Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Field Report! Funville in Vallejo, CA by Jay Owen

Doc here with an update from new reporter Jay Owen, and his take on Funville in Vallejo, CA, and a compariosn to Secrets in Oakland.

Jay, it's all yours...


Dear Good Doctor,

Your database lists the Secrets Theater in Oakland as the only theater in the Bay Area. While I largely agree, and it is the best adult theater in the Bay Area, there is another one just north of Oakland in the city of Vallejo. It's called "Funville". I'm not kidding, that's the name of the place, Funville. It's located at 2700 Sonoma Blvd in Vallejo, on the corner of Indiana Street and Sonoma. It costs $10 to get in the theater, it shows straight porn, has seats for about 75 and a bathroom inside the theater. They are also an adult book store with a tiny arcade with really tiny booths that I never see anyone use (ed. note: database updated).

Now the reality part; it's seedy, it never gets cleaned (very well) people smoke cigarettes inside the theater, the screen is old, the projector is older and the sound is horrible. Many of the seats are broken and the bathroom is downright filthy. With that said, they are very patron friendly. The staff doesn't care what goes on inside as long as no one is making too much noise or getting hurt. I have seen M/F couples in there, but that is rare. It's mostly men looking for M2M play. Lot's of married men go there to "rub one out" so to speak. Lots of nudity and open jacking going on in there. Lots of sexual activity between men in the bathroom too.

If it was cleaner, if the seats were not broken and if there was women's only restroom  I bet more couples would go there. Until then, it will remain a seedy old porn theater for seedy old men.

Given the choice, the Secrets Theater in Oakland is better. They only charge $7 to get in, only $5 for 55 & older. Their seats are newer, the projector and sound are better (they need to fix the focus again on their projector) and their arcade is much better with bigger booths and more movie selection. Still, not may couples go there, not sure why. The Secrets store is nice, well lit, clean and has friendly staff. Couples do come in to buy adult toys and movies, but don't venture in to the theater much. Ah, we can't all be like Portland. Too bad.

Respectfully submitted by Jay Owen.


Thanks Jay for a nice comparison report.  NoCal is not a mecca for this thing of ours at this time... Maybe one day it will bounce back, but I'm not taking any bets.


Flash Report! D&M Visit The Berlin News Agency (w/ HOT Pics AND 2 Video!)

Doc here with a GREAT way to start of August's reports...

In early July, D&M, our Jersey-centric reporters, visited the awesome Berlin News Agency.  The following represents what monkey business they got into @ BNA.

How about this: 10 Pics and 2 Videos from that evening in early July!!!  Plus, D&M have indexed the pics with the report!

I suggest sitting back, popping open a Fanta, and enjoying this multi-media Couple's Flash Report from the hosts of The Jersey Report, D&M.

Please click on the pics, as they are hi-res!


It was a very hot night when we arrived at BNA. We entered the store to find a few "friends" waiting outside the theater.

"D" and I said hello and headed in followed by our "friends". As she walked through the door, one of the guys wanted to take a picture of her ass. "D" obliged, kneeling on the low, padded table and pulling up her dress. (see IMAG156) 

What you can barely see, if you look closely is a surprise. "D" was wearing a stainless steel butt plug with a beautiful crystal on the end of it. (See IMAG159). So I had our 2 friends hold her ass cheeks open so I could get a few pics!! (see IMAG160)

The theater was not crowded. Maybe 8 guys there at the time. "D" took a few minutes to get situated and beckoned for the first lucky guy of the evening. (See IMAG165) She took about 4 minutes to suck him off and swallow his load. (see VIDEO002)  She licked her lips and the guys started lining up!!

Guy # 2 took about as long... (see IMAG169 and VIDEO0003)Again, she swallowed his load and there was another happy customer!!

The next guy walked up and things continued that way for about 45 minutes and 6 guys. (See IMAG170a, 171, 172 and 173)

I may have failed to mention this before, but there was another couple there and after the rest period, things got more interesting as the woman went down on "D" while she continued to suck cock. Super hot!! (see IMAG174) During that session one of the guys came all over "D's" chest!! Unfortunately I did not get a pic of that :(

"D" continued to take on all cummers for the next hour or so. A total of 17 guys were serviced that evening. A very impressive number!
"D" Truly loves cum and making men feel good.

The disappointing part was that no one said "The Doc sent me". She was really looking forward to someone from the site being there. Oh well.. There is always next time!!
We left around midnight and chatted about the experience all the way home. Then we had some of the best sex we ever had.











Doc here again... A huge thank you to D&M for a great report!  What more could one ask for? Pics, video, and an index... Bravo!

D&M are hitting Berlin News Agency again very soon...Stay tuned for an announcement.  And if you run into them at BNA, make sure you tell her "Doc sent me!".