has 2 drinks embroidered - it's a true social faux paux to attempt to hoist it yourself.

I managed to row my dinghy over to a BBQ & Blues place where I was able to meet and greet with the locals. While at the bar that night I met "The Twins". When they saw the size of my dinghy they just had to come see the Wally Power Yacht, where I of course granted them permission to cum aboard. I always keep a picture of the Wally right next to my Magnum brand overnight supplies in my wallet.

I was coherent enough the night before to arrange a cab for my party guests for the next morning and I was awoken to the sound of a beeping horn in the distance about 8am. "The Twins" (yep, all 3 of them) got their stuff together and we said our bon voyages.

Anyway on to my report - a couple breakfast burritos and some strong coffee and I was off the movies around 1pm. The Captian always checks the radar (a.k.a craigslist) before heading out and Friday had scouted a posting for a couple seeking to take on all cummers from 2 - 3:30pm Sunday at The Art. 

The couple arrived right on time. He was as tall as Bull, the court clerk on Night Court (he was a good looking man with a shaved head and goatee), and she was built like Jessica Simpson after she divorced Nick - this was well worth the trip! She quickly proceeded to take on all cummers - giving each one on oneattention - this performance was a real treat.

The Real Jessica Simpson
The Captain took his turns getting a bj and doing her doggy style, covered. She was open to bare or covered play. No backdoor action was allowed. There were about 20 guys that came and went during her stay. After she left it was a pretty quiet Sunday evening.

One thing I'd like to really commend The Art on is, right after the couple left, someone came out and swept up the play area, removing any wrappers and etc. left over. This was a sight to be seen - someone CLEANING in an adult theater. The Captain gives two thumbs up and a blast of the fog horn to The Art - they treat couples right!

During the early action another newbie couple came in and went up to the balcony, where a single guy made the mistake of following them. This spooked them and they quickly left and the not-so-gentleman's admission was revoked immediately by the clerk.

The Captain has to return to his regular day job of piloting yachts for the rich and famous up and down the eastern seaboard, but will telegraph in a report as soon as he gets his next shoreleave!

The Captain
The Wally Power Yacht
(with Kung Fu Grip)


Doc here again... It certainly looks like the next cruise The Good Doctor books will be to Hartford and The Art Cinema.  Screw the Caribbean. I will take Jessica, in the theater, with the lead pipe.

Do you have an adult theater report (past or present, your choice) that you'd like to see on the pages of The Journal of Adult Theaters?  Just e-mail your favorite Doctor at That's what The Captain did on his first report, and look at him now. He pilots a yacht.