Monday, July 1, 2013

Flash Report! Brent from Portland Reports on Saturday Night at The Paris Theatre

Doc here with a Flash Report from our good friend Brent in Portland. Last night was a busy one at The Paris Theatre in downtown Portland, and Brent was there to capture and comment on the scene.

This report might have a working title of "The Gang Who Couldn't Shoot Straight".

Here we go...


The lady who I've described as resembling Carly Simon ( a bit of a stretch) was at The Paris Theatre last night (6/29). I didn't see her at first because she was swarmed by a group of guys, who were caressing her long smooth sexy legs, licking and kissing her big, beautiful, breasts and being jacked off by her smooth, strong hands.

Her husband finally lifted her up and took her to The Annex and he got up on the exam table. She leaned over and started to blow him. Her shapely ass and wet pussy were inches from a hard cock. But it had been established earlier, no touching her pussy, so the guys were content to caress her body every where but where they really wanted to. Then she got up on the exam table and reached out with both hands for hard cocks to play with while her husband went down on her and licked and sucked on her pussy until she had an orgasm. Then he lay her on The Annex bench and fucked her while two or three men stood over her and jacked off.

It was a very hot scene marred only by a misdirected money shot by an inconsiderate lout that landed in her hair and face. A definite no-no. That's when the action stopped and she made it clear that " I love come, but not there." After cleaning up they left.

I'm pretty sure they will be back. After all, she and her man have been coming to Portland's adult theaters, off and on, through out the years. She gets a little more daring and goes a little further every time she comes in.


Doc here again... Many thank to my good friend Brent for another great report!  No one does it better than Brent when it comes to adult theater reporting, and it's a privilege to re-publish his reports from his awesome Yahoo Group.

And this goes out to Quick Draw McGraw who went for Carly's face and hair... What's the matter with you? I hope for your sake someone pulls you aside and informs you on the rules of the road when it comes to adult theaters. Nice going, lout.


Flash Report! floyd Hits The Paris Theatre in Portland on 6/26/13

Doc here with a terrific daytime Flash Report from senior reporter Floyd. His port of call is Portland's Paris Theatre, and the daytime scene is his beat.

And once again he hits it out of the park.

Take it away, sir.


A Daytime Beauty Visits the Paris


Here's a quick report from 6/26's daytime action. The Red Flag flew at 3:21, and your faithful scribe was on his way in a flash!

They were a couple that neither I nor another daytime regular had see in the
theater before. He was a tall, slim, bearded guy with a knit cap. She was
simply gorgeous, with shoulder length dark brown hair framing a beautiful face,
near perfect tits with big nipples, and a tiny firm ass to die for. Add a cute
little pussy with a nice little brown bush and you've got one of the nicest
packages this reporter has seen in a long time. When I arrived, they had only
been there about ten minutes. She was wearing a tight blue knit dress, and
sitting in a theater chair in the couples annex with her legs in the air and her
panties on the floor. A slim hispanic dude knelt in front of her with his pants
down, fucking her hard. They obviously had wasted no time!

After him came a big black guy with a huge cock. He fucked her slowly in that
same position for about two minutes while she stroked her husband's hard cock in
the next seat. When BBC moved away, she got on her knees and sucked hubby, which
gave the 14 or so onlookers a spectacular view of her perfect ass.

Next he put her on the exam table on her back and fucked her, with her getting
really aroused judging from her sweet fuck noises. The Daytime Regular pounded
her, then hubby again, with multiple hands and mouths on her bared tits.. At
this point he turned her over on her hands and knees and did her doggie, which
was awesome!

By the time they left at 4:05, she had fucked five guys not counting her
husband, who fucked her for about five minutes in between each of the other

An incredible afternoon at the Paris, and one beautiful theater lady!


Doc here again... Many thanks to Floyd for another great report from The Paris in Portland, OR. I'm glad the public transit God's were with you this day and you got down there as quickly as you could.


Flash Report! Paul from The Berlin News Agency - Weekend Report (w/PICS!)

Doc here with a special treat for you, the good readers of The Journal. 

Regular readers of The Journal know that one of the top 3 adult theaters in the country is the terrific Berlin News Agency in Berlin, NJ. The sheer number of couples that frequent BNA is staggering, and this weekend was no different.  Between Friday and Saturday, Berlin News Agency welcomed 22 couples/single females through their doors.  In this thing of ours, that is A LOT!

Paul, who is my contact at BNA, was kind enough to send me an e-mail earlier today with an update on just how crazy Saturday night was at the store:


Hi Doc,

Thanks for the shout out - you are the best. I just wanted to let you know every couple on Saturday was playing. Here are some of the pics of the hot couples that played on Saturday.

They come in and ask for the famous Berlin News Picture of Paul (I am the bald guy) and Frank.

As you can see, I love my job!  lol

The Famous Berlin News Pictures of Paul (& Frank) from Saturday Night 6/29/13
(Click to ENLARGE Thumbnails)



Doc here again... Now who has a better job than Paul?  No one.  Many thanks to Paul and the crew at Berlin News Agency, a theater/ABS I cannot recommend high enough!

As a matter of fact, a regular weekly report from Paul and the BNA crew will be a new feature here at The Journal in the coming days...  I will keep you updated on when the first one will hit, and what it will be called. Something tells me it will a home run!