Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Flash Report! Gulf Coast Theater by Bob from Biloxi

Doc here with a brand spanking new report from one of The Journal's most seasoned field reporters, Bob from Biloxi.  Here is the latest from the Gulf Coast Theater...Take it away, Bob:

Gulf Coast Theater
222 Iberville Drive
Biloxi, MS

About 3 weeks ago I had the opportunity to drive over to the Gulf Coast Theater. There were 7 couples playing that night, (not all at the same time) only four couples in action at once. But the show was incredibility hot. The hottest thing I saw was from a woman who to my knowledge had only been in twice, and she didn’t even play. She was a tall brunette wearing a green dress and no panties. But the fact that she returned and finally spread her legs was definitely a turn on, since the hottest sex usually comes from women who convince themselves to take the plunge and have sex in front of a bunch of strangers the first time. I believe she is almost to that point, we’ll see and I will keep you posted.

On to the action, a very young lady, (24 or so) came in with an older man, dressed in a blue jean skirt and a tight pullover blouse (holding back what appeared to be nice DD cups) sat on the front couch and for awhile just enjoyed the show, glancing every once in awhile the hordes of men stroking their cocks, after about 30mins of this I heard her say, “fuck it, I want to play” and with those words she pulled up her shirt, dropped the straps on her blouse, turned around facing the back of the couch and started sucking the nearest cock, one fellow moved around back and started fucking her. She was like the energizer bunny and went on until all the guys standing around her were reduced to a mere shell of dried up men. She was covered with jizz (after about 20guys) and had a big smile on her face, that was hot.

During this time the aforementioned lady in the green dress was watching and some lucky bastard got to rub her pussy while she enjoyed watching the blonde girl up front do her gangbang, her husband had gone up front to watch for awhile and left her in her seat. I tried to get her to go up front but she said she could see just fine, I left to go get drained then and while I was up front that’s when the lucky bastard got to sit down next to her and play with what I can only assume was a very wet box (dam) Meanwhile in other parts of the theater some regular gals were doing their thing with whomever they usually hook up with, all but the one lady in the green dress played but she may come around eventually, (I hope!!) she drips sex !! During this time we had some amusement when what is possibly the ugliest tranny in the entire world entered the theater and got on its knees and started blowing the old dudes no one wanted anything to do with, so something for everyone I guess? The lady in the green dress seemed to be amused by the straight forward approach the tranny used. Maybe she will follow suit next time?

The week after that was Black Spring break in Biloxi, I didn’t go, but heard from the regulars the theater action was non-existent, so I didn’t miss anything. Last weekend only 2 couples showed up and neither of them played. I guess that’s consistent with most theater action nationwide, (hit or miss) except of course for the temple of all adult theaters (THE PARIS). But this is closer and doesn’t require an airline ticket and hotel. So we take what we can get down here! At least the weather is getting nice.
Awesome report Bob!  I agree with him in that sometimes the hottest attraction in an adult theater is the anticipation of a woman ready to make that first big step into "this thing of our's".  Let's keep our fingers crossed that The Lady in Green is ready to do a Neil Armstrong and take that first great step for mankind.
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