Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Quick Note from the Good Doctor: Penthouse Article Update

Doc here, a man who some say always wanted to be be featured in a major magazine, until it was revealed it would be Field & Stream, with an important update.

Remember the Fall of 2014? It was unseasonably warm, there were plenty of hot times being chronicled at various adult theaters across the country, and Ohio State was still on their first-string quarterback? 

Yeah, me too. 

It was in the Fall that The Good Doctor announced that he had given an interview to Penthouse magazine back in the Spring, and that the interview and article about the adult theater scene was hitting any time now. Well, the article kept on getting bumped back, month after month. Leaves fell from the trees, the first snows arrived. I had my doubts that it would ever see the light of day.

That was until today... I received an e-mail from Penthouse stating that the article will appear in the April 2015 issue of Penthouse. They also asked The Good Doctor for more photos for the piece, and I am working on them as we speak. 

Typically, the April issue will hit sometime in March.  As soon as I get a street date for the issue, I will let you, the good  readers of The Journal, know ASAP. 

Thanks for hanging in there with your old friend in the white suit and aviators. The adult theater scene is going glossy, with a little help from some friends.


By Demand: The Gear I Use

Doc here, a man who some say has had enough minor surgery this month to last a lifetime, has something a little different for you, the good readers of The Journal.

As I sit here in my office, deep in The Valley, near the small women's liberal arts college, I am recovering from a second round of minor surgery from this morning. Hopefully this wraps things up and I will not look like a voodoo doll for much longer. 

What better time than to write something a little different. Maybe offer a different peek behind The Good Doctor's curtain. 

Several times a month, and in particular in the wake of my Good Doctor's Showcase report on the photo shoot with the amazing Hawaiian Eyeful, I would get technical questions from readers. Questions like "...what photo gear are you using?",  " you create your own artwork?", " you use Photoshop?"  I would always write everyone back individually and answer their tech questions, offer some advice, and move on. 

In the last month the tech questions came in much more frequently, due in part to the Hawaiian Eyeful shoot. My dilemma was how can I answer these questions and not get bogged down with the correspondence.

The answer finally hit me last week...

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! Sunday's Five-Course Meal with Gemini at The Paris Theater in Portland

Doc here, a man who some say will always wear his fancy lace-up shoes if he knows Gemini is in the house, with an amazing Couple's Flash Report.

The aforementioned Gemini, a charter member of the LLOP (Legendary Ladies of Portland), has been a hungry girl as of late. The day prior to the following report, she enjoyed an appetizer at The Paris Theatre in downtown Portland. 

Well, it seems that the appetizer did it's job, since Gemini needed a full 5 course meal the following day at The Paris. And she ordered up five tasty dishes...

Ladies and gentlemen, pop open a peach Fresca and enjoy your main course of the hot and very sexy Gemini!



Last Saturday night, our visit to the Paris and Mr. Peeps turned out to be an appetizer. The next day I woke up absolutely ravenous for more. Once again we headed to the Paris.

We entered the lobby and I went straight to the Oasis. There were only a handful of men in the theater. Most joined me immediately at the rail. A very nice gentleman, S, looked familiar with his grey hair and beard, and I went to him first. A few moments of small talk, and I unleashed my breasts for him over the rail. A man to his right tried to help himself too, but I told him to wait for permission. He didn’t seem to understand and reached in again…so thanks to the guy who translated for me! This could have ruined what turned out to be a great time.

Back to S. He fondled and sucked on my ladies, and I reached between the rail slats to run my hand between his legs. I pulled his cock out and tried to lie on the bench to suck it, but the position was awkward. Frustrated and famished for cock, I hurried out of the Oasis, grabbed S by the hand, and went down to the Arena table. I was followed by the Mechanic and other men who quickly placed sheets and towels down so I could get to business.

S came quickly and his cum was as sweet as he is. I would have loved to spend more time with him, but I had to have more. Now.

M was next. I pulled him out of his seat and pushed him in front of the Arena table. (A little reminiscent of my time with Doc, but not quite as frenzied.) Someone generously provided a pillow as I vocally requested one out loud to the Paris gods. I was instantly on my knees, voraciously trying to suck this man’s cock, but his pants were around his ankles restraining him. Once again I was recalling my time with Doc as I struggled to get his shoe off. Finally, he was freed of his confinement and I was able to get him laid back on the table. Oh, god yeah! I was so eager for his cock I could hardly stand it. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! J&S Hit The Oregon Theater in Portland on 1/24/15 (w/PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say was once the body double for Robert DeNiro in "Jackie Brown", with a terrific first-time Couple's Flash Report from J&S in Portland. 

My good friend Brent in Portland was kind enough to connect J&S with The Good Doctor a couple of days ago in order to publish their first theater report to The Journal after it had been posted in Brent's awesome Yahoo Group. I reached out to J&S, and presto chango, we have their first report PLUS three pics of the lovely "S". 

So kids, please welcome J&S to this thing of ours...


Around a month after our first visit to an adult theater, we found our way back to the Oregon Theater for another visit. We arrived at the theater around 10:40 on a Saturday night. After a quick visit to the ladies room to freshen up after the couple hour drive, we made our way into the main theater.   I found it funny wondering what Jessica thought when she told my wife that they were packed with two couples, three ladies and a chick.   My wife said a chicken.  I knew plenty of guys would be choking the chicken watching the action. 

Flash Report! The Black Hat at Waverly Adult Bookstore in Waverly, VA on 1/23/15

Doc here, a man who some say was never a lineman for the county, with the return of senior reporter The Black Hat

TBH visited the Waverly Adult Bookstore in Waverly, VA this past Friday night, and drove one out of the park to deep center. He also notes some improvements and changes (for the good) at this location.

Here we go...



Wandered off of I-95 in Virginia this past Friday night to visit the Waverly Adult Bookstore in Waverly, Virginia (aka as "the country bookstore).  My last stop anywhere was a rare uneventful visit to Berlin News Agency in NJ back in December so I was particularly hopeful that something would develop that I could get into.

It’s a about a 45 minute drive off of 95, East of Petersburg, Virginia out Rt. 460.  The speed limit changes out there folks so watch your step.  I arrived, paid the $20 single fee (allows access to both theater and booths without feeding money), I immediately noticed that the store had been painted.  Wanting to get my bearings I ventured into the theater which is a small room with a large HD TV, maybe 70”. 

I noticed a new addition, two doors at the rear of the theater with windows and shades.  I asked a guy what that was about and he said they were the new private rooms ($5), with TVs and couches, said couples sometimes frequent and open the shade to be watched and sometimes invite in others.  Hmm.

Monday, January 26, 2015

The Good Doctor's Showcase! The Legendary Robin (from WhenIFeelNaughty) Returns to the Gloryhole - A Preview with Pics!

Doc here, a man who some say gets lost in the nostalgia of the early days of internet, where a few legendary ladies cut a path into our hearts (and into our pants).

It was in March of 2013 when one of those legendary ladies re-appeared on the scene after an absence of 10+ years. That legendary lady is Naughty Robin, otherwise known as Robin from WhenIFeelNaughty.

Somehow, I came across her re-launched website that was just in the process of being built, and reached out to her. What resulted was her first interview since she re-appeared back on the adult theater and GH radar (the Double Doppler 69).

Flash forward to last night...I had just finished my Sunday sauce (Sunday is always sauce day at The Chez Lizardo), when I got a message from Naughty Robin.  Here is an excerpt of that message: 

Upcoming Event! This Saturday! Couples Pleasure Party at The Westwood Theater Private Members Only Club 1/31/15

The Good Doctor's Showcase! Hawaiian Eyeful & The Good Doctor - Report and Photo Shoot (w/21 PICS!)

Doc here, with the first report of 2015, and the debut of The Good Doctor's Showcase. I am glad you have stopped by to spend the next few minutes of your day with an incredible report from the amazing Hawaiian Eyeful (from Portland OR), and some photos of Ms. Eyeful by your old friend in the white suit, The Good Doctor. 

The Hawaiian Eyeful did an amazing job with this report, and I guaranty you will immerse yourself into the scenes she details, just as I did (and I was there!).

The photos that accompany this report were taken by your humble narrator at the time this scene played out. The outfits, the hidden stairwell, the elevator...Every pic taken as Hawaiian Eyeful unfolds her report in very hot detail. 

Last note... The photos with this report can be ENLARGED by clicking on them. Trust me, you will want to...

So without further ado, please enjoy the first Good Doctor's Showcase, featuring the outstanding reporting of the amazing Hawaiian Eyeful!



Saturday November 15th, 2014
It has been a very whirlwind weekend and this is one exhausted girl.

It’s Saturday morning, and we arrived promptly at 9:30.  As we entered the hotel,  I kept thinking to myself; wow, I can’t believe I am doing this. With suitcase in hand, I knocked on the Doc’s suite’s door and entered.   

Emptying out my attire, the suite now looked like a girl lived there; sexy lingerie, club wear and high heels were now scattered about.  Our first pick, dark blue lingerie.  Our second pick, black dress with red sequins and red high heels. Our third pick, a black netted one piece and red high heels.  Our fourth pick, we added a trench coat.  Our fifth pick, au naturale.  

Friday, January 23, 2015

Breaking News from the Journal: A 2nd Location for Hobbeze in Liverpool, PA

Doc here with a bit of new news for you, the good readers of The Journal of Adult Theaters.

Hobbeze has opened up a 2nd location in Eastern PA, and they were kind enough to forward the info to your old friend in the white suit and aviators.

Sounds like things are heating up in The Keystone State, and it's about time!

Here is the information you'll need to know how Hobbeze and this new location:

Hobbeze of Liverpool has a movie theater for your relaxation and enjoyment. This private venue offers discretion for all who enter. Enjoy the movies playing, chat with friends, and relax in complete privacy.

Serving all of Central PA we are open:

Monday-Thursday: 10am - 10pm
Friday: 10am to Midnite
Saturday: 11am to Midnite 11
Sunday: 11am to 9pm

Come check us out at:
2901 Susquehanna Trl.
Liverpool, PA 17045


Upcoming Event: Big Game Party on Sunday February 1 @ 15th Ave. Adult Theater's Party Room in Chicago

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! The Amazing Gemini at The Paris Theatre and Mr. Peeps in Portland on 1/17/15

Doc here, a man who some say was never a Human Cannonball, even though a gentleman in the UK who was looked just like The Good Doctor was one, with a special Couple's Flash Report

My very good friend Gemini and her hubby J made a visit to not only  The Paris Theatre in Portland, OR, but to Mr. Peeps as well.  In this very hot report, find out what her mission was, who helped her on that mission, and what exactly happened in that parking lot afterwards...

So kids, sit down, relax, and grab yourself a Peach Fresca as you enjoy the word stylings of the very hot and very naughty Gemini.


After a very busy and stressful holiday season, my hubby and I were ready to go out and relax. We headed to one of our favorite dive bars and settled in for a drink and karaoke. 

A couple hours in, I became bored and restless. I turned to him and said, “You know what I’d like to do? I'd love to stop by the Paris and find one guy and give a blow job.” Being that it was Saturday night and he doesn’t like the typical large crowds there on the weekends, I thought he would object. But the next thing I knew, the tab was being paid and we were on our way. As he dropped me at the door to find parking, we agreed again…. One. One guy only. I walked in not knowing what to expect on a Saturday night. After a quick freshening up in the ladies room, I entered the theater to be immediately greeted by a familiar face – the Mechanic. He was standing in the corner of the Annex watching two couples in the Oasis. I joined him and took in the scene. 

 The crowd was much lighter than I’d expected, but that was probably better for me so I could scan for a potential gentleman. There were three younger guys in the front row taking turns to look behind them at any newcomers and potential action. Hmmm. I liked the look of them, but if I started with one right there on the Arena table, I knew I would end up with all three and break my promise.

The two couples were now starting to interact with each other, so I hopped up on the exam table near the Annex rail to enjoy being a voyeur for a change. One of the men undid his jeans and the woman began to caress and stroke him. He then got up to stand and face her while she sucked him as onlookers gathered at the rail to enjoy the show. The other couple took the queue and began to fondle themselves and each other.

At this point a man (I’ll call “M”) came through the door and slowly walked down the aisle with eyes like a deer in headlights. He stopped and asked me, “So what happens in here?” I smiled but didn’t know where to start. “Well many things can happen here, depending on the circumstances. Is this your first time in?” He explained that he had just moved to the country a couple weeks ago and had never experienced any place like this. I took it upon myself to play tour guide and pointed out all the areas inside the theater and the basic rules. The Mechanic added in to conversation as we tried to help our new guest feel comfortable.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Box Score! The Winter Carnival Event at 15th Ave. Adult Theater on 1/17/15 in Chicago

Doc here with the Box Score on the HUGE Winter Carnival Event at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago this past Saturday evening, 1/17/15.

Well kids, the planets aligned perfectly Saturday evening, as the typically miserable mid-January weather was nowhere in sight, with 40 degrees and no rain. This meant easy travel to Chicago's western burbs and to the event. 

I am sure there will be reports on the way from the event (including one of my own), but in the meantime, just how busy and crazy was this event? Well, just a new record-setting evening for any event at 15th Ave!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

UPDATED 1/17/14 at 10:00am: TONIGHT!!! The Winter Carnival at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on 1/17/15 at 8pm

UPDATED SATURDAY 1/17 @ 10am: Doc here...The big day has arrived, and the weather in Chicago could not be better. Mid-40's and sunny in mid January?  An outrage!

The stage is set kids... We have 79 confirms from alone, and it keeps growing by the hour. The games are prepped, the outfits the ladies will be wearing are hot and ready, and The Good Doctor is having a good hair day. 

First time guests: After you pay at the front counter at 15th Ave. Adult Theater, I will be happy to take you on a nickle tour of the facility and Party Room. 

I will also be signing people up for Mega-Twister and Spin the Bottle, and the games will start promptly at 9pm. And as stated in yesterday's update, the winner of the Mega-Twister contest will win a very cool prize with a $45 retail value.

Please remember that 15th Ave. Swag Bags will be given out to the first 40 male/female couples with their paid admission, starting at 8pm. Each bag has a $50 retail value of fun things for all your senses. 

Oh...Remember that 79 commits for the Winter Carnival from  It's up to 81 now. 

Please introduce yourselves to The Good Doctor this evening if I don't get a chance to first. As always, I love meeting readers and fans of The Journal. 

See you tonight!



Sunday, January 11, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! The A-Team at The Art Cinema in Hartford on Saturday 12/27/14 (w/PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say auditioned for the role of Teddy in "Momento" before it went to Joey "Pants",  with a great Couple's Flash report from The A-Team, featuring the super hot Milf Kat.

The A-Team visited the mighty Art Cinema in Hartford, CT on 12/27, and has not only filed a great report, but included some very hot pics from the visit. They also visited Erotic Zone after the trip to The Art Cinema..

Take it away, A-Team!


Hi Doc, 

Hope you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year.....from the A-Team.

So anyways ,Milf Kat and I wanted to make one last trip down to the art for the 2014 year. We went on a Saturday the 27th to finish out 2014. We got to Hartford early and settled in our room and figured it would give us some time for pics. 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! Hawaiian Eyeful at The Paris Theatre on Saturday 12/27/14 (w/PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say loves to take pictures of pretty girls, with a dynamite Couple's Flash Report from my good friend, the amazing Hawaiian Eyeful.

On 12/27, Hawaiian Eyeful and Mr. Eyeful ventured to the Paris Theatre in downtown Portland for some R&R. And by R&R, I mean shenanigans and monkey business.

Accompanying this report are pics from a very recent MFM encounter with Hawaiian Eyeful being the guest of honor inside a luxury hotel suite. (Please click on the thumbnails to ENLARGE)

So without further ado, please welcome back the gorgeous Hawaiian Eyeful and her end of the year visit to the Paris Theatre in downtown Portland, starring a cast of over a dozen choirboys.

Pop open that Fresca (Hi Gemini!) & enjoy!


The Last Saturday of 2014

Where should one end up on the last Saturday in 2014?  With that thought in mind and after finishing a delicious meal downtown, I told my husband let’s head to the Paris Theatre to check out the action. After all, reading many reports and with notifications that Wanton Siren was to be at the Paris, we were hoping we’d get the chance to meet her. 

Dressed in my high heeled black boots and zip up bodice with a multi-color skirt, we checked in with Ray and told him to fly the “Hawaiian Eyeful” flag.  Proceeding into the Oasis, we got comfortable. I took note that the crowd was not as overwhelming and many were watching a woman up front getting fucked. It was nice being on the other side and being able to get a different view of things.  Even though we did not go with the intention of playing, hubby decided it was time to let the girls out.  As he unzipped my dress down a bit further, he adjusted my bodice so my girls could breathe more freely.  

Visit Announcement! TONIGHT (1/10/15) @ 9pm at the Gulf Coast Theater in Biloxi, MS: Mojodaddy & Angel

Doc here with a last minute Visit Announcement for the Gulf Coast Adult Theater in Biloxi, MS for TONIGHT, 1/10/15 @ 9pm.

I just received the notice from Mojodaddy and Angel about their visit tonight, and they included a few pics as well. 

As always, tell them "Doc sent me!" if you are there tonight!

Here we go:


I am preparing to take my 23 year old submissive to the Blixoi theatre tonight, blindfold her and have her expose her pussy and have her pussy to be used tonight.  I know this is very short notice, but was hoping you could get some word out. Looking for some young studs, prefer larger cock 8 to 10 inches.... she does whatever Daddy asks of her.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Breaking News! Pyramid of Pleasure in Centreville, IL Closed

Doc here, a man who some say just singed his mustache from a flare-up after throwing another log on his fireplace, with not so good news from the St. Louis area.

I received an e-mail from a couples in the St. Louis area yesterday telling me that Pyramid of Pleasure in Centreville, IL was now closed. The couple stated that they really enjoyed PofP, and it was a shame that it is no more. 

I have published a few reports from Pyramid of Pleasure over the last couple years, and each one was very positive from a adult theater perspective. But in looking back through some different message boards, it looks like it went dark in late November 2014. Consequently, I have marked them as closed in the database. 

Pyramid of Pleasure...We hardly knew ye.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! JP's Slut's Christmas Present at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago (w/8 PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say never took second place in this month's sales contest (the steak knives), with a special holiday themed Couple's Flash Report by my good friends the amazing JP's Slut and her Master JP.

Now The Good Doctor doesn't usually dictate or suggest when or how you might enjoy a report here at The Journal, but in this case I am making an exception. I suggest reading this report right before bed, as JP's Slut requires your absolute focus in the journey she will be taking you on. This is also a report (in my humble opinion) that will strongly resonate with women.

Also, JP's Slut and JP are looking for your feedback on this report. You can do this two ways:

a) On JP's Slut's Twitter HERE
b) E-mail JP HERE

...and tell them you saw it on The Journal when you do respond. Thank you!

The images that are published with this report are 100% JP's Slut... They are as real as real gets. And yes, she is THAT HOT!

OK, a little exposition before we jump into JP's Slut's amazing report... The day before their visit, JP messaged The Good Doctor on his Samsung Intergalatic 9000 phone and asked if I could help facilitate getting the word out about their trip to 15th Ave. Adult Theater. Within a couple of hours, the announcement was up at The Journal, and out to my Twitter peeps.  The nice folks at 15th Ave. Adult Theater did the same on their end. 

The next morning the hall was rented, the orchestra engaged. Now it was time to see if the folks in attendance could dance.

Take it away, JP's Slut...

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Flash Report! A Crazy Night with The Sexual Athletes and K&M at The Art Cinema on 1/2/15 by H-Man (with 14 PICS!!!)

Doc here with a whopper of Flash Report from senior reporter H-Man, and his crazy Friday night (1/2/15) at the mighty Art Cinema in Hartford, CT.

It was a night highlighted by my good friends The Sexual Athletes (in an advertised visit), and the return of K&M, a hot couple making a return visit to The Art Cinema. 

It is here where we pick up our report...

Take it away, H-Man!



Happy New Year to you and all the others in “this thing of ours”!   I read the “visit announcement of the Sexual Athletes” at the Art Cinema Friday night and decided it was time to put the holidays behind me and make the trip north of the border.  BOY, I am glad I did!  As is always the case…it was night to remember!

I arrived around 6:30PM and was greeted by the always welcoming Ernie and Nik.  We caught up on the holidays and the news of the theater.  The new website was a big topic of conversation.  Thanks to the Good Doc, the site is exceeding all expectations and the hits keep coming.  

Couple's Flash Report! M&S at The Art Cinema in Hartford, CT on 1/3/15 (w/PICS)

Doc here, the last surviving crew member of The Nostromo, with a great Couple's Flash Report from my good friends, M&S.

M&S visited their favorite adult theater, The Art Cinema, this past Saturday night and have filed this report and pics from their adventure.

So ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back M&S and their Flash Report from this past Saturday night.

Here we go!


Hi Doc,

Monday, January 5, 2015

Upcoming Event! The Winter Blast at The Westwood Theater Private Members Only Club in Toledo on 1/16/15

Couple's Flash Report! Cat's First Time at an Adult Theater: Buford Highway Twin Cinema in Atlanta Sunday 1/4/14

Doc here with a terrific first time report from a first time adult theater go-er, Cat

Cat and her escort for the afternoon hit The Buford Highway Cinema the afternoon of January 4th, 2015, and for her initial visit to an adult theater, it was a home run!

Please welcome to The Journal, first timer Cat!


Hi Doc! 

I'm 'Cat'. I had my first adult theater adventure today at the Buford Twin Cinema and thought you might like to hear about it from the female perspective. 

I went with someone who has been many times and knows the routine, so I felt very safe. We arrived and got in free, then the manager had to unlock the women's room door so I could change. I put on a very short black skirt, heels, and a tight white wifebeater. Entering the theater, I noticed about 6-8 men in the seats. It was Sunday afternoon, and I was hoping for a 'slow day' for my first time.

We headed down into the couples section and took our seats. My date immediately began rubbing my breasts and playing with my pussy. At this point we had been followed down front by at least six men who, for the most part, stayed out of the marked section. One guy in particular followed us right into that section and basically wagged his hard cock in my face. We ignored him until it was his turn.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Visit Announcement! TONIGHT! The Sexual Athletes at The Art Cinema in Hartford Friday 1/2 at 7PM!

Doc here... My good friends The Sexual Athletes will be making a special trip to the mighty Art Cinema in Hartford THIS FRIDAY EVENING at 7pm.

And kids, this trip will be well worth your time.  Mrs. Sexual Athlete will be on the main floor of The Art, and she needs your help. 

How, you may ask?

Well, Mrs. Sexual Athlete wants to re-create a scene from a well-known early 90's porn film, "Curse of the Catwoman". In this movie, the actress in one scene dances and writhes around naked surrounded by a bunch of guys, stroking themselves as they watch her. One by one, they all cum all over her. 

I had a chance to review the scene is question, and it is VERY HOT.  If you'd like to see the scene, here is the link from Pornhub:

Mrs. Sexual Athlete wants this to happen, and this is why we need you to step up and partake in the fulfilling of her fantasy. As always The Sexual Athletes are looking for guys who are clean, sober, respectful, and in decent shape. Race and age are irrelevant. 

Recapping: Friday night at 7pm at The Art Cinema in Hartford. Mrs. Sexual Athlete, a very naughty & sexy lady with a body to die for, wants a 21-gun salute all over her incredible body. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year from The Good Doctor & The Journal of Adult Theaters

Happy New Year from The Good Doctor and the entire staff here at The Journal (OK, Barky Lizardo and myself). 

2014 was a great year at The Journal, for many different reasons. First and foremost, it was because of you, the good readers of The Journal. 

2014 saw The Journal earn 2.38 million pageviews. That is a lot of eyeballs on this thing of ours, as we continue to bring the adult theater scene from the shadows into slightly brighter light. Without your dedicated support, we would not be moving the needle the way we are experiencing right now. 

2014 also saw three different adult theaters embrace themed couples and singles events with assistance from The Good Doctor: The Art Cinema in Hartford, 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago, and The Westwood Theater Private Members Only Club in Toledo. Record attendance numbers were seen in all three venues throughout the year. And 2015 looks to be even bigger and better...

The contributors out there who submit their reports on the latest goings on at dozens of locales really outdid themselves this year. Without these eyes and ears in the field, we would be in the dark on what fantastic things may await you inside your favorite adult theater or ABS. One event alone (the 2014 Valentine's Party at The Art Cinema in Hartford) had 9 reports just on that single event. Incredible.