Saturday, October 9, 2010

Blast From The Past! The Blue Hornet on The Foxchase and The Earle Adult Theaters

Doc here with the debut report from The Blue Hornet.  His Blast From The Past focusing on The Foxchase Cinemas in Alexandria, and the Earle Theater in Baltimore is an interesting look back at these two classic adult theaters from "this thing of our's".

Enjoy the report... I did.
The Blue Hornet
Hi Doc,

I love your web site because the most exciting times in my life were the playful activities inside a darkly light theater with the sights and sounders of zippers opening, moans & groans of climaxes, slurping-sucking-fucking everywhere.

My favorites were the Foxchase 3 Cinemas in Alexandria, Va. and The Earle in Baltimore, Md. that closed a few years back. I wish there were some in this area but they are non-existent now.

The Foxchase in Alexandria was my favorite. One afternoon, I picked up my girlfriend Rhonda (a Farrah Fawcett look-alike),  and took her to a matinee. As porn was being shown, we got extremely aroused,and I began kissing her, opened her blouse and sucked her nipples. Her panties became soaked in pussy juice so I finger fucked her to an orgasm. Men crowded around to watch but we were so turned on it didn't matter.

The Earle Theater
Baltimore, MD
Circa 1985

Rhonda then got on her knees in front of me and sucked my cock until I exploded in her mouth. About 5 guys were masturbating near us and shot their loads all over the floor.

One week later, I made arrangements with a very horny lady in my neighborhood, who was married, but flirted with me like crazy. We made love several times in motel rooms, and on one hot afternoon, we fucked 5 times to completion. So, I asked her to go to the Foxchase. She got excited, and we went to a matinee showing porn.
As we kissed and rubbed each other, I pulled my cock out and she gave me a great handjob in front of a group of guys who were jerking their cocks also.  Boy do I miss the Foxchase!

The Earle Theater,
circa 1985

One other story is at the Earle Theater in Baltimore, MD.  A brunette, attractive, voluptuous type of body arrived one late afternoon with a guy interested in a gang bang. Quickly, me and at least 8 more men surrounded her, and took off all of her clothes. She laid down on the floor in the theater and took care of every cock, tongue, hands, etc of each man. She seemed to be insatiable and after draining all of us, she got dressed and walked out with her male companion. That day, the Earle was filled with moans and groans that still register in my mind today.

Doc, I may visit Philly or the eastern Pa. area to check out the Cinema 309 in WB, and Cupids in Kutztown. If so, I will let you know how it went.

Thanks again for all that you do to make life sexciting! 

The Blue Hornet
Doc here again... A great first report from our newest field reporter, The Blue Hornet (I wonder if he has a driver by the name of Kato, or a car named The Black Beauty... But I digress...). Hopefully he hits paydirt @ Cinema 309 and Cupids, and provides another top shelf report.

A little history for the theaters mentioned in TBH's report:  The Foxchase 3 Cinemas (2 showed adult fare, the other a mix of art house and Bollywood films), closed in 2005 to make way for a big box retailer.  The Earle died in 2006, and stands vacant...

The Earle Theater
Vacant, 2008

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