Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! Sunday's Five-Course Meal with Gemini at The Paris Theater in Portland

Doc here, a man who some say will always wear his fancy lace-up shoes if he knows Gemini is in the house, with an amazing Couple's Flash Report.

The aforementioned Gemini, a charter member of the LLOP (Legendary Ladies of Portland), has been a hungry girl as of late. The day prior to the following report, she enjoyed an appetizer at The Paris Theatre in downtown Portland. 

Well, it seems that the appetizer did it's job, since Gemini needed a full 5 course meal the following day at The Paris. And she ordered up five tasty dishes...

Ladies and gentlemen, pop open a peach Fresca and enjoy your main course of the hot and very sexy Gemini!



Last Saturday night, our visit to the Paris and Mr. Peeps turned out to be an appetizer. The next day I woke up absolutely ravenous for more. Once again we headed to the Paris.

We entered the lobby and I went straight to the Oasis. There were only a handful of men in the theater. Most joined me immediately at the rail. A very nice gentleman, S, looked familiar with his grey hair and beard, and I went to him first. A few moments of small talk, and I unleashed my breasts for him over the rail. A man to his right tried to help himself too, but I told him to wait for permission. He didn’t seem to understand and reached in again…so thanks to the guy who translated for me! This could have ruined what turned out to be a great time.

Back to S. He fondled and sucked on my ladies, and I reached between the rail slats to run my hand between his legs. I pulled his cock out and tried to lie on the bench to suck it, but the position was awkward. Frustrated and famished for cock, I hurried out of the Oasis, grabbed S by the hand, and went down to the Arena table. I was followed by the Mechanic and other men who quickly placed sheets and towels down so I could get to business.

S came quickly and his cum was as sweet as he is. I would have loved to spend more time with him, but I had to have more. Now.

M was next. I pulled him out of his seat and pushed him in front of the Arena table. (A little reminiscent of my time with Doc, but not quite as frenzied.) Someone generously provided a pillow as I vocally requested one out loud to the Paris gods. I was instantly on my knees, voraciously trying to suck this man’s cock, but his pants were around his ankles restraining him. Once again I was recalling my time with Doc as I struggled to get his shoe off. Finally, he was freed of his confinement and I was able to get him laid back on the table. Oh, god yeah! I was so eager for his cock I could hardly stand it. 

My wet mouth took him in and I began sucking and licking all I could. Many times it seems a blow job is for the man, but this one was for my enjoyment. In no time, he was squirting cum in my mouth. He sat up, smiled big and told me this was the best blow job he’d ever had. Wow!! Now that’s a compliment! I guess that was my “thank you” to him for translating earlier. A big drink of water and I was ready for the next.
The Real
I sat on the Arena table and turned my sights to a dark gentleman sitting in the front row. He had a great smile, and his eyes told me he was ready. I reached my foot over and ran it from his knee to his crotch. Yes. He was ready. Another pillow request, quick jeans removal and my face was buried in his lap. He had a nice thick cock and I loved getting it all wet with my saliva. I wrapped my hand around his shaft and stroked his head into my wet lips. I loved it!! I removed my hand and buried him as deep as I could, gagging myself, then back to stroking and sucking until he exploded as well and my third load ran down my throat.

After a minute or two to calm my breathing and drink more water, I focused on another dark man sitting next to the table. He was young and turns out his friend, KC, told him to see me if he could. I dare not disappoint him, and was once again on my knees. I sucked him as if he were the first, eager and focused, until he sprayed his hot cum all over my boobs. Four down.

Now there was only one man left in the theater I hadn’t had today, the Mechanic. The other guys waited around to watch the show. I have to say this turned me on so much! They had already cum, but were still watching – what a frickin’ turn on!

Once the Mechanic knew he was up to bat, his was naked in a heartbeat. I undressed from the waist down, with the ladies out of my long red blouse, and set out to lick his cock. I was obviously enjoying this today, and he obliged me with a few minutes before placing me on the edge of the table and fingering me. Oh, how I love that! I placed my own hand on my clit to join him. Orgasms filled me one after another and I could not control my body as it shook with such intensity. 

Once he had me dripping wet, he went down and licked it all up. We switched to a 69ish position so I could continue to suck and lick his balls while he put two fingers in me again. He was now ready to fuck me. And I was soooo ready to be fucked. He pulled me to the edge of the table and wrapped my legs around his neck. His cock filled my pussy slow and rhythmically. So good!! I could hear the echoes of my own moans as they escaped from me. I was now lost in sexual bliss. 

He moved me to a standing position facing the table and again put his fingers into me, finding just the right spot to make me soak the floor. I begged to the Paris gods again for paper towels, and some kind soul brought them to me. But he didn’t stop. He continued making me gush again and again until my legs were soaked to my socks and his arm was drenched to his elbow. Exhausted, I laid forward on the table as he continued to have his way with me.

Once he was ready, he brought his cock around to my face again and I willingly sucked and slurped on his cock until he wanted to fuck again. This time he wanted me doggie style and bent me over the table. He buried his cock so deep and so hard it was almost unbearable. I tried to relax my muscles and let my body take him in. He flipped me on my back again as he continued to fuck me to multiple orgasms. I felt myself scream. I heard myself purr. He whipped off his condom and fucked my face as he climaxed inside my mouth. Oh my god!

Thank you, Paris and all the gentlemen for another awesome evening.

I cleaned up, and Jordan and I started for the van. I had my appetizer the day before, and a full course meal tonight. Now it was time for desert with Jordan. We headed for Mr. Peeps where I sucked him to completion.

So you would think I would have had enough of this for a while. Wrong. We were back yesterday.

Until next time,



Doc here again... Many, many thanks to my good friend Gemini for yet another hot report from downtown Portland. And thank you for the two cameos in this report as well!

Let me tell you, the good readers of The Journal, a little about what Gemini referred as to "The Frenzy". During The Good Doctor's trip to Portland this past Summer, a scene developed on the Arena Table at The Paris whereby Gemini literally ripped the pants off from your old friend in the white suit and aviators. What followed was a true sexual frenzy, courtesy of this dark haired beauty. It was amazing...

So kids, it looks like we have one more chapter to this tear that Gemini is currently on... What will this next adventure bring?

Stay tuned.