Saturday, March 19, 2016

Flash Report! Rick in Seattle and First His Gemini Experience at The Paris Theatre in Portland on 3/12/16

Doc here, a man who some say once ran the third largest Fresca distributorship in Stogotz County (near the state line), with a terrific Flash Report starring my good friend, the amazing Gemini.

2nd time contributor Rick in Seattle saw that one f the legends of the Seattle adult theater scene, Gemini, was going to stop by The Paris Theatre in Portland for a visit last weekend, and he decided to meat meet her. And did he ever.

So as with all things Gemini, pop open a cold can of Fresca and enjoy this Gemini-centric report from Rick in Seattle.

Take it away, sir.


Hey Doc, this is Rick up in Seattle. 

I posted once a few years back about the Seattle scene and play spots in the area as well of one of my encounters. Well this encounter was with Gemini at the Paris Theater. 

I just happened to be in the Portland area and saw a post in Brent's site that Gemini was coming on a Saturday about 4:00 pm. I decided I was going to get there early not to miss her. I have never met Gemini, but really like all her hot stories and her love of this thing of ours. So I waited until she showed up. 

The Real Gemini
The theater was pretty quiet. About 10 other guys. Gemini's other half J came in first and kind of looked around, scoping out the scene. He then stepped out and Gemini came in and sat all alone in the couples section. Myself as well of a couple of other guys walked up to the railing area. 

Giving Gemini her space but being polite ,I said hello and asked her if she was Gemini. She smiled and said yes and I told her I really liked her stories and was eager to meet her. She smiled again and we chit-chatted. She then came up to the railing so we could speak some more. 

Gemini had a nice low cut pretty top on. I told her I liked her top and she kind of moved a little closer to me. I asked if it was OK if I touched and she said yes. I started to rub and feel her, and I pulled both of her breasts out so everyone could see them. Then I started to suck and kiss one breast as my hand felt the other. Someone else stepped up and also asked if he could touch . While he was touching her I was rubbing and grabbing her nice ass, and feeling and rubbing between her legs. She then said she wanted to move down to the Arena area.