Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Darkangel Digest: A Short Visit To Tampa (with Pics!)

Doc here with this week's Darkangel Digest.  This week Darkangel tells the tale of her trip to Tampa... They say timing is everything, and if they had been there in February or early March this would have been a totally different report.

Nevertheless, Darkangel sent along three pics to accompany her report. (Remember to click the pics to ENLARGE them)

Take it away, Darkangel...


Hi Doc,

Thank you so much for the kind remarks, and I'm glad you have had a good response from my reports. It gets me excited to hear that!

Actually M and I did take a trip down to Tampa and we were looking forward to visiting Fantasyland last Tuesday thru Thursday, only to get there and hear of the raid and arrests made. Being new to this thing of ours it made me very uneasy. Even though we did visit FL and a couple of the other ABS in the area, I just could not get comfortable with going into the theater or booths. We did buy me some nipple rings while there (see pics). 

M did book us a very nice condo overlooking the bay just a short drive from the Drew Park area, just wish we had been down about a month earlier. It is a shame they cant let consenting adults alone in a friendly establishment.

Hard Nipple Hugs,


Doc here again... Darkangel's weekly reports have been very popular here at The Journal, based on pageviews.  Relative newcomers to this thing of ours, she is on the road to becoming a very naughty girl in the adult theaters in the southeast.  Stay tuned for her next adventure...