Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Field Report! 2004 Theater & Bookstore, Lexington KY by Unbelheathen

Doc here, a man who some say once ran a head to head foot race with a cheetah, losing badly. 

The Good Doctor has had over 200 unique contributors submit reports to The Journal over it's 8+ year life. Some are regulars. Some are infrequent.  Others are one and done. And then there are the reporters than disappear for years, only to re-appear when several years have elapsed.   That is the case with Unbelheathen

Unbelheathen has submitted a Field Report on 2004 Theater & Bookstore in Lexington, KY.  It's a solid update on this location, as reports are few and far between from KY.

Take it away, Unbelheathen.



Stopped in hoping for an after-work crowd on a recent Wednesday at about 5:30 and stayed until about 7:45. No couples, and the theaters were populated only by a few sleeping elderly gents, probably hoping for the future.

The booth area, by contrast, was hopping. All but the booths closest to the entry have gloryholes, and there was a steady rotation and cruise around. Mostly gay, but there was a unicorn - a solo young woman, cruising and waiting like the rest of us. My hopes were raised and dashed - she was in a booth with door unlocked, but waved me off as I entered. I complied politely, of course.

Updated 2/8/17! Breaking News! The Westwood Theater in Toledo Closed - To Re-Open (eventually) with New Owners

Updated Wednesday 2/8/17 at 12:15am: Doc here with quick update on this post. Journal reporter Smoke drove by The Westwood today, and it was locked up and dark. He also took an exterior pic of The Westwood, and just as fellow reporter Mr. Glass stated, all signage has been painted over with no more Pleasure 365 branding anywhere to be seen. 
Photo Credit: "Smoke"
Whenever I get more intel on the next chapter for The Westwood Theatre, I will have it up on The Journal as soon as I can. 


Updated Saturday 2/4/17 at 9pm:  Doc here with an almost- final update on this past week's closing of The Westwood Theater in Toledo.