Monday, February 28, 2011

Cruising The Coast With Bob In Biloxi: 2/26/11

Doc here with this week's installment of Cruising The Coast With Bob In Biloxi.  Not every week can be a home run, and Bob's report comments on that thesis.

Take it away, Bob...


Hey Doc,

I would assume everyone that’s into this thing of ours realizes that periods of times are peaks and valley’s as far as “action” goes.

We are experiencing the valley part here on the beautiful Gulf Coast. For the last 2 weeks action has been non-existent as far as hetero action. With only 3 couples weekend before, and two couples this weekend, one can say we’re in the doldrums here.
Bob in Biloxi

The above mentioned “visits” by couples were all at the theater. None, zip, nadda, zero at the ABS down the street. I attribute that to the Mardi Gras season here on the coast and in south Louisiana, its just real hard to get around and play with all that festivities going on.

That said, the other population that frequents these establishments must not celebrate Mardi Gras, because there was no parking to be found at both the ABS and theater. What I mean is both lots were overflowing!!Yep, not a couple to be found, sans the aforementioned couples. And they were not playing.

March 9th ends the season, and maybe we can get back into the swing of things, I’m even carrying a butt load of beads in my vehicle just in case some enterprising lady has the need for plastic!! They have to show up first. I didn’t want to leave you scratching your head wondering why the hell Bob in Biloxi hasn’t submitted any reports, so I wanted to give you the 411 on the situation as it stands right now! Uh, nadda bubba !


Peaks and valleys. Ebbs and flows. That is a big part of this thing of ours', and something us veterans have grown to live with at adult theaters and ABSs.  That is why reporters like Bob are critical, since he functions as our eyes and ears in the field.  As soon as The Gulf picks back up, then he will be there in the trenches, deeply embedded.

Thanks for the report Bob!


Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Few Minutes With Dr. Emilio - Sunday 2/27/11

When we last left The Good Doctor, he was considering hitting the Rosato Brothers while he still had the muscle...

Doc here with this week's "A Few Minutes...".  You know the routine.  A lead story, some adult theater news nuggets, an opinion or two, a preview of what is upcoming this week at The Journal of Adult Theaters, and a photo of The Good Doctor in a public place.

Let us get started, shall we?

The Lead Story
I am going to start off with the depressing news about the Missouri Adult Entertainment Law that goes into effect on 2/28.  I am by far no expert on Missouri anything, but I have covered the legal challenges to the very restrictive law for the last few months.  The law will essentially close adult theaters and video booths in adult businesses, and restrict the hours of operation of those businesses.  The legal challenges are still being mounted, but there is an air of resignation being sounded by some of the owners of these establishments.

The Olde Un Theater
Columbia, MO

Case in point is The Olde Un Theater in Columbia, MO.  I have communicated with the webmaster of their website in the past, and am fully aware of the challenges ahead of them.  This past week he posted the following message on their Yahoo Group:

Greetings, friends and fans of the Olde Un. Well, we are drawing near to Feb. 28th and the full imposition of Herr Bartle's Sharia Law will be in effect. At least for now, it will be the end of our theatres and peep show operation as we all know it.

After a great deal of legal advice, (much of it conflicting,) there is still no clear consensus as to how to proceed. All rests in the hands of the Missouri Supreme Court, at present, and if THAT body is anywhere near as dysfunctional and incompetent as the Legislature and the Governor... well who knows what will happen, or when.

In the meantime, our facilities are available for rent for private parties and gatherings. Many of you have suggested this type of approach over the years. Details can be worked out as we go forward.

This weekend will be business as usual, so come on down and enjoy. There will be a suggestion box for any and all ideas you may have. For more privacy outside the Yahoo group, our contact e-mail is... Also, we are putting together a FaceBook page to be used for advertising, news and announcements. (And hearing from friends of the Olde Un.) That address is...

The management and staff would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for 40 years of patronage and support. Let us hear from you.

To this reporters eyes, it seems that The Olde Un might provide the "private party" model to move forward, as have some other adult theaters who have been subjected to the same scrutiny.  I will keep an eye on this situation, and how it might effect other Missouri establishments.  In the meantime, reach out to The Olde Un and show your support.

The Nuggets
  • According to The Weather Channel, a force of nature has been decending upon The Rose City of Portland, OR since last night.  That force of nature is Daisy Train, and last night (Saturday 2/26) she turned The Paris Theater into a frenzy of high pressure systems and soaring temperatures.  The Good Doctor's fingers are crossed for a report or two from her appearance at The Paris. 
  • This past week saw a lot of Craigslist ads for couples attending The Lido in Dallas, TX.  A report or two would be nice from Big D on what is happening at one of The Good Doctor's favorite adult theaters.  You can e-mail me directly at Thanks.
  • Weekday daytime couples visits continue to be strong at 15th Avenue Adult Books and Adult Theater in the west Chicago burbs of Melrose Park.  Pay close attention to The Good Doctor's Twitter at  Follow me, and I will provide real time announcements on what is happening in Chicago, CTs in Gary, Portland, and the east side of St. Louis.
  • A big thank you to Erin Go Bragh and to Tony for contributing their first reports to The Journal this past week.  Nicely done gentlemen!
  • I know that late February is not the most active time in this this of ours'. But don't let that stop you from providing a "Blast From The Past" report of your favorite adult theater memories or a Flash Report from your recent adult theater visit.   Just e-mail me and I will edit, format, and post it for you.
Coming Soon To The Journal
  • Cruising The Coast With Bob in Biloxi - Update on this past weekend on The Gulf
  • A Daisy Train report (I hope) from Portland
  • A regular contributor or two pipe in on the latest from their respective regions
  • A new poll on your adult theater habits
Have a great week everyone!


Friday, February 25, 2011

Flash Report: Summit Theater in Warren, OH by Bill

Doc here with a Flash Report from my colleague Bill, who runs the Summit Theater Yahoo Group.  This is one of the last adult theaters I have not been to, but hopefully in 2011 I will cross this theater off my to-do list.  The action has been very good there, in large part to the efforts by Bill in setting up theater meets and GBs.

Here is Bill's recap of last Saturday's theater event:


Hi I'm Bill. I'm the owner and co-moderator of a Yahoo Group for the Summit Theater in Warren Ohio. Because of family issues and very cold snowy weather I have not visited the theater for a party in quite awhile. It's over 2 hours from my home outside of Pittsburgh.

My good friend Lou picked me up at 6pm this past Saturday and we arrived at 8pm. As we made our way in I was greeted by a lot of group members. I met a group couple E and R as I first walked in. They enjoy going to the theater for friendship and fun. The place was packed with guys awaiting the arrival of two couples.

The first couple D. and A. are a fairly local couple and have made one other trip to the theater. I believe A. enjoyed 8 or more guys her first trip. It was A's birthday and she was out for some fun.A stunning brunette with beautiful eyes, A. has one hell of a set of big round tits that can stop any guy in their tracks when she pulls them out.

Another member J. was bringing a new couple D. and her hubby. D. is 62 years old and has a pretty classy look to her. She could easily pass for 45, but what is incredible about D. is her body: trim and fit and her soft skin was amazing. She could pass for 30 bodywise.

The two couples went into the public theater shortly after 9 pm and the action was hot and heavy. I know J. made both ladies scream with his oral talents. I saw my good friend Lou give A. a good birthday fucking, but most of the time the gals were orally satisfying the guys. At one point I counted 24 guys in the small hot theater and maybe 10 more milling around the bookstore. A nice time was had by all.

If you are a single guy around Youngstown, Pittsburgh, or Cleveland, contact me at for an invitation to join my group. COUPLES from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada please contact at that email addy for an invitation to join my group and hopefully visit the theater for a bukkake or gang bang. The Summit has a PRIVATE theater that can be rented for some real fun.



Doc here again.  Great report Bill.  Sounds like the night was a huge success with plenty of action for the girls and guys.  We are looking forward to your next report...

If you have an adult theater report of your own, please e-mail The Good Doctor at


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blast From The Past: On The Road With Tony

Doc here with another first time report, this time from Tony.  Tony is on the highways and byways in the Pacific Northwest, and this will be the first of many reports he is willing to share with us.

Here we go...


Good Day to you Dr. Emilio,

My name is Tony and I am a new member to your blog page. I have been a constant participant in the adult theater/abs scene for about 30 years now, and I have many old and newer stories to relate.
Currently I am a long haul truck driver and I have many oppurtunities to to travel to many parts of the country and experiance some of what the porn industry has to offer. I am in no way an expert, but I would like to offer some of my stories and conquests with you and your readers.

Right now, I am in Pornland (or Portland), and I believe I met Brent some time ago (not sure,but it is possible). If it is ok with you, iIwould like to start adding some of my own Blasts from the Past, and recent events I have attended.
OK here we go...

1978- Seems like a long time ago. I am 17 at the time, and I had heard about an adult theater in Bellingham,WA (State Street Theater). I lived just 30 minutes away, so I jumped in the 65 Mustang convertable and head north. This was in the day when a kid like me could buy smokes and beer at the local corner store (if ya knew the clerk).

I get there and walk in, pay my admission, and the old guy never even blinked at the counter. This is cool I thought, and well as you would expect it was cool. I don't remember how long I was there before couples started to arrive, but soon no less than 6 couples showed up. It didn't take long for them to get going. I wasn't sure of the rules, so I just hung back and watched from across the aisle. As I watched other guys get involved, i got brave and got closer. That is when one of the ladies realized they had a theater virgin in the house, and after that it is almost a blur. Yes I got laid, and yes I had more than my fair share of fun that night. I even got in trouble with my folks the next day, as I was supposed to be home by midnite (right).As for the many details of the night, some I dont even remember (you can only guess as to what went on).

So, that is my first, and hopefully 1 of many adventures you will allow me to relate. Thank you for the chance to tell it.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Field Report: Jolar Theater in San Diego by Erin Go Bragh

Doc here with an outstanding first-time report from our latest addition to the Dr. Emilio I-Team: Mr. Erin Go Bragh.  Submissions like Erin 's Field Report on The Jolar in San Diego are great to receive.  Why? Because he has used The Journal as a resource to explore the adult theater scene (in San Diego), and after his initial recon mission, with be going back with his best girl.

Here is EGB's report on The Jolar:



I was so glad to stumble across your page about a month ago. I had no idea the adult theater scene was still active. I didn't even know there were still adult theaters within driving distance of me!
On to my story...

I had read about The Jolar in San Diego on your very informative (and hot) pages. It was perfect timing. My friend is getting married and his best man bungled his bachelor party really bad. Here's a guy that's as sex crazed as I am, who's never even been to a strip club, and there's no prospect of naked women on his agenda.

As soon as I read about the Jolar, I swung into action. Us and the old ladys' swing together, so I messaged his fiancée about going, and got the green light right away. I contacted him, and we were off to the races last Sunday. Knowing Sunday afternoon wasn't likely to contain much action aside from a sausage fest, we took our chances driving two hours out there.

Doc, I felt like I'd stepped into a place of historical value thinking about the Mexican girl you fucked in the parking lot (story link HERE). We went inside and chatted up the clerk who was very friendly and accommodating. He let us go into the theater before we paid to scope the action, and ended up only charging us for one admission due to my buddy's bachelor party situation.

First off I have to say that I've been all across this great country, and the Jolar has one of the cleanest bathrooms I've ever been in. The theater setup is small, but the chairs are very nice, and also clean. The courtesy tissues are placed very frequently, and the porn was pretty good.

Jolar Cinema
San Diego, CA

We both had to work early, and sadly in our hour or so in the theater, there was no couple/female attendance. You win some you lose some. The consolation of getting private fantasy shows on our way out was still great though. He had Bobbi, a smoking hot blonde with a very nice large rack, and I had Kianna, a nice tight little Asian girl. We compared notes after, and they both gave stellar shows that were sure to require some glass cleaning from the janitor. Both booths were very clean, also with tissues. The video arcade booths looked spacious, and clean, but we didn't go into them. Don't know if they have glory holes or not (Ed. note: They don't unfortunately).

As we left we inquired to the clerk, and found out that couples are always free, and that Wednesday and Saturday nights are couples nights.

We made the trip back home and described the scene to our respective missis' and we now have a scheduled double date night there a few Saturday's after the wedding. My wife says she hopes they have glory holes because the thought of sucking anonymous cock has her VERY turned on. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for introducing us to "this thing of ours" !

Erin Go Bragh


Doc here again... Thanks again to Erin Go Bragh for a great first time report.  Keep up the great work! I'm glad that The Journal has opened the doors to this thing of ours' for you, your friends, and your SO. That is our (OK, my) goal with The Journal.  Provide a public service to our niche of society, and to allow others to live vicariously through our experiences.  If The Journal can open a couple's eyes to the world of adult theaters, then my job here has been accomplished.

I am looking forward to EGB's next report, this time involving his lady and the couple they swing with.  Who know's, maybe even Estella might be in attendance the night they visit.

Do you have an adult theater report you'd like to see on the pages of The Journal, just like EGB?  Just click on the arrow on the upper right hand side of The Journal and let it rip.  If you prefer to e-mail me directly, just drop me a line at

Your reports fuel The Journal.  Do your part in this thing of ours'.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

House Call: 15th Ave Adult Books and Theater in Melrose Park, IL on 2/18/10

Doc here with an interesting House Call Report from this past Friday evening.  The Good Doctor needed to cleanse his pallet after an awful week at The Practice, and what better way than to make the long drive to Melrose Park, IL from The Valley (near the small women's liberal arts college).  The stage was set for a good evening: A full moon, a spring thaw in full effect, and no competing adult oriented events or parties to the best of my knowledge.

What I didn't know at that time that at even the hottest adult theater locations across the country (that I had some intel on), it was to be a slow night.  Portland: Slow. Gary: Slow. Atlanta: Slow.

15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater
2125 N. 15th Ave, Melrose Park, IL

The evening started at 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater (& Spa) painfully slow as well, and a bit confusing to boot.  As I pulled the Lizardo 3000 into the discreet rear parking lot of 15th Ave., the lot was 3/4 full.  A good sign normally. As I walking through the lot towards the entrance, what may have been either a) a single woman, b) an very un-flamboyant x-dresser, or c) a very effeminate dude walked past me.  I just couldn't tell what team this person played for.  Could have gone either of 3 ways. 

The Good Doctor paid his $30 bucks for both the theater and spa (cost is $20 for theater alone), and began his first inspection.  Theater had 3 guys in there (a bad sign, no matter where you are in this thing of ours'.  Next stop was the video booth area, which has a generous open space on the right side.  Sausage fest.  I traveled into the spa area, and it was nearly empty.  It was 9:30, and we were in prime time here at what may be the best adult theater, abs, and spa facility in the country, and not a creature was stirring, not even "The Farmer's Daughter".

It wasn't until 10:45pm (I had my reporters notepad with me to document the events) when couple #1 (of 3 total this night) arrived.  The guy looked like Steve Wilkos of "Jerry Springer Show" fame, but you probably don't care about him.  Who you should care about was his woman friend.

Quick aside here... The most frequent criticism I get privately in regard to The Journal is that I glorify the looks of the adult theater women I come across in my travels.  It's in my nature, ladies and gentlemen... I'm a Dr. half-full kind of guy.  When I come across women in an adult theater environment, I'm already a fan. I will point out their best features, and run with them when composing a report.  I use the tried and true celebrity look-a-like formula originated by my good friend and colleague Brent from Portland in my reports. My job here is to take you to the scene, and make you feel part of it.  Not become Mr. Blackwell.

The real Drea DeMatteo

OK, back to SW's woman friend... At first blush, when the couple first arrived inside the theater, I gave them 5 minutes tops before she had enough.  Based on her wide-eyed looks around the theater (and later the video booth area and spa), it had to be her first time there.
This girl was maybe late 20's or early 30's tops... Picture a shorter, blonder Drea DeMatteo from The Sopranos, long wavy hair, tight jeans, and a pair of leopard print pumps.  She was layered up, and it was difficult to see her body.
For now.

15 Minutes after they arrived, they got up and headed back to the video booth area for a look-see.  If the light of a darkened adult theater, unless you have a hump on your back or a gamy arm, you will probably look decent.  But get that person into the light of the real world, opinions may change in a hurry.

This was not the case with "Drea".  As good as she looked in the theater, she was even better looking in the light.  My gut instinct (and I have quite the gut) told me they would probably head for the hills shortly.  She was clinging onto "SW" in a big way, giggling nervously.

Not being a big one to lurk, I headed back to the theater.  As I entered the theater, I could tell that someone was behind me, so being the good Italian boy that I am, I held the door.  Grabbing the door from me was the female half of another couple who just popped into 15th Ave. The evening was starting to finally shape up.
The real Mimi Rogers

Couple #2 was comprised of an older guy (picture the dad in "ALF"), and his lady friend (who did not look like ALF).  Her celebrity look-a-like was a bit more difficult to pin down, but I'd say she was in the Mimi Rogers area code.  About 5'4" in heels, long straight dark hair, and a mischievous smile that I caught a glimpse of when I held the door for her.  This woman was adult theater material (she had the "look" if you will). They settled into their seats in the couples section, and I was across the aisle in the cat bird's seat. She was at ease it this environment, and she was enjoying the eyes of the other men mentally undressing her. 

A few minutes later, SW and "Drea" re-entered the theater, and took a pair of seats in the row in front of Couple #2.  This is when things got interesting...

"Mimi" had unbuttoned her top, and exposed a pair a full C's to the masses.  She was slowly rubbing and caressing them along with help from "AD".  Drea took notice of the show going on behind her, and was starting to feel playful herself.  Mimi had eventually removed her top entirely, and one by one the penis gallery moved up to the edge of the couples area for a better view. 

Mimi's breasts were all sorts of awesome...Small hard nipples on her full C's.  She was also dipping her fingers inside her jeans during her exhibition.  While this was happening, Drea peeled off her sweater and was just now wearing a very light white top. She reached inside and performed the bra removal trick while keeping her flimsy top in place.  She looked back often as Mimi was now in full masturbation mode, grinding her hips into her hand.  Drea was now leaning way back in her chair, almost to the point of being horizontal.  SW reached over a few times and pulled up Drea's top, exposing a perfect set of enhanced yet smallish breast for the boys to gaze at. 

We were now at the tipping point.  Would the two couples somehow merge?  Would Drea or Mimi play with the troops?

Neither I'm afraid.  But what we did get was Mimi, totally nude, with the exception of some very nice black heels.  She was leaning back while AD was talking dirty to her and fingering her very wet and swollen pussy.  Luckily, it seemed that tonight was "Free Flashlight Night" at the 15th Avenue Ballpark.  Flashlights were out from 2 different angles, giving a great view of Mimi's wet pussy being finger fucked, her hard clit being stroked, and her breasts being rubbed and squeezed.  After 2 or 3 orgasms, Mimi (by that point Drea and SW were gone) was done and getting dressed.  The view I had of Mimi, naked with the exception of the black heels and her navel piercing, masturbating for us was an awfully nice one.

It was getting late at this point, and The Good Doctor had an appointment early in the morning.  Soon after leaving 15th Avenue and heading back in the direction of The Valley, my smartphone binged at me.  You guessed it...Another couple had arrived within 10 minutes of my departure.   The drag chute was deployed on the Lizardo 3000 and I was soon pointed back in the direction of 15th Avenue. 

I discovered Couple #3 to be a Hispanic couple, with him older than her.  She was a small BBW, and she was nestled in her guys arms when I got back to the theater.  Within a few minutes, they got up and went to the video area.  Booth play?  Spa play?

Neither...They were getting their game plan straight. 

They ended up going into the spa area, and they got their own private room.  15th Avenue has 6 private rooms in the spa area, that can provide a) as much privacy as they would want, or b) a controlled public experience. 

If you had "b", you would be correct.

15th Avenue
Private rooms in Spa area

The door to their private room was cracked open, and the guy in front of me opened it slowly revealing this brunette haired BBW on her knees loudly sucking the cock of her guy.  The slurps and sucks were very coming fast and furious at this point, and the guy in front moved alongside her. What ensued has the equivalent of cramming as many people into a phone booth as you can. 

Our brunette senorita (who was wearing some nice black lingerie) ended up stroking a hard cock that was next to her while she was still sucking her guy.  She then moved over to the other guy, had him put on a condom, and started aggressively sucking his cock. Her guy then moved behind her and started to fuck his best girl.  She was on fire, since while she was originally sucking her guy's cock, she was being tongue lashed from behind. 

A Robert DeNiro-looking guy then moved up on the other side of the couple, which got the attention of the senorita.  She then began stroking his cock while keeping busy with her guy's dick.  At one point she reached over and began sucking RDN's cock (sans condom) in a similar loud and enthusiastic way.  Within a minute or so of this attention, he came as well.

This repeated itself a few more times until  the temperature in the room was hotter than the nearby wet sauna in the spa area.  The couple was spent, and The Good Doctor was done being squished in the crowd.  Exit stage right.

So, what was looking to be a Hindenburg of an evening ended up being pretty good.  A brunette exhibitionist, a pretty blonde, and a curvy senorita (sounds like the beginning of a joke) threw us a life jacket on Free Flashlight Night.


Friday, February 18, 2011

A Few Minutes With Dr. Emilio - Spring Thaw Edition

When we last left The Good Doctor, he was drinking a vodka and tonic while watching a documentary on the Honey Badger...

Doc here with this week's A Few Minutes With Dr. Emilio... You know the drill: A few nuggets of adult theater related intel, an editorial or two, a request, and a goofy photo of The Good Doctor in a public place.  Let's get started, shall we?
  • First and foremost... The Journal really needs field reports from you, the good readers of The Journal.  There is no report too small or to long for us.  Just click on the arrow on the upper right hand side on The Journal and e-mail The Good Doctor your story.  I will edit, format, and dress up your report for you.  I just need the nitty gritty.  Thanks!
  • There has been some tremendous activity at The Paris and at The Oregon theaters in Portland over the last few weeks, and especially last weekend.  Brent's reports from The Paris have been all sorts of awesome, and he still owes us one more on Saturday's fun in downtown Portland.  if you have ever been tempted to check out the scene in Portland, do it. It is still the mecca of this thing of ours'.
  • Since the weather has eased up a bit here in the Midwest, it's good to see visits by adventurous couples picking up again.  Case in point is the 15th Avenue Adult Books and Movie Theater in Melrose Park, IL.  If you follow The Good Doctor on Twitter, you will see my "The Clicker" tweets about couples who have stepped through the doors at 15th Avenue.  Every day they are getting daytime visits by couples, and nighttime visits are steady during the week and peaking during the weekend.  If it has been awhile since you visited 15th Ave., check it out again.  The notification system through their Yahoo Group has been a great tool.  And, it's accurate.  I have audited it's authenticity, and it's 100% spot on.  No phantom couples visits.
  • The Honey Badger is a bad mo-fo.
  • It has been awhile since any "Blasts From The Past" reports have popped onto The Good Doctor's desk.  I know that there are many memorable adult theater evenings percolating inside your minds that the rest of us would like to hear about.  E-mail your "Blasts" to The Good Doctor @ and we will take the ride down memory lane with you.
  • The Good Doctor will be making a House Call this evening, and I will have a report up by Monday.  So if you happen to see a guy who looks like a magician at your local adult theater, it may just be The Good Doctor. I am often mistaken for one.
  • In case you have not visited his blog lately, my good friend and colleague Major Voyeur has really stepped up his game.  As the KOSL (King of St. Louis), MV brings you the latest from the St. Louis scene and from Pure Pleasure, The Colony, and the Hustler Adult Theater.  So pop on over the MV's blog and enjoy the ride.
  • If you have any questions in regard to adult theaters that you do not want to be public, feel free to e-mail me direct and I will answer your questions to the best of my ability.
Thanks again for your time, and let's get cracking on some new reports from the field.  Pretty please.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Flash Report: Friday Night @ The Paris Theater in Portland by Brent

Doc here with the promised Friday night Flash Report from The Paris Theater in Portland by Brent. 



On Friday night at The Paris Theater in Portland, Oregon, one of the regulars came in with Goddess for some fun. They were in the couples section with 2 other couples. The first couple was playing in the corner. Her legs were spread and he was diddling her . They were on the other side of the couples section, by the stairs. That whole area was crowded with guys. It seemed like there was always somebody standing on the stairs by the chain, staring at this couple.

Goddess and her man were relaxing in the middle. Later they went down to the front of the theater and sat in the couples section by the stage where they were eventually joined by a small group of men. For the next hour or so, Goddess enjoyed a lot of cock in her pussy and mouth often two cocks at the same time. Goddess ,a hot and willing BBW always has a good time at The Paris, I think.

Meanwhile back in The Oasis, the big dicked fellow I call Coke Can was there with a tall girl who looked strong and pretty. There was a young couple sitting next to them. She looked like Miley Cyrus. I don't remember what he looked like. Earlier, they had been playing softly in front of the impatient crowd.For example, when he put his hand down her tights and fingered her pussy, It looked like she was getting fucked by a Sock Puppet. She never really showed anything which is perfectly okay, by the way. Sometimes, its even better for the imagination.

When Coke Can showed up , Miley had to get that real thing and proceeded to suck on Coke Can in perfect harmony. Not to be out done, Strong Girl got on her knees in front of Miley's man and gave him an awesome blow job while humming "I'd Like To Teach The World To Suck". This global corporate marketing strategy was too much and Miley's young man finally exploded a load into Strong Girl's eager mouth.

During the refractory period, the two couples hooked back up with their original partners. Strong Girl left to get some mouth wash. Coke Can disappeared and then came back alone. Miley and her man cudddled in The Oasis . He was happy and satisfied, but I felt that she would have welcomed a little more loving from him or perhaps, a stand in. I know there were a lot of volunteers, if she had been so inclined.

DP Girl, fair skinned, soft and blond was there. She and her man eventually found themselves in the bedroom. They left the door open and , although I didn't get out of my chair to watch, I could see from where I was sitting that she was enjoying the sexual favors of a few gentlemen. DP Girl used to love to get DPd ( ass and pussy) but now a days she likes guys to come on her tits. I'm sure she still enjoys DP but it is hard to come by ( hard come, that's the ticket). Ass, pussy, & double penetration is a difficult maneuver to pull off in a crowded adult theater. But when It's done successfully, it is a delight to behold.
My favorite couple of the night was a Latin, or, perhaps, Middle Eastern looking duo, who sat in the corner of the couples section. He was smooth and well dressed. She was also well dressed. She was sexy because, to me, she looked ethnic and traditional. She let him be their guide and he took his time with her. He held her while they watched the movie.

As she got warmed up, he did more and more. She removed her tights. She had great legs. They kissed and he took off her bra. Her breasts were full. Her skin was golden brown. She wore intricate gold jewelry that looked exotic against her smooth skin. Another couple came in and began to play. The Latin/ Mid East couple moved closer so that the two couples were playing next to each other. I thought for a minute that there might be some girl on girl theater action. That didn't happen,but nonetheless, it was exiting to watch these two couples play.

The Latin couple did everything. She sucked his dick. He ate and fingered her moist temple. He fucked her in all different kinds of positions. She never got completely naked but everything she had was out there for everybody to see. At one point she was on her back with her ass in the air like she was in the middle of a backwards somersault and he was pummeling his big dick in and out of her sopping wet camel toe. The other couple was also playing hard. She was a sassy blond Mae West type who rode her man like the queen of the rodeo. I half expected her to take out a couple of six shooters and start riding around the theater, standing on a white horse. She on a horse or vice versa? Now that would have been a show!

I think I'm confusing Mae West with Annie Oakley,here. Or is it Myra Breckenridge? Oh well, they left before the Latin/ Mid East couple finished. When the Middle Eastern/ Latin couple finished, got dressed and left (she was embarrassed and excited at the same time) the hetero theater sex action was over for the night.

Coming tomorrow: A recap of last Saturday at The Paris, only 5 days late. The Internet may be fast but content still travels at frail human speed. The recap features four crazy ladies from the joint down the street, two hot beautiful ladies who took on all comers, one early in the evening when the theater action was just starting and the other one later when the bars were closing for the night. They may have come in to the theater at different times but they had a common craving for cock. The Recap will also feature a lot of couples that were in and out of The Paris like drive through patrons and a few couples that stayed and played, much to the delight of the audience.

But first I need to go over my notes...


Thanks Brent for an outstanding (as usual) recounting of the action @ The Paris.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Flash Report: Brent in Portland on Sunday @ The Paris Adult Theater

Doc here with a quick Flash Report from the Charles Dickens of adult theater reporters, Brent in Portland.  Looks like Sunday night at The Paris Adult Theater was a good one, and here is Brent with the gory details:


A hard man could have gotten laid or a blow job from the sexy, sassy Ms Full Swing last night, but only if he had been a little patient. There was a period of time when she and her man went for a drink and a lot of guys showed up then left in frustration before they returned. When they came back they stuck around long enough to satisfy most of the guys there. I'm sure she could have handled more loads, after all she is Ms. Full Swing.

Kitty did her guy and a few others but they couldn't stay that long. I was glad she showed up. There was a cute curly haired blond who came in with her guy right in the middle of a Kitty Cluster Grope. She and her man started making out by the glory holes and a throng of eager guys, including me, moved towards them.

The atmosphere was charged with anticipation. I figured them to be slam dunk action. But my vision was perhaps clouded by all of the excitement that had occurred earlier with Ms Full Swing and Kitty. In the end, they started to play but just when we thought theirs was going to be a memorable first time visit, they left.The Paris was a fast track last night and inexperienced drivers could have easily spun out of control.

Most of the later flags were short stays. There were no requests for Hentai.

I'll write more about my weekend at The Paris in Portland in the next few days. There was some good action on Friday and Saturday.


Doc here again... The action at The Paris in Portland has been very good for a sustained period of time (since early November), and thus it's (and The Oregon Theater's) iron grip on #1 in The Good Doctor's Adult Theater Power Rankings.  I'm sure I speak for everyone that we are looking forward to Brent's Friday and Saturday report.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Flash Report: Cruising the Coast With Bob in Biloxi - 2/12/11

Doc here... When my e-mail alert went off at 9am this morning here in the Lizardo control room, I knew it had to be one thing: Bob in Biloxi's weekend report.  As a result of this report, you will see Biloxi jump into the Top 5 in the Power Rankings.  Consistent action gains you a place in the Top 5, and Biloxi fits the bill to a "T".

Here is Bob's Flash Report:


Morning Doc,

Five couples at the Gulf Coast Theater last night, two were playing. One new couple showed up, but only watched the action. Hey we all have to start some place.

Now on to the two couples that played...The first lady was a petite little blond, full C, maybe D cup tits, a small patch of blonde hair above her pussy. She got undressed on the front couch and was able to get her kitty licked and suck a few cocks. Then it got somewhat crowded for her and her man, they wound up leaving.

Bob in Biloxi

A friend of mine who talked to them in the parking lot came and got me after I left and went down to the ABS (down the street), & he told me they had a hotel room and was looking for a few men. So I followed him over there and met them, and as I entered the door she was in a robe on her knees in the middle of the bed. So we disrobed her and started playing, my friend starting eating her pussy while she fed on my cock. Her man was videotaping the event. After awhile, he mounted her (bagged up of course) lasted about 2 minutes then moved his ass out of the way for me. I was able to stay on the full 10mins and gave her a squirting orgasm so I think she was satisfied by the big smile on her face.

Later on during the night, 6 couples came in and out of the ABS, (not at the same time) one I was able to get next to one in the booth. They are local and somewhat regular. She is about 5’6 reddish brown hair but she was dressed in blue jeans tonight (it was somewhat chilly) but usually she wears a skirt for easy access. Anyway and was able to secure a suck and fuck from her. She is always a delight and very vocal.

Three of the six couples at the ABS were absolutely stunning women, we could hear their guys trying to talk them into a trip to the back, but to no avail. That was like losing the lottery, but sometimes it takes awhile to bring out the inner slut in ladies, so maybe they will come around and better yet come back!

I went back to the theater to check it out, & one couple brought in another lady. This couple is the one that the lady dresses most of the time in a school girl outfit, she’s about a 6ft tall blonde, very long legs, small breasts, highly vocal. They were seated on the front couch with her man, as he got her warmed up the two ladies started kissing and fondling each other.

Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS

The other lady was dark haired and a BBW with nice tits, both ladies had on skirts, no panties!! The blonde started bucking on the couch while being licked, not to be outdone the dark haired girl was getting attention from one of the guys in the peanut gallery, she was moaning like she liked the attention. Some dude tried to stick a cock in her mouth but she refused that. On the other end of the couch the blonde was sucking a dude and finally fucked one guy. This went on until both had had enough and they left.

Meanwhile I proceeded back to the ABS and was rewarded with another awesome sight, this couple came in to the ABS, I first noticed them sitting in their truck in the parking lot. OMG she was model material, long dark hair, killer ass, couldn’t tell too much about the top, but she was absolutely beautiful! Again the man tried to talk her into the booths but she decided not too. If she had, that would have been the holy grail of glory-hole action. They left and went down to the theater, but it was closing (midnight FYI), so I don’t know what happened after that. I was beat and headed home. 

I don’t think even the warm summer nights on the coast bring out this many couples, & my brain is somewhat scrambled right now to remember, so I guess I will have to wait and see this year. But it’s been great so far.


Doc here again... Bob's Cal Ripkin-like streak of finding fun in Biloxi continues.  Since the beginning of the year, every weekend had yielded some sort of debauchery that Bob has taken full advantage of.  Kudos to you, sir.

Do you duty to this thing of ours': Submit a report on your recent visits to adult theaters or ABS's to The Journal.  Just click on the arrow on the upper right hand side of The Journal and email the Good Doctor.  I will edit your report, make it look nice, and you get all the credit.  It's easy. it's fun.  It's low fat.


Friday, February 11, 2011

A Few Minutes With Dr. Emilio - 2nd Week of February

When we last left the Good Doctor, he was stuck in a snowdrift and was losing the feeling in his cocktail...

Doc here with this week's "A Few Minutes...".  You know the drill: A few observations, several adult theater nuggets from across the country, and a few shameless plugs.  Let's get started:

Looking at the past few week's of postings on Yahoo and CL (for cities like Portland, Chicago, Atlanta, and Dallas), there seems to be a trend developing.  That trend is daytime adult theater visits by couples. Reports include multiple daytime visits at The Paris and Oregon Theaters in Portland, in Melrose Park, IL @ 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater, as well as the Twin Cinemas at Buford Highway in Doraville, GA and the Lido in Dallas. 

Why is this?

Maybe it's a scheduling thing.  Maybe it's a winter doldrums thing. My gut feeling is that it may be a crowd control thing.  Daytime = smaller and more manageable crowds. Over-anxious single guys in adult theaters have been an issue in this thing of ours' for as long as I can remember.  I'm sure we have dozens of stories of a guy "messing it up" for everyone else. Bob in Biloxi runs into one of these guys once a week for crying out loud.

Remember, for every Daisy Train in Portland or Tina at CTs (thank God for these girls, btw), there are dozens of first time couples venturing into adult theaters.  Not every couple wants a 20 man gang bang.  Remember gents, for many couples, this is a slow process of warming up to this thing of our's.  And smaller crowds are a great way to dip a toe into our pool and see if it's the right temperature for them.

Adult Theater Visits by Appointment
Many of us in this scene wax nostalgic for the good old days of large adult theaters and the couples who pop in off the street for some XXX (or maybe hard R) public fun.  This was before the internet and social media.  Part of the thrill was the unknown; Will it be busy tonight? I heard from a friend of a friend that he "Farmer's Daughter" was coming in tonight.  It's Friday, so it must be a good night.

Complain as we do about the changing face of adult theaters and the scene, the internet has provided some distinct advantages.  The first way the net has improved elements of this thing of ours' are Yahoo Groups and Craigslist, where couples more than ever are posting the whens, the wheres, and the what they are looking fors prior to venturing to their adult theater of choice.  Some may argue that these posts take the mystery out of who might be walking through the door or curtain.  The Good Doctor says nonsense.

Sure, nothing is 100% guaranteed, but the hits outweigh the misses by a long shot.

My personal Golden Rule of Adult Theaters: Go for the Sure Thing.

The second way the net has provided advantages is the adult theater who will post via their Yahoo Groups that a couple, a single woman, or a TV/TG has walked in their doors. 

The Paris Theater in Portland's Flag System is the gold standard for adult theater alerts (thanks to the intellectual property of Big T (aka Caesar) in PDX).  CTs in Gary, IN takes it one step further.  The owner Pete will either post on Yahoo in advance of the couple visiting, or will post when they come in and what they are looking for.  Pete sets the table for you, and it's up to you as to whether to take advantage of the situation.  15th Ave. Adult Books and Theater in Melrose Park is now using an alert notice in their Yahoo Group as well.

The Good Doctor (when I can), will Tweet the couples notices from CTs, 15th Ave., and St. Louis (re-Tweeting notices via my good friend Major Voyeur).  Any Tweet starting with "The Clicker" is a re-posting of sorts about an adult theater visit.  It's my duty to provide this service to you, the good readers of The Journal.  So follow me on Twitter. Pretty please. With sugar on top.  Sign up HERE.

What is the only real adult theater that has been featured in a video game?

Well, it's the venerable and really scary Tiki Adult Theater in Los Angeles.  The video game developers even copied over the gang symbols on the outside of the theater.  Here is your proof:

The Real Tiki Theater
Santa Monica Blvd, LA

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Screen Cap

I Need Your Reports!
The Lifeblood of The Journal is your Flash and Field Reports.  While omnipresent, The Good Doctor cannot be everywhere.  You are the eyes and ears of The Journal, and your intel is vital.

I am not looking for War & Peace with your reports... A paragraph or three would be great.  Just click on the arrow on the upper right hand side of The Journal and join the growing ranks of field reporters contributing to The Journal.  Or you can just click here.

Shameless Plugs
Please take time to visit two of my favorite adult theater blogs:
  • The World of Major Voyeur:  My good friend and colleague MV has a great content packed blog with adult theater related content, along with similar themed articles. 
  • Sex in Porn Theaters Blog: This blog, recently moved over from another host, is just now getting it's traction on it's look and feel.  Great stories from a contributing reporter to The Journal.
Have a great weekend everyone!  The staff here at The Journal (OK, me) looks forward to your field reports from this first post football weekend of the year.  So grab your composition book, a #2 pencil, your press card tucked into the band of your fedora, and do us proud. 


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Blast From The Past" by JaxBchBum: Dallas' New Fine Arts Theater

Doc here with a Blast From The Past from Senior Journal Scribe, JaxBchBum.  It's been awhile since I ran a BFTP, and this one is terrific.  Regular readers of the Journal know I travel to Dallas on a pretty regular basis, so this one is interesting to me. 

So let's jump in the way back machine and head to Dallas and the New Fine Arts.


New Fine Arts was located in a strip shopping center about a block from its current location on Mockingbird down the street from a large hotel.  Had a retail store with the usual assortment of "toys and novelties", movie rentals, etc. but the anchor was the theatre.  You would go down a hallway (which evidently had been access to video booths in the past) and then turn left and go into the short tunnel that opened into the theatre.  It was a tunnel as the theatre had stadium seating and the tunnel went underneath the seating.  One side was about 8 seats wide and the larger side was 20 - 25 seats wide.  All in all I am guessing the theatre held about 200 - 225 people.  In my many visits there, rarely would there be less than 25 - 30 people there and usually at least one couple with weekends seeing several.  One guy told me once there was a swinger's club down the street but I was never able to verify that.  Seating was great in that if you were seated behind a couple, you got a great bird's eye view and if you were right in front, you were looking right at their crotch if you turned around in your seat.


Anyway, there was about a year's interruption in my trips to Dallas and I go back and the shopping center has been renovated and theatre is no longer there, replaced by a paper goods store (this was about year 2000).  Drive down towards the Lido and I see marque for the New Fine Arts (Guess it would really be the NEW, New Fine Arts).  Pull a U-turn on Mockingbird park out front and go inside. 

Totally new, bright ultra modern looking mega-adult store.  Look around a bit to get my bearings and see where they have a theatre and then looks like they have arcade as well as gay theatre down a hallway on the opposite side of the store.  Go up to the circular clerk booth and tell them I want a theatre admission.  Get a ticket and go inside. 

Much smaller theatre, maybe seating 50 people but with plush seats that actually rock back and forth a bit (now if they only would swivel).  Only about 5 rows with 5 seats on each side of the middle aisle.  Watching the high quality projection flick and in walks a young (early 20s) couple and she is knockdown dead gorgeous wearing a red dress.  They go sit on the back row on the opposite side back in the corner.  They are not there more than 5 minutes when she stands up and he helps her remove her dress and she is completely nude underneath.  A magnificent body with small perky breasts and a well trimmed bush. 

Well, within a minute, one of the clerks comes busting through the door looks directly at them (she is still standing with her guys hands all over her) and yells "get dressed and get out of here."  After my initial sense of disappointment of a great show being lost, I start to wonder how in the hell did the clerk know what was going on.  I start looking around and move up towards the screen and I notice they have a camera mounted above the screen that is pointed back at the theatre seating.  The MF's have the theatre under video surveillance.  Sure enough, I go out to the the theatre and I hang around the clerk's booth looking at some merchandise and I see the monitor tucked away that is showing the theatre.  I looked at theatre entrance again and there were no signs saying theatre was under video surveillance, although there was the obligatory no sexual activity permitted sign. 

First time I had ever seen such a set-up.  Someone later told me that this was all at a time when City activists were trying to shut down all the bookstores/theatres with frequent raids, etc. and I guess the owners felt they had to go to great extremes to protect their million dollar plus investment.  Never have been back there.
Now an interesting twist to this set-up was a multi-theatre in Denver.  They had a small video monitor where the people in the theatre could see people coming in the entrance at the ticket booth as an early warning to vice raids since they would usually come in as a group and rush all 3 theatres at once so they could easily be spotted.

Oh, the stories to be told!


Doc here again... The "New" New Fine Arts is a nice enough ABS, but it's got the sterile vibe of corporate owned ABS.  I never saw a sign for the theater during my one time visit there last year. 

Thanks to JaxBchBum for his stellar report.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Well, That Was Fun...

Doc here with a quick public service announcement... The archive photos have been fully restored to the 300+ reports and posts here at The Journal.  If you happen to run across a report that has an issue with photos, please e-mail me at with the report name and date. 

Thanks for your patience.  Given a choice of doing that again or hitting myself in the head 300 times with a ball-peen hammer, I will take the hammer.

I need a cocktail...


Flash Report: "Riding The Waves with JaxBchBum" - Tampa

Doc here with a Flash Report from one of our most senior writers here at The Journal of Adult Theaters, JaxBchBum.  Searching every nook and cranny in the Southeast USA for nuggets on this thing of ours', Jax never fails to deliver.

Case in point: Jax travels to Tampa in search of a story, and finds one off the normal beaten track (away from Drew Park).  This is where our story picks up...



Glad to hear you have survived the blizzard as well as the website meltdown and sanity, peace and love is being restored to the planet.  I made a trip over to Tampa last week and wanted to provide a report.

After my meetings on Friday, I planned a visit to my favorite adult theatre in Tampa, the Adult Video Center on N. Grady Avenue.  Over the years I have come to enjoy the AVC as the theatre is clean, great video projection and a dedicated couples section on the back right side of the spacious theatre that keeps the "herds" from scaring away couples. 

Adult Video Center on Grady,
Tampa, FL

As I am driving through the Drew Park area up N. Grady from ML King Drive (noticed they changed the name of the Yankee's ballpark from Legends Field to George Steinbreiner Field - a nice touch) I see a number of police cars in the area with cars pulled over.  Ooops, major crackdown in the area I wonder??  Undaunted, I proceed up the street carefully coming to full stops at all the stop signs and pull up to the AVC. 

What is wrong with this picture?  Sign is lit up, but no cars in the parking lot.  Park and go up to the door and they are locked with no signage other than operating hours which indicate they are to be open.  Vice raid and they got shut down I wonder?  As I later found out, they had been closed as they are doing a remodeling and are schedule to reopen week of 2/7 (just in time for Valentine's Day I guess).  Hope that the remodeling will not mess up their great theatre set-up, so will have to try to get back over soon for an update.

Well, time for Plan B.  Figuring that the heat might be on in Drew Park with all the cop cars out, I decided to head to south Tampa down by the port and check out some of the theatres down there which I had not visited in quite some time. 

Passed on Tres Equis located on Brandon Highway (Rt 60) as when I visited there last year, the theatre was trashy, smelled horrible and on the weekends they only allow couples back in the private viewing rooms.  Decided to try out the Adult Movies place on South 50th Street (US 41) down by the Port for the first time.  Noticed there were about 6 cars in the parking lot.  Paid my $10 admission fee.  Quite an usual setup.  As you enter the hallway off the main store, you are forced to turn left or right.  Sign says to the right is Theatres 3 & 4 showing gay and CD/Transvestite movies and to the left is Theatres 1 & 2 showing m/f movies. 


So believing that "left is right" I head to the straight side and opened the door.  Walked around a little wall and there is a large, wide (50') but not deep (30') room with two rear projection large screen TVs.  Along the back wall are three couches each one seating two people comfortably or three close friends.  In front of this row, there are two 2-person couches, each one directly in front of one of the TVs.  Video quality on Theatre 1 is good, but Theatre 2 screen is a bit fuzzy and colors are fading out.  After my eyes adjusted to the lighting, it looks like at one time the configuration had been separate rooms but the separating wall had been torn down to accommodate more people.  Anyway, know this isn't Architectural Digest and you want me to get on to the more enlightening parts of the report.

First couch is occupied by 2 guys sitting at opposite ends and that is it.  So I sit on the far end of the middle couch and settle myself in for what I hope will be an entertaining evening.  After a few minutes, out of the corner of my eye I see the two guys have their cocks out and they are stroking.  Good, I think, don't have to worry about those guys being cops.  After about 15 minutes, I hear the door opening, the 2 guys quickly stuff their stuff and a middle-aged Hispanic couple comes into the theatre.  They stand there for a minute surveying the scene and then decide to walk past us and sit on the far couch (next to mine).  She is wearing a red blouse buttoned up the front with what looked like an ample set of breasts pushing out the front and a dark pleated skirt above her knees.  Her hair is tightly wrapped up and looks very classy.  She's no J-Lo, but looks attractive and has a great smile that shouted "fun".  He is an average looking guy, a bit on the stocky and rugged side, dressed in black jeans and black shirt.

After a little bit, the guys on my left apparently feel comfortable with the new visitors and resume their stroking activities.  The couple is sitting where she is closest to me and he is on her far side with his arm around her left shoulder.  Due to the tall arms on the sofa, I can't see where their hands are.  A bit more time passes and I notice that he is beginning to rub her left shoulder and his hand is working his way down towards her breasts. 

Taking a bit of a risk, I begin to rub my cock through my shorts and move a bit forward on the couch so they will notice.  I see him look over towards me and whisper something in her ear.  She turns her head towards me and I see that impish smile and I smile back.  Soon, his hand is gently caressing her left breast through her blouse and she leans into him a bit harder.  One of the guys on the other couch notices the activity and gets up and sits on the couch in front of them, but sits sideways so he can not only see the other screen but can see the couple out of the corner of their eye.  When he started to move I could see the couple stiffen a little and the guy's hand went back to the top of her shoulder.  Damn, I thought, he has invaded their comfort zone and all is history. 

Fortunately the guy showed some initial restraint and didn't turn and stare at them but made a convincing attempt to be watching both movies as the guy's hand soon returned to his ladies breast.  After a few minutes, the lady reaches up and unbuttons the front of her blouse and exposes a red lacy half-bra.  Even in the dim light, I can see her nipples pointing out and screaming suck me please.  The caressing continues for a bit more and then she leans forward so he can reach under the back of her blouse and unhook the bra.  She then removes her bra puts it in her purse and settles back down with the light from the screen showcasing her D sized breasts with 1" nipples.  He starts by fondling her breasts always working down to squeezing her nipples between his fingers, a move she obviously enjoyed as a low moan would escape her lips from time to time.

He bends over so he can suck them and then I see that all this time she had her hand on his exposed cock and had been stroking it.  By this time, all pretension of watching the movie is gone.  The guy seated in front of them is watching and I have turned sideways to watch as well (the other guy had left).  The guys alternates sucking his lady's tits ending up with a loud sound when his lips break the suction from her nipple. 

In the meantime, guess the single guy in front had an orgasm as he got up and left.  The tit sucking is evidently driving the lady wild as her hands go down to her skirt and then disappear underneath.  The guy looks at me, smiles and I use hand motions to make sure it is OK to take the other guys place on the couch in front and he nods.  So I get up and go over to the couch with my cock at full attention sticking out through the zipper on my shorts.  I sit sideways and watch them getting more and more excited.  He lifts up her skirt and her fingers are feverishly rubbing her clit and pussy which is smooth with the exception of a trimmed small triangular arrow (pointed downward).  She spreads her legs and her fingers are soon replaced by his as he continues to suck her tits.  She is in a state of bliss with her head tossed backwards and her eyes closed and i just continue to pray that nobody comes in and spoils this activity.

The guy sees I am straining for a better look and motions me to come closer.  I get up and walk back standing slightly to the front and side of her.  I ask if it is OK to touch her breasts and they both say yes, so I begin to explore with one hand while stroking my cock with my other.  Having seen his technique earlier, I pay special attention to her erect and swollen nipples and my actions are rewarded with more moans.  Soon her hand comes up to replace my hand and begins stroking my cock.  WOW!!  Have I ever missed the adult theatre scene in Tampa.  He gets down on his knees in front of her and begins eating her pussy so she starts working my cock with both hands, alternating between fast strokes and slow pressure intense strokes.  She is pulling me closer so I quickly reach in my pocket and put on a non-lubricated wrapper and she starts sucking my cock.  And what a great cocksucker she was.  Her mouth was so warm and she would work her tongue on my head and under my shaft as I moved in and out.

Soon, hubby stands up, she sits up on the edge of the couch and begins sucking and stroking both of us.  This goes on for a few minutes and then we hear the door open so we all quickly sit on the couch.  The guy comes it, stands by the edge of the wall for a minute and then leaves.  Hubby and I stand up and she resumes stroking and sucking each of us.  I want to fuck her so bad and I am getting close so I ask (OK beg) "Can I fuck you?"  Hubby pulls her up and he leans up against the back of the couch in front and pulls her head down to resume sucking him.  I lower my shorts and come up behind her and entered her doggy style and start thrusting away.  She had a nice tight pussy that was quite wet and as I pushed forward, she would thrust backwards so my balls would be slapping up against her.  I reached around and began playing with her nipples and that made her thrusts even more intense.  Soon I hear Hubby tell her to suck harder and faster as he is about to cum.  Action intensifies and soon I can tell he is exploding in her mouth as she stops for a second while she swallows him.  Then she starts bucking again and I explode inside of her.  Hot damn!!!

After cleaning up a little bit we all redress, sit down and catch our breath.  Their names were Rosa and Luis and they live over towards Brandon area.  They said they come here or the theatre down the street a couple of times a month.  I thanked them for the great time and they soon departed.  I was hoping for an encore, but it was not to be; but still left a satisfied customer! 

Thank you Rosa and Luis for a great evening.


Doc here again... While the Drew Park adult theaters in Tampa are the most recognizable (Fantasyland, The Playhouse, Thee Love Shack, AVC), it is refreshing to read about the South Tampa establishments.  On the Good Doctor's next trip to Tampa, this may be well worth checking out.

Thanks to JaxBchBum for his usual outstanding work.

Do you have an adult theater report you'd like to see on the pages of The Journal?  Just click on the arrow on the upper right hand side of the page and e-mail The Good Doctor. I will format, spell check, and drop in photos as necessary.  You provide the nitty gritty.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Flash Report: Cruising The Coast With Bob in Biloxi: 2/5/2011

Doc here with a Flash Report from the Cal Ripkin of adult theater reporters, Bob in Biloxi.  Bob is Mr. Consistency... If he was at an adult theater over the weekend, there will be a report in The Good Doctor's mailbox on Sunday.

His hot streak continues...Check out the following play-by-play from The Gulf Coast Adult Theater:


Hi Doc,

The hits just keep Cumming!

Last night at our fine theater, five couples showed up, along with one of the newbie’s from down the street. Guess that would make it six, huh Bob?

Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS

She was the petite little blonde I referred to in an earlier story that has amazing cocksucking abilities; she was being orally pleased by two guys, her husband and some other dude. What made this interesting is she was being held up at her hips by her husband, and supported by her shoulders from the other guy. She was quite literally in the air having her tits sucked by one dude and ate out by her husband. Fairly nice show in that she is extremely vocal and demanding. I didn’t stay long to see the end of that performance and turns out that worked out well for me.

Arriving at the ABS down the street, I noticed a car shutting its lights off and both doors open. Jackpot! I noticed the lady had on a skirt with a skimpy blouse. Unusual for the cold weather last night, so I followed them in and as they were paying I continued on to the back.

The distinctive click of high heels rang in my ear as they took the 2nd booth. Some gay guy was already in number 1, so I had to wait. Through a small crack in the door I could tell he was just looking through the hole and not doing anything else. So I tapped on his door, which he opened, and asked him if he was going to hit that or not, because she was looking for dick. He closed the door (dickhead!) and proceeded to sit back down and peer through the hole. After about 5 min’s of this he finally came out and I was able to get next to them.

Bob in Biloxi

She was a brunette, nice size tits, shaved pussy, dressed in a blue jean skirt and red top. She was seated in the chair blowing her old man.  I fed my cock through the hole and she started stoking it, followed by her wet mouth! She was a very good cocksucker too, as I suspect most women who are into this thing of ours' are experts or at least border line pro’s at sucking cock, she was no different and had the talent. After a few minutes I could feel the raincoat being rolled down, followed very quickly by the sensation of a hot pussy enfolding on me! Another good night to be alive on the beautiful Gulf Coast! With the sensations she was giving me and hearing her moan on the other side of that stupid double wall, it wasn’t long before I filled the condom. Giving them my thanks, (I always do) I left and went to recuperate.

Arriving back at the theater I ran into one of my friends (a couple), and she had a brand new hairdo and looked great. I complemented her on the new look, we sat and talked, I filled them in on the recent events. Looking around the theater I noticed a blonde BBW playing with her husband, he kept looking at me smiling as if he wanted my assistance with her, but I was unable as I had just came and wanted to rest for a few.  The couple I was talking to was playing among themselves and she had some very nice piercings, so that show was helping me get back into the groove of things. Thanks guys!

Meanwhile the lady that comes in with the school girl outfit showed back up, she started getting finger banged by her man, and she was very vocal as well! Soon after she got off they left.

Another new couple came in and stood for a while then sat down in the middle of the theater and just watched the show for about 30minutes, then left. One other couple was on the back couch playing but I never did see exactly what they were doing because of the gawkers. I don’t think it was much.
I went back down to the ABS around 11:30pm and went in the back to find another couple in the booth. She was blowing him so I took a chance and fed my cock through, nothing happened and when he was done, they left. Guess she was just in the mood for showing off a bit? Who knows, it is what happens in this thing of ours sometimes, each couple has their own variety of kink; guess that is part of the overall mystique we follow each weekend!

Sure beats anything HBO has on !!


Doc here again... Another great report from Senior Field Reporter Bob in Biloxi.  Thank you sir!

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