Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Flash Report! Nanner Reports From San Diego's Jolar Cinema

Doc here with an excellent first time Flash Report from out newest contributor, Nanner.

The theater that is the subject of Nanner's report is one of The Good Doctor's favorites, the Jolar Cinema in San Diego, CA. 

In 2010, I posted a House Call Report from my just completed visit to The Jolar, which ranked as one of my favorite experiences in recent memory.  Check out that report HERE.

So, without further delay, here is Nanner and his first report here at The Journal...


Dear Doctor,

I hope to fulfill my civic duty by reporting on the status of things in the College Area of San Diego.
I had a few free hours last night and decided to stop by Jolar Cinema (address info located in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database).  Jolar was my old stomping grounds in college, got to know a couple ladies working in the booths in the back.  Those old booths and the stage were ripped out years ago and replaced with what is now the theater.

The theater is located behind the bookstore itself, there are a few "peepshow" booths along the left as you walk in, with some friendly ladies wanting to sell you a show.  The rest of the back area is video booths (not equipped with glory holes) and then the double theater.

The theater is constructed so it is behind a buzzer controlled door.  Inside there is a hallway with a tinted window looking into the first theater.  I don't understand what the window is there for, as you can't really see into the theater, but can see the darkened video screens.  Across the front from the entrance of of the first small theater (15 oversized black chairs) is a larger theater (maybe 21 of the same sized chairs with some overflow deck chairs).  Both theaters have two video screens.  The first smaller theater appears to be the straight side as it seems to always play two straight pornos.  The larger side usually plays one straight and one tranny/bi/gay porno.

Last night I stopped in around 10 PM and paid my $10 admission (Wednesday and Saturdays are free for couples.)  There was one couple hiding in the hallway watching porn through the tinted window.  I smiled at them and headed into theater proper.  There were a few guys scattered about the first theater.  I went to the larger theater, having in the past seen couples on that side, and found the attendance to be about the same.  It must have been a slow night because I swear two guys were in there sleeping.

After about 20 minutes, the hallway couple sat down in the back row of the large theater.  I took a seat a few rows up to keep tabs on things.  I noticed that a man who had been standing with them in the hallway was sitting next to the woman.  Nothing seemed to be happening and a short time later the couple stood up and walked out of the theater.  The man followed a few minutes after.

I moved back into the smaller theater when couple #2 came in.  They sat down towards the back.  I walked to the hallway to check my phone (and interestingly noted that Couple #1 was back in the hallway hiding, and the man was still standing there with them) and then re-entered the smaller theater and found a seat across the aisle from couple number two.  They sat there watching the porn, she was cuddled up next to him, and they were touching arms, but not doing anything to indicate fun would be happening anytime soon.

After being there for about an hour and twenty Couple #3 arrived and provided for the humorous moment of the evening.  She was a semi attractive blonde, he was a black fellow.  Both late 20's / early 30's.  They walked into the first theater, looked at the screen, he acted shocked and immediately turned around and drug her out of the theater, not to be seen again.

Couple #2 engaged in a little petting and stroking, by her, of his member, which had been taken out of his pants. She glanced over at me stroking mine, we made eye contact and smiled, but nothing more occurred.  Couple #1 passed through the small theater into the larger theater for about 5 minutes and then headed back to the hallway (same man in tow).  Couple #2 never engaged in anything more than some petting or minor stroking, and left a little after midnight.  The most real life nudity I saw was the single older man in the back row walking around with his pants off.

I headed out around 12:15AM and found Couple #1 still hiding in the hallway, this time the tall white guy had been replaced by a shorter black guy, but they still looked like they were terrified about being anywhere but the hallway.

That's about it for my adventure.  I've seen other couples having fun in the theater in the past, but none last night.



Doc here again... Thanks to Nanner for a great first time report!  Keep the reports coming Nanner...

The Good Doctor is still in need of adult theater reports for The Journal. Just e-mail Ron Burgundy The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com with your report, and I'll do the rest. Editing, formatting, logos, pics... You provide the report, get the byline, and provide a pen name. 


Flash Report! CEO (The Cum Executive Officer) Returns - Report and Actual Pics From The Event

Doc here, fresh off my trip back east, and ready to get back into the swing of things... And what better way than with the C.E.O. and her new report.

This one is HOT folks... And the pics are the real deal, taken when this was happening LIVE!



Hi Doc!  Sorry for my delay in between my submissions.  As you can imagine, keeping up my work requirements while still trying to be a super slut can be time consuming. So I guess my recounts of my escapades take a back seat sometimes.  But as I sit on this flight back from my business trip, I find myself squirming in my seat thinking about one of the previous surprises my husband planned for me.  So I decided it was a great time to write about my story, instead of jumping the guy sitting next to me in first class.  ;)

As you know, my husband likes to surprise me with naughty little trips requiring me to relinquish my normal controlling, in-charge demeanor, and this particular Friday night was no different.  We made plans to go out for dinner and some drinks at our local pub.  Since I always love to see my husband happy, I made sure to wear a sexy “boobie shirt”, and a skirt for easy access.   After dinner, while I was enjoying my wine, I excused myself to the restroom and then removed my panties.  I handed them to my husband at the bar when I returned, of course making sure the bartender noticed! ;-)   This must have been some sort of signal for my husband, as he abruptly instructed me to finish up my drink so we could leave.
The Real C.E.O. (and during this report)

It was dark by this time, and we were driving around our city in places which were unfamiliar to me, but my husband seemingly knew exactly where we were going.  We drove down a dead end road with some commercial businesses on each side.  All of them were closed, and dark.   He then pulled into one of the businesses’parking lots, and drove behind the building. 

It was still dark, but I could make out a sort of homemade room up against the building.  My husband guided me into the room where I could see to the outside through the hole in one of the walls.  Well, at this time, my pussy definitely knew what was coming, and was dripping with anticipation.  It was only a few minutes of waiting until I heard a car door shut, and footsteps.  Within moments, a wonderful large hard cock was through the hole waiting for my mouth to engulf it.  Now, this nice young man knew how to make a woman like me very happy.  He was cleanly shaved, smelled fresh and clean, like Irish Spring, and brought a hard cock for me to suck.

I immediately put his large cock in my mouth, and began to glide back and forth.  I was enjoying seeing how far back in my mouth I could take him as I was slowly licking and sucking.  After only a few minutes, I could feel his hot cum exploding in my mouth.  I was actually a little surprised at how quickly he came, and with very little warning!  So I discretely swallowed the load, and continued to suck his cock.  I knew this was a young man, and would likely recover quite quickly. 
He did not disappoint!  It was fantastic and seedy to be outside under the stars, behind some random business, where I could get caught being a total whore at any time!  All that risk, with minimal control, a nice young cock to suck, and my husband’s fingers fondling my breasts and wet pussy lips made me feel so wickedly hot.  I have no idea how long I was sucking him…. For the second time! ;)  I know that I was completely entranced by how dirty this whole situation was that I couldn’t help but cum all over my husband’s fingers!  Apparently, my young gentleman friend enjoyed the sounds of my orgasm as he unloaded his second load all over my tits!  As soon as he was finished, I released his cock to disappear back through the hole.  I must have done a good job, as my young friend found that his legs were a little shaky, and ended up on his ass!  Now if that isn’t the best form of flattery for a CEO, I don’t know what is!

After my friend disappeared, my husband loaded me back into our car, with no opportunity to wipe the cum from my tits!  I was told to adjust my “boobie shirt” as best I can.  We drove back to our local pub, and finished some additional drinks!  I have no idea if anyone could see the dried globs of cum on my chest.  The bar was mostly dark, but I’m sure if you were close enough, you could see something there!  Maybe I should have asked someone if they noticed…. Maybe next time!

CEO “going to diddle in the airplane bathroom now”

CEO’s Policy Update:  When you are getting ready to unload on your kneeling friend, I suggest you give a notice of some kind like maybe a knock, or a sound, or even verbally announcing your fantastic load.  Sometimes a slut may want to have your cum on her tits, chin,stomach, or even her ass instead of her mouth.  A little notice helps us place it in just the right spot to be a good little CEO later.  Now don’tget me wrong, I love to swallow; just sometimes like a little variety with mysluttiness!


Doc here again... The C.E.O. is one very naughty business executive, and this set of pics illustrated just how she can be... Thanks again to the C.E.O. and her hubby for the report and night-vision pics, and we cannot wait until the next board meeting.