Saturday, June 16, 2012

Flash Report! CK On Call On The Sexy Asian: Report #2 @ CTs Adult Theater In Gary, IN

Doc here with Report #2 from senior reporter CK On Call, and his night by night, blow by blow coverage of the force of nature known as "The Asian Couple".

This duo has been turning CTs Adult Theater is Gary upside down for several days now, and CK On Call's report is a snapshot review of early this past week.

Coming later today (Saturday June 16th), is my House Call Report of a night for the ages featuring this same hot couple (M&A), their single friend (S), and two other great couples. 

This House Call transpired on Thursday 6/14, and was a crazy night filled with the following:
  • Introductions
  • Laughs
  • Nudity
  • Loads of intense theater sex
  • More nudity
  • Creampies
  • Facials
  • Girl-on-girl
  • Girl-on-girl-on-boy
  • Squirting
  • A dominatrix
  • & The Good Doctor
But I digress... Let's focus your attention on the work of CK On Call, and his great report on Monday and Tuesday @ CTs Adult Theater (AKA Pete's Hardcore Den O'Gang Bangs)...


Monday Night

The Hot Asian Babe cancelled on Saturday. Probably needed to rest that pussy, from all the pounding it took Thursday and Friday night. But you can't keep a good cum slut down too long. Sure enough, she showed up unannounced Monday night.

She patiently awaited for cocks to arrive.  It was a small intimate GB, with 8 guys. As is their MO, they go sit in the back row, BF reaches under her skirt to warm her up, she gives him a BJ, then off comes the skirt. This time she got totally naked. (She has a nice spinner body.) With her ass in the air, she went back to blowing the BF. A couple of guys started playing with her pussy. Then one guy fucked her bare, then another and another. More fingers in her. She got on top of a guy sitting next to her and rode him cowgirl. She came, he came. Then it was the BF's turn, she ground that pussy into his groin, while stroking her Clit. She came again.  End of show.  Found out she's allergic to latex, hence all the bare backing.  BF said one can hit it with a non latex raincoat. She / they're hooked on CTs. She'll be back... 

Tuesday Night:

The hot Asian returned.  It's a safe bet to state they are now a nightly feature.  They've found CTs group and have begun to post. Also appearing tonight: Texas Leyla, (not to be confused with Texas Laney.)  Again, a small GB of about 8 guys. It got started around 9:30p. The Hot Asian stayed to her script as the previous nights. 

Leyla arrived about 45 minutes later. Leyla is a middle aged blond, on the smaller side of BBW and looks good on her back.  She immediately went to the exam table.  (Leyla's been to CTs before I take it.)  One of CT's regulars proceeded to eat her out, while another fed her his cock. Couple of guys then took turns fucking Leyla, as she intermittently sucked on cock.  Third lucky bastard to fuck her, asked if she liked back door action.  Leyla was enthusiastic, flipped over and open her back door to him!  After he was done, another cock took his place.  Not sure if he was hitting the brown eye.  After that Leyla wanted some one on one action and retired to the booths.

The Hot Asian continues playing.  I was distracted by playing with Leyla, so am not sure how many creampies the Asian got.  But once she had worn out the available cocks, her BF focused his attentions on her.  BF sat her down, and with her ankles by his ears, began to fuck the shit out of her.  She also spread her legs wide to give him better access to that pussy.  After a short breather,  she focused her attention to him:  first giving him a slow lengthy BJ, spitting on his cock and jerking him.  Then she rode him Asian Cowgirl, and frigged herself to a very loud O.  Again, very nice show put on by them.

Leyla is accompanied by her hubby, who was video taping her actions.  I was hoping they would return to the theater, but alas they were done after the booths.  They said they would return tomorrow at 10p. The Hot Asian said she would return too.  More than likely, they'll both be back nightly the rest of the week.  BTW, condoms when penetrating Leyla.  Asian hottie is allergic to latex.

CK on Call


Doc here again... A huge thank you for the yeoman-like effort put into this report by CK On Call.  Your eyes and ears in the field are tack sharp, and we all appreciate the effort, sir! 

More to come on "The Naughty Adventures of M&A" in the next House Call Report from your old friend in the white suit.

Carry on, and keep calm.