Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Flash Report! Riddick at Berlin News Agency

Doc here with an update from regular reporter, Riddick.  He was at the Berlin News Agency, and here is what he found...


Second to none. The Berlin News Agency staff is terrific. Gives walk-throughs and helps out in every way possible to have a good time for couples and singles alike.

Representatives such as Frank and his terrific staff make sure you are taken care of and this culture is maintained to the highest of standards. Where good clean fun is maintained at all times. My first visit. I received to blow jobs one form a very busty young lady part of a couple and a very hot young lady in the gloryhole booth that was ushered and maintained by the upstanding staff at Berlin. I am highly considering making this wonderful establishment one of my regular stops. 

In my opinion this establishment is number one in the country.


Doc here again... Many people agree with Riddick, that the Berlin New Agency is one of the top adult theaters in the country.  It is also one of the few in the country I have not visited.  That needs to change.

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Seems fair.


Couple's Flash Report! S & J Hit The New Fine Arts ABS in Dallas

Doc here with a great Couple's Flash Report from Dallas reporters, S&J.

Take it away!


Greetings Doc!!

I have some news and review for the couples out there in the DFW area. My wife and I went to an establishment this weekend after our customary early Sunday afternoon drinks at our favorite watering hole. You see with kids in the house its hard for us to get as freaky as we would like without a young'n pounding on our door asking us what is going on in there. enough about that though. So after getting a good buzz on at the bar, we visited New Fine Arts on Shiloh and Northwest Highway.

It's a very large adult video store two stories as a matter of fact. Walking in to the left you will find the biggest selection of movies you have ever seen and on the right your typical novelties. The store is very clean and well lit. the staff are very friendly and accommodating.  Of course being the bookstore pervs we are, we immediately starting looking for the theater and booths lol. We soon found out they do not have a theater in this location but they do have an all male theater at the Mockingbird location. I will pass on that lol.  They do have private full door large booths rivaling the ones at The Lido. You have to tell the girl at the counter that you want to go in and you have to give up a $20 cash deposit to go in (she said that keeps all of the undesirables out). You get it back when you leave as long as you don't spray cum all over the place and clean up after yourself.

The Real J
So we paid to go in. Wife walking around in a tight shirt with a Fredrick's of Hollywood bra on, and of course the hooker red lipstick. She has the best natural tits I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. She gave us a room downstairs and asked if we wanted smoking or non. We smoke like broke stoves so of course we took smoking.

There are two floors of booths - thats how many there are. They are all the same... our room was through the back to the left and all the way down the hall at the end. I guess by looking at us she knew why we were there. After entering the room the door closed and locked behind us. You can leave it open slightly if you want and we did, but the doors are designed to close behind you. The room is very clean and the leather couch was also and it did not smell bad like some bookstores. Screen was huge.

We put money in and dimmed the lights. at this point I noticed how thin the walls were,  as I could here someone in the next room moaning and having a good time. We sat down  on the couch, she put her right leg on the coffee table and her left over my lap and started stroking me through my pants. I could tell she was feeling good about the place as her pants came off quickly. I started to expose her tits unbuttoning her shirt to play with those awesome tits. She changed the movie as she likes her porn nasty and a lot of dirty talk. When she found the one she wanted she sat down legs spread and I helped her play with her pussy while she stroked my cock.

At this point I have her panties off, finger fucking her while she does my dick wonders and is moaning so loud I heard the moaning stop next door and I could hear someone leaning on the wall listening to us. Saying dirty things through the wall. She caught on to this and decided lets start the show.

She took the rest of her clothes off and bent over the couch and demanded that I fuck her ass. Doing so she told me how much she loves that and to fuck her harder. I did as I was told, slapping her ass reaching around to play with her tits and her favorite part. putting my hand around her neck and choking her. At times she loves to be treated like a dirty whore and have filthy things said to her whether its through a wall or by me lol. Then I put her on her back and I was commanded to fuck that pussy hard. She said make me come for the 4th time and I did so.God I love fucking her!  Anyway, we got done and talked for a bit, had a smoke. we said this place would be perfect for a couples night.

The next day I called the manager and told him about our experience and a couples night would just be fucking awesome there. He said he is currently working on that, and he is glad we had such a good time.. If they would make it to where it was actually ok to leave doors wide open, and have a couples night. Imagine just walking down the halls picking any room you want and there be couples in every room fucking and sucking

Although I like theaters more than this set up. we still had a filthy good time. Being our first time there, J wouldn't let me take a pic other than the one provided. We really didnt know what to expect... Yeah, its not the theater but they let you do what you want as long as you don't cause trouble. Wish there was another couple there to have some fun with us - Would been a blast.

Next trip we make is going to be to The Lido on a real couples night. I CANT WAIT FOR THAT ONE!!!

Check the place out... Again its not a theater, but its clean and I imagine there is good action there judging by how loud we got and what they let us get away with lol!



Thanks to S&J for a great Couple's Report!  Keep the reports coming!