Thursday, July 14, 2011

Brent's Theater Tails: A Quest Takes Brent To The Oregon Theater 7/9/11

Doc here with something of a rarity: Brent from Portland reporting on The Oregon Theater.  The Paris Theatre is Brent usual haunt, so this excursion to the SE side of Portland is a treat. 

I advise you to sit back, drop in one of those crazy straws into a gallon of boxed wine, and enjoy Brent's latest report.


I started out my theater quest on Saturday, July 9 2011 at The Paris Theater after seeing a red flag and a Voodoo flag pop up on my phone.  When I arrived one couple had departed, but Voodoo and Daddy were still there. They were resting in the couples section. I was standing near the bedroom, my eyes adjusting to the darkness.
Oregon Theater
circa 1982

I saw Daddy lead Voodoo Girl out of the couples section by a leash and towards the bedroom. She was almost naked and was wearing a blindfold. Voodoo Girl is a beautiful woman who looks like Sarah Silverman. Daddy handed me her leash and went to get the key to the bedroom.  So I had control over Voodoo Girl for a few minutes. All I could think of was to rub her naked ass and tell her to do what she was told. Lame! I know. But her ass was perfectly shaped and was hot to the touch. Plus, I knew Daddy was going to come back and take over the reigns. When he returned he led her into the bedroom and  had her crawl around and let the guys who were standing around the outside. feel her up. While she was being felt up, probed and prodded from the front, Daddy was caressing and whipping her from the back.

I decided to go to my car and use my phone to post a brief message about Voodoo Girl's exploits at The Paris. While I was doing that, I started getting text messages about couples playing at The Oregon Theater. I had to decide if I wanted to stay at The Paris and watch Voodoo Girl, a lock for a hot theater sex experience, or go over to The Oregon and take my chances that the couples would still be there. I finally decided to go over to The Oregon.

I drove as fast as I could towards The Big O, and smack dab into a traffic jam. Damn! I turned down a side street and managed to get through a maze of Portland streets and back onto the main road to the theater. Luckily when I arrived at my destination there was  a parking  place near the front entrance. I paid my money and went inside.

The Oregon Theater is a spacious older theater that has been showing porn since era of "Deep Throat". In it's current configuration, the couples section is at the front center of the theater surrounded by a rail. You are allowed to stand on the sides and the back but not in front of the  section so the couples don't get that intrusive "every body's staring at us" feeling. The two couches in the last row of the "couples corral" are reserved for couples and invited guests. One guest at a time is permitted to come in and play. 
Oregon Theater
circa 1983

While I was there Saturday night, two couples were playing with the boys: "K"  is looking  good these days.  She used to be a BBW, now she is just a BW. I watched her fuck a few guys while she sucked on her husband's cock. She fucked a few men from the general audience and a few men who had come in with their ladies.

The woman on the other couch was also a BBW and she was also inviting guys in to fuck her.  Another couple was there, a lady with long reddish blond hair and her man, an older in shape bald headed guy. There was a lot of interplay between these three couples, the men fucking each others' women, the women getting fucked and sucking cock at the same time.

There was one couple that was sitting quietly outside of the couples section. The way they acted, I surmised they were regulars. Nobody was bothering them. The whole vibe at The Oregon, Saturday night, was that of a hometown crowd, polite and in control, enjoying theater sex together without a lot of desperate foolishness.

Even when the beautiful brunette came out of the couples section and was surrounded , no one got too rowdy. She and her man had been in the couples section, fucking up a storm. She had long dark hair that cascaded down her back,  great legs, perfect ass and nice hand sized breasts. The celebrity she  resembled was  Andie McDowell . So when she left the couples corral to play with the boys, it caused quite a stir. She and her man ended up on one of the couches at the back of the theater with a whole crowd of men around them. She was being felt up, fingered, licked, nuzzled and she was loving it.

When things finally got in gear, there was always at least one guy's hand in or near her pussy. she would occasionally push a hand away if it didn't feel right. Men were reaching over and caressing her breasts, her nipples were hard and erect, She was jacking guys off with both hands. When a dude was ready to explode she would bring his cock close to her face and let the come spray all over her tits. There was sperm on her tits, her face and her upper thighs. One man begged to fuck her but after a little bit of hesitation she said,"No Thanks." She thought about it though.

In the end she probably took 20 loads, mostly on her tits. Afterwards they went back to the couples section and fucked one more time before they left the theater. She had a slight smile on her face when she left the theater, satisfied with a job well done.

Things quieted down after that. A lot of people left and headed down to The Paris. My phone was buzzing with Paris flag notifications so I knew there were couples there. I was just about to leave when two new couples came into The Oregon. One of the couples featured a tweaky crazy girl who would not stop be bopping to the Discman that she was listening to. Her old man just wanted to get together with the other couple that had come in but she was having none of that. Eventually, he gave up and they left . She never stopped moving the entire time she was there. A great strategy to avoid theater sex or a girl on stimulants? I wonder.

The other couple was a beautiful blond Erin Andrews and her man. She was wearing tight jeans and a shirt, not really theater sex garb, but then again, you never know in "this thing of ours." They started off in the couples section but after a while they left and found a couch in the back corner of the theater to cuddle. She snuggled close to him and played with his dick while they watched the movie. A few guys ventured close, even sat on the couch next to her but no one made any overt moves. She was sitting on the outside but it was not  intended to be a come-on. We all settled in for an old school adult theater "wait and see" session. Just when it looked like things might get going (She started jacking him off a lot faster and allowed a few more guys to get closer) the clerk propped open the double doors and shouted "closing in 30 minutes, folks." Between that and the light streaming in to the auditorium, it put a damper on whatever theater sex might be developing. The couple soon stopped and left the theater.

Maybe if they had come in earlier when all the action was happening they would have done more but it was nice that nobody really bothered them and they had a chance to get comfortable. All in all, I had a great time at The Oregon Theater, Saturday. I need to go there more often.

After The Oregon closed I went back to The Paris.  6 couples came in while I was there and each couple stayed an average of 10 minutes. The couples ranged from young to old, scruffy dressed to sexy dressed, experienced to" first time in the water", and "ready to play" to" just there to watch."  There was potential but nothing really happened. Like the middle innings of a long baseball game, a lot of men (and women) were left on base. I  hope there was action earlier while I was at The Oregon. Any reports?



Doc here again... Another Hall of Fame worthy report from Brent.  His catalog of reports from the past several years would make a great coffee table book.  Of course, the coffee table would need to at Hedonism in Jamaica, or the lobby of one of the theaters within this thing of ours.  Thanks again Brent for all you do.

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