Thursday, December 4, 2014

Freeze Frame! The Return of Emme to The Journal with 17 HOT PICS!

Doc here, a man who some say once drove a meatball themed float in a parade in Upstate NY, with a very special Freeze Frame Report.

This report features a very good friend of The Good Doctor. One I thought would never venture back to this thing of ours...

In the early days of The Journal (circa 2011), one of the first true rock stars in terms of report popularity was Emme. Her reports, titled "Deep Inside Emme's Adult Theater Journey", chronicled her first visits to both ABSs and adult theaters back on the East coast. With each new report, the visits got hotter, the pics were hotter, and she was getting more adventurous.

My site would explode when her new reports hit for well over a year and a half...She really helped gain The Good Doctor many new readers during that time. 

And then she had to step away.

The Good Doctor thought that was it...Emme's adventure had ended just when it was hitting on all cylinders. 

Emme and her BF
enjoying some light reading
Over the next 2+ years, I would get 4-6 e-mails a month asking about what happened to Emme.  During my last trip to Portland last month, I was asked about her. She was gone, but absolutely not forgotten...

Until now.

Emme reached out to The Good Doctor a few days ago, and ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to say that she is back...with a vengeance.  I can't even begin to tell you how happy I was to hear from her. 

We can look forward to new reports and adventures from Emme, and the pics...Hotter than ever (like the image in her new logo above)! Emme is also on Twitter @emme4now  , so please mention to her you saw her on The Journal. 

So as a means to welcome back the legendary Emme, I present to you a Freeze Frame Report of brand new, never seen before, smoking hot pics of Emme...

Welcome Back, sexy girl...