Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year From The Good Doctor!

It's time to ring out 2010 and ring in 2011.  The past year saw the re-launch of The Journal of Adult Theaters in March.  After going dark for the better part of 4 months, The Good Doctor thought he'd be starting from scratch.

I was wrong.

The first day back saw the highest traffic I had ever seen (up to that point).  You welcomed The Good Doctor back, and it's been off to the races ever since.  To give you an idea of how much traffic The Journal gets nowadays, I have added a map on the right hand side of the blog. Every red dot is a unique visitor, and you will notice that the appeal of this thing of ours'  and The Journal is world wide.

For that I thank you, the good readers of The Journal.

2010 also saw the launch of The Good Doctor on Twitter.  The purpose of the Twitter feed is to get late breaking adult theater news and commentary out to you quickly and accurately.  We even did a live Tweeting event from CTs in Gary, IN with the lovely and very naughty Tina during her gang bang this summer ("Tina Runs On Dunkin"). 

A new series of reports from couples involved in this thing of ours' also began this year. Starting with Alex and Lauren in Gastonia, NC, continuing with "Tales of Nina The Bakery Slut", "Kneelin' With Nancy", and the latest series "On The Prowl With Kitty Kat".  These reports continue to be some of the most popular here at The Journal.  Thank you for opening up to us.

I also want to say a special thank you to the contributing field reporters who have submitted their views, observations, and reports from across the US and Canada.  The list is too long (39 reporters have punched a time card here at The Journal in 2010), but you know who you are. You guys are awesome, and we look forward to many new reports of the 2011 variety. 

So from the staff (OK, me) here in The Valley near the small women's liberal arts college, have a Happy and Safe New Years.  I have plenty of new stuff in the pipeline to make 2011 even better.


Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Feature! "On The Prowl with Kitty Kat": Chapter 1

Doc here with an exciting end to 2010... As I teased last week, I have been in contact with a couple who have dived head-first into this thing of ours'.  Kitty Kat and her guy Tom Kat will now star in a regular series here at The Journal of Adult Theaters, "On The Prowl With Kitty Kat". 

  "On The Prowl..." will chronicle the gloryhole adventures of the very sexy Kitty Kat, as she peels back her naughty side inside the mysterious world that is gloryhole sex. 
Joining the articles will be a series of very hot pics of the real Kitty Kat, in the midst of the actual stories that will unfold to you, the good readers of The Journal.  Remember to click on the pics to enlarge them, since they are hi-res images.
While their location will remain a mystery, what will be crystal clear is how naughty Kitty Kat is when she is on the prowl...
KItty Kat also has a new Yahoo Group that you should check out at HERE.
I am the lucky husband of a 30yo bi slut wife (KittyKat).   Recently we began going to local theater and gloryholes to help satisfy her sexual desires. I enjoy taking pictures of the adventures and would really like to share them with some people who are as equally  as kinky as ourselves.  Our first kinky photo shoot was a lot of fun and KittyKat was very excited to show off her skills to the camera. 
We began at home, like all couples in love, sharing our desires.  We were looking through other slut wife stories and photos. When we came across another hot wife at a gloryhole,  KittyKat's eyes began to twinkle and she began to rub her pussy. I loved knowing that this turned her, and after a short while she asked me if she could try that sometime. I told her to get something slutty on and we could go out right away. She jumped up and ran to our bedroom and  emerged a half hour later all dolled up and ready to have fun.  I grabbed the camera and off we went.
After a short drive we arrived to the adult store.  We walked around the store for a while looking at toys and showing her off to the guys lurking around. She was getting very horny knowing that she was being watched by strangers, and gave me a look and said "let's go to the back". 
We walked to the rear of the store and a few guys followed us.  We found a booth with a hole in the wall and locked the door behind us. I hadn't even gotten the money into the machine and a guy was in the room next door. I told KittyKat to get on her knees and put her fingers on the hole. Before I could get the camera out, a cock was slipping through the hole into KittyKats hand. She smiled and began to stroke it. I took my cock out and she took turns sucking the cock in the hole and myself.  It wasn't long before the man in the booth next door began to moan. KittyKat stroked the cock and her came all over her hands and chest.  He thanked her through the hole and quickly left the room allowing the next guy to enter. 
In through the hole appeared cock #2. She quickly got it hard and continued to take turns with my dick and the guy in the other booth. I told her to put both cock in her mouth at the same time, and she did.  After a few minutes or so she said he was cumming. I told her to catch it in her mouth and she was happy to.  This turned me on so much that I began to cum also,  so I put my cock into her cummy mouth and blew my load. She told me she loved having two loads in her mouth and she showed me her tongue to prove it. Then she swallowed it down into her belly and licked her lips.
The guy left the booth and the next guy entered. Unfortunately he tried to talk to her through the hole. When I told him that we weren't there to talk, he forcefully  pushed his hand through the hole and grabbed at her tit. KittyKat jumped back because she wasn't expecting this and I slapped his hand and yelled over to him to knock that off.  She was spooked at this point, and asked to leave. I agreed that leaving was a good idea, and on our way out we told the guys in the hall what had just happened.  We could hear them scolding the guy as we returned to the front of the store, and KittyKat giggled.
On our way home she said that next time we should just find another booth and keep having fun. I was happy knowing that this didn't skew her fantasies and that there was going to be a next time. 

I hope you enjoyed the story of our first visit to the gloryholes. We have a few more we will be sharing and we are planning to keep exploring our kinky desires. We have started a Yahoo Group and we would love it if you joined and let us know your thoughts. 

Doc here again... Now who is your buddy? Who's your pal? What better way to wrap up 2010 than a red-hot article and photo essay with a new girl-next-door gloryhole slut wife like Kitty Kat? (Please remember top click on the pics to ENLARGE them, since they are hi-res images). Also, remember to visit their new Yahoo Group, listed in Link-O-Rama under "Slut Wife Kitty Kat".

Happy New Year!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Adult Theater Alert! Velvet Skye in Las Vegas @ Babes on Monday 1/3

Attention ladies and gentlemen, and all the ships at sea... Our good friend (and Canada's greatest natural export) Velvet Skye (her website can be found here) will be making a visit to Babe's Adult Theater in Las Vegas this Monday January 3, 2011 between 8 and 9pm.  Velvet (and Mr.Velvet) will be looking for couples.

Here is the 411 on Babes:
5901 Emerald Ave
(corner of Russell and Stephanie)
Las Vegas, NV

The Scoop on Babe's Adult Theater:
2 Theaters located inside the ABS on the right hand side of the complex.  Very couples friendly, and extremely clean.  Plus, Monday night is usually couples night at Babe's (can anyone still verify that fact?). In The Good Doctor's opinion, the best adult theater in the Vegas area.

So pop on by Babe's next Monday and say hi to Velvet Skye!  As the pics below show, she is a very friendly woman to say "hi" to.


Scratched From Today's Line-up: Major Voyeur (Upper Body)

My good friend and fellow blogger Major Voyeur is currently under the weather with a upper respiratory ailment, and I feel that I need to prescribe some meds post haste before things get any worse (after all, I am a Doctor).

Upper respiratory infection (URI)

Upper respiratory infections are one of the most frequent causes of doctors visits with varying symptoms ranging from runny nose, sore throat, cough, to breathing difficulty, and lethargy. In the United States, upper respiratory infections are the most common illness leading to missing school, work, or visits to The Colony, Hustler Club, or Pure Pleasure.

Take two blondes, and plenty of bed rest (TTBAPOBR)

Feel better, MV!


Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Few Minutes With Dr. Emilio: Post Xmas Edition

When we last left The Good Doctor, he was hanging from a cliff, being pestered by birds...

Doc here with this week's AFMWDE.  Christmas is over, family commitments are just about wrapped up, and the crappy sweater you got from Aunt Ernestine has been hidden safely in a drawer.  It's time to look at what is coming up this week at The Journal of Adult Theaters.

I received a message from Gloryhole Nancy (and her guy, T) just before Christmas.  There has been a bit of a void in new reports and pics from her in the last 3 weeks.  She wanted me to convey to her loyal fans that she apologizes for the delay, but has some new content coming soon.  It seems that she and T are in the midst of a move that has been quite the task. So be patient, new stuff is forthcoming.

A lot of people have off this coming week, which might provide an opportunity for a visit to an adult theater.  If you are, and have, please send a report along to The Good Doctor.

If you get an opportunity, visit my good friend Major Voyeur's Blog.  Not only has he pulled out the stops over the holiday, he also launched a sister blog to his prime site,  Major Voyeur's Photo Album. It's a must stop-by for all of us knee-deep in this thing of ours'.

Lastly, please remember to vote in the "Favorite Type of Reports" poll on the right hand side of The Journal.  This information will help me as I look on how to make 2011 bigger and better than 2010 here at your one-stop shop for all things concerning adult theaters.

So from the staff here at The Journal of Adult Theaters (as usual, me), have a safe rest of the weekend.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from The Good Doctor

Have a safe Christmas Holiday everyone!  And thanks to the all the nice people who e-mailed me direct with Christmas well wishes.

Reports begin again over the weekend.

Thanks again,

Friday, December 24, 2010

House Call: 15th Avenue Adult Books & Theater in Melrose Park, IL - 12/17/10

Doc here with a no-nonsense Christmas week House Call report from a recent spur-of-the-moment visit to 15th Avenue Adult Books &Theater (& Spa).  No holiday themed puns, no mistletoe references, no Santa's riding on an electric shaver, and no snowmen wearing vests.
Expectations were slim last Friday when The Good Doctor decided to make a detour and head to 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater in Melrose Park, IL.  Why the slim expectations?  I was getting there late (9:30pm), I only had limited amount of time, and it was right in the middle of  the busiest shopping weekend of the year.  But as Wayne Gretzky said "you miss 100% of the shots you never take."

 The Lizardo 3000 pulled into the parking lot at 15th Avenue and I was encouraged.  More cars than I thought would be there - Maybe 3/4 full.  Nice.  There were a few guys milling about in the arcade area, as well as the main ABS.  I poked my head into the theater... 3 guys.  That's it.  Not so nice.

When I paid at the front desk upon entering, I also got the spa pass as well.  For an extra 10 bucks, you have access to the full spa area, including locker room, shower room, wet sauna, as well as the private room area and the "bleachers".  The "bleachers" is an area in the back (near the party room) that is comprised of 2 sets of 3 rows of continuous seating about at a right angle to each other.  Against the wall is a large screen HD TV.  This area is important later in the report.

The first couple came into the spa area shortly after I arrived.  They were in their late 20's...She was a cute smaller BBW, with long curly hair and nice sized breasts.  She and her guy went into one of the private rooms and shut the door.  10 minutes later they came out and proceeded to the locker room to undress for the shower and sauna.  They disappeared into the sauna, followed by a couple of the guys who also undressed and donned their towels.  I was not one of them.

  While they were in the sauna, I happened to walk back out the Lizardo 3000 to grab a sip of my tasty beverage. While walking back in, I saw that a second couple had just entered the building.  When I got closer to them, I was happy to see it was one of the hottest couples that frequent 15th Avenue.  We will call then T and L, since The Good Doctor rarely uses real names when describing this thing of ours'.

The last time I saw T and L was during the late summer (again, on a Friday night). L is a very attractive tall brunette, late 30's, with long dark curly hair who wears Nina Hartley-like dark rimmed glasses.  She has a great body and sports a gorgeous pair of legs, but her greatest asset is her very vocal and naughty nature. 

Case in point: The last time I saw "L", she was in a cheerleader outfit in the bleacher section at 15th Avenue.  She was bent over, and "T" was fucking her in the ass.  How did I know this since I was a distance back?  She was screaming "keep fucking me in the ass baby"... The energy that night was great, and so was "L". 

My understanding was that L&T only showed off, and didn't play with other guys.  I spoke briefly with one of the regulars at 15th (known as The Mayor") and he confirmed that point last Friday early in the festivities.  At least we knew we were in for a great show.

  While L&T made their way into their own private room across from the 1st couple, that couple emerged from the sauna and shower and went back to their private room.  Within a minute of their return, the door to L&T's room opened slowly and low and behold the show had begun.  T had L bent over on the bench in the room, and was proceeding to fuck her in front of the viewing gallery.  Her outfit for tonight was a black lacy bra with matching panties, and a flannel shirt over that since it was a bit cool in the spa outside of the sauna.

What happened next was a preview of later events... A younger guy that was in front of L&T door and had a front row seat to the show was invited in. This was new wrinkle for L... The guy knelt up on the bench while L was still being fucked and stuck his cock into L's mouth.  Her screams of delight were now muffled by the hard cock in her mouth. 

In the middle of this scene, the other door opened behind The Good Doctor, and out peered the first couple.  She was just wearing a towel, and so was her guy.  I was standing right next to them as we all watched L get double-teamed orally and anally.  Her eyes were transfixed on L as she was being pounded, and she was now squirming as she was standing there.  After a few minutes of watching both of them, couple #1 dropped back into their own room, but kept the door open. 

This was getting good.

The cute BBW dropped her towel and leaned back on the bench, showing her neatly trimmed bush to her boyfriend (and us)... He also dropped his towel and slid his cock into her very wet pussy.  She wrapped her legs around him as he fucked her slow but steady.  She began urging him to fuck her even harder, which he did.

At one point, the BBW jumped off the table and onto her knees, whereby the sucked her guys cock with a lot of naughty energy.  One thing very apparent was that she was only going to play with her guy, and not the gen pop.  Their fucking and sucking continued until they took a break and closed the door.   What we didn't know at that moment was that they were done for the night... They emerged, headed for the locker room, and got dressed. 

Across the hall, L&T wrapped up Round 1 and closed their door as well.  A minute or two later, they headed outside for a break and to cool off (which wasn't hard to do since it was 20 degrees).

I guess this was half-time.  I kept waiting for the marching band and their all-star tribute to mayonnaise.  No band showed.  Maybe next year...

  L&T returned back from their break and back to their room.  Within a few minutes they emerged, and they headed for (drum roll please) ...The Bleachers.  What The Good Doctor was expecting was a show for the boys...Kind of like a USO Show (without Bob Hope and Elke Sommer).

Ladies and Gentlemen, we got more.  A lot more.

L&T were sitting on the top row of The Bleachers, and L was playing with T's cock...Stroking it while looking around the room at the assembled throng of about 10-15 guys.  The vibe was getting very hot in their... Would they take it to the next level?

L leaned over and began sucking T's cock... She then switched positions and got on the 2nd row, facing T and continued her cock worship.  She was alternating sucking his hard cock, and running her tongue down to his balls while stroking him.  A couple of guys attempted to play with her, but were waved off by T.

What happened next opened the floodgates... A guy in a towel moved up to the top row, a foot or two away from T.  Her opened his towel to reveal himself to L, and she was impressed.  L moved up to T, and whispered something to him, and he nodded.  Those of us in the crowd who have been around the block a few times knew this was a good sign: He gave permission to suck this guy's cock.

L immediately complimented "Towel Guy" on his equipment, and proceeded to lick and suck away.  In a matter of a couple of minutes, he came all over L's lips and mouth.  And she was digging it big time.  T asked her if she wanted more, and she said that she did, but needed to get more comfortable.  T hopped down, and helped L lay down with a few towels underneath her so that her pussy was facing the open end of the bleachers and her head was in the middle of the throng of guys left.

T asked L if she wanted a cum bath, and she said "Mmmmm".  Guy #2 hopped up and kneeled on the bleacher, right behind L's head.  He leaned down and lowered his cock to L, and slowly began fucking her soft mouth.  As this was happening, T slipped back into L's ass for some more intense anal.  L was moaning loud, and was in sensory overload.

Guy #2 lifted back out of L's mouth and began stroking his cock. L was begging for his cum,  and not much later came all over her chin and tits.  Another guy rotated into the same position, and did his best to repeat his predecessor's performance.  This guy pulled out and came all over L's face...And she was moaning louder.

Guy #3 stepped in, and older guy than most in the room... He slid right into her warm waiting mouth, but unlike the others, began talking dirty to her (just as T was).  She was now squirming, and then came as #3 pulled out and unloaded a big cum shot, again on her pretty face.  This cum shot elicited a few ooo's and ahh's from the crowd, and a big thank you from L.

T asked L if she was a cum slut...Her answer was "I'm your cum slut" as the cum was dripping off her chin and cheeks. 

If memory serves me correct, she took on one more guy before they cleaned up and retired back to the private room.

 It was at this point in time I had to get back to The Valley near the small women's liberal arts college.  There was another couple walking in while I was walking out to The Lizardo 3000.  Not sure what transpired with them...

In what was an evening filled with just a little bit of hope, eventually turned into a 2010 Top 10 moment for The Good Doctor.  And this hot evening of theater sex didn't even need the help of The Heat Miser.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Poll: What Are Your Favorite Type Of Reports Here @ The Journal?

Doc here with a new Poll: "What are your favorite type of reports here at The Journal?"  I have listed the poll and definitions of the type of reports on the right hand of The Journal.  You can click multiple answers.

Do you like Flash Reports of recent adult theater action? Maybe Blasts From The Past are more your speed. Field Reports are handy when planning a trip to an adult theater. Maybe you find The Good Doctor's House Call Reports informative, detailed, and semi-clever from time to time.  Perhaps snuggling up with an I-Team Report when jones-ing for a longer, more thought provoking article is right up your alley.

Now why should you vote?  This information will help me craft the 2011 version of The Journal of Adult Theaters.  I want to provide you, the good readers of The Journal, the best adult theater resource on the web (even if you don't want to buy a Dr. Emilio coffee mug).  I'm playing with some format changes, and this will help me with that project.

Thank you for making The Journal what it is today, and what it will be tomorrow.


Field Report: CVE Update by Alex and Lauren

Doc here with an update from our good friend's Alex and Lauren in Gastonia, NC.  A & L have the distinction of being the first field reporters to submit a report when The Journal was launched in August of 2009.

This report is a status update on CVE in Gastonia.  Take it away Alex and Lauren...

Gastonia, NC




Good Morning Good Doctor,

I just read your plea for reports and thought I should check in. Sadly, there is little to relay about the state of play in the Carolinas. CVE, while picking up a little bit of traffic from couples these days, is just a shadow of its former self. The passing of the couples room, the change in staff and the lingering remnants of rumors (now stretching back almost a year to the day) are all to blame, I suppose.

Yahoo groups and internet chatter have indicated more couples heading that way. Our personal correspondence tells us that many of these folks are first-timers who quickly decide to become one-timers. Some come expecting a couples room. Others are looking for the more open atmosphere that used to define CVE. Others, of course, are no-shows.

  Lauren and I stopped in Saturday night to see for ourselves what might be happening these days. We were there for about an hour, from 10-11 PM or so (generally "prime time"). We were the only couple in the place. Most of the male population seemed to be interested in one another.

I am an incurable optimist, so I still hold out some hope that they can get through their issues with the city and reopen the couples room. Time alone, will deal with issues created by the rumors, of course; but as couples begin to slowly return, the guys who like to play with them will be back, too.

As that happens, we will keep you posted. In the meantime, we hope to be getting out of town from time to time. Perhaps we can post some reports from the road.

Alex and Lauren
Doc here again...Thanks for the update Alex and Lauren.  I would remain optimistic too... 15th Avenue in Melrose Park, IL was going through much of the same thing CVE is going through now in late 2009.  Now, 15th Avenue is back in the Top 5 of The Good Doctor's Power Rankings week after week.  It's been a slow road, but things will get better.

Trust me. I'm a Doctor.

Also, make sure you check out Alex and Lauren's website:

Do you have an adult theater report you'd like to submit?  Just e-mail me at  I will edit and format your report for you...All I need you to do is get the details down in your e-mail and I'll do the rest.


Monday, December 20, 2010

A Few Minutes With Dr. Emilio: Holiday Edition

When we last left The Good Doctor, he was in the midst of an angry bus ride in Mexico...

Happy Holidays everyone... The Good Doctor here with a few thoughts and musings as we come up to Christmas and New Years.

Reports from the field have been few and far between the past few weeks.  If it were not for Bob in Biloxi, Brent in Portland, and HnR in Chicago, The Journal would consist of The Good Doctor tap dancing on the home page with the sound of crickets in the background.

In monitoring the reports from across the country by our trained staff at the Lizardo Labs (OK, me), the action has been healthy in Portland (again #1 in the Power Rankings), in Gary, and in Melrose Park, IL. (I will have a report on 15th Avenue in Melrose Park later this week).  I have seen positive posts at Yahoo from The Twin Cinemas at Buford Highway in Atlanta, and at The Summit in Warren, OH.

But where are the reports?

As each week goes by, the traffic at the Journal of Adult Theaters swells... It is now double what it was in June of this year.  This means twice as many people can read your reports, and you'll feel twice as good about providing your insight into this thing of ours'.

So here is an idea... Your New Year's resolution should be to get back on the ball, take pen to paper, and crank out your adult theater reports.  Get out and support your local adult theater or ABS.

And pretty please, with sugar on top.  Submit a report.

The poll question of  "Would you be interested in Dr. Emilio Merchandise" is wrapping up, and the overwhelming result is No. I am surprised by this result, but the tribe has spoken.  I will keep the designs for the mugs and mousepads on ice.  If only The Good Doctor looked like Tom Brady, maybe the results would be different...

Stay safe out there.

Buon Natale,

The Good Doctor

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Flash Report: Black Friday at Fantasyland in Tampa, Part 2

Doc here with Part 2 of  Black Friday at Fantasyland in Tampa by senior field reporter HnR.  When we last left HnR, he was following a couple into the theater area at Fantasyland.We pick up the report here...
  ... so us lurkers began the ritualistic right of following the couple to the theater.... Like feeding time on the farm, all the cattle knows when to head to the barn. The couple went to the small private rooms to the left as you enter the theater. They went to the far right room and left the door open. Me and the regular were standing at the door watching to see what they would do. They kissed for a while, he rubbed her pussy through her sweats and then after about 5 minutes of this action she announced that she had to go to the bathroom... Her guy told us to not worry that they would be back, it was at that point I decided to go to the pool room and get a snack.

I had my snack and after about 10 minutes I went back into the theater. This time the couple was in the mid-sized room that had the glass window from from the main theater. All the guys (about 6-7) were gathered around the window watching the couple. She had his black cock out and was sucking it for all it was worth. She could take all of his 8"+ cock, and it was quite the show. At one point she leaned back on him, took her sweat pants off and was playing with her pussy and putting on a show for the watchers. She then placed her ass up in the air pointed towards the window and was giving her guy head. Again, good show but I'm not really into watching, I'm about the playing.

A few more minutes went by and they decided to open the door and let the guys into the room. Maybe now things were looking up. About 7 of us went into the room, she had put her sweat pants back on, but had her top off with her boobs exposed. As a couple of guys were rubbing her boobs, one was rubbing her pussy through her sweat pants, she asked the group what we wanted to do. One guy spoke up and said "I'd like to fuck you", she responded by saying, "ok, whats in it for me?" (At this point, I thought that was a strange response that seemed to be an opening to a path not normally expected in an ABS).

   A different guy responded with, "I will lick your pussy to you cum is what is in it for you". She responded with something like "hmmmmm, anything else for me?" (Do you now understand the direction I think this is headed?), and another guy responded by saying something like "while he is licking her pussy, you can suck my cock and I will cum on your face"... Her response was like "let me think about it for a minute", note all this conversation took place while 2 guys was rubbing her boobs and 1 guy was rubbing her pussy through the sweat pants and consumed less than a minute. However, she never once touched a guys cock (other than her man's).  She looked at her guy and said she needed a smoke break. Again, her guy said they would be back.

Now the regular I was conversing with looked at each other and I made the comment that she was after $$$$$$. He said it is beginning to sound like it. I went back to the pool room to snack and check out the scores of the college games.

About 20 minutes or so later I saw the couple come back inside and head towards the theater entrance. I gave them a few minutes to get settled and then headed on over that way, this time they were in the first larger room to the left, where they show mostly bisexual movies I'm told. 

She and her guy were sitting in the corner of the wall couch seats to the right side. About 10 or so guys were in the room gathered around her. She asked what the guys wanted, since most had their cocks in their hands it was not a surprise when one made the statement, how about a gangbang for the young lady.... Anyone want to guess what her response was????? "ok, what is in it for me?". Someone answered, all the cock you can handle, and her response" was "is that all?"

It was at this point I decided to head back to the pool room. I was not sure where the end game was going to be, but I only saw issues or possible problems that I wanted no part of. I made it to the pool room and sat down to watch the games and I noticed she and her man were leaving the theater and heading towards the exit. The regular I had talked to told me that she gave up since no one could tell her what was in it for her....

Duh! Most ABS guys like myself come for the swinger action, after-all this ain't Auburn and I don't do "pay for play"... (Thats a shot at my fellow mongers from SEC country!, LOL). Later on an older couple came in, she was short, black hair dressed in a very short dress with her ass cheeks showing went into the theater, after a couple of in and out session by them to the lobby and back to the theater over a 30 minute period, a different regular informed me that she was on interested in BBC, which is not me.

In summary, I arrived at 7:30pm and left at 11:30pm. Not a total waste since I talked to a regular, learned how super hot the action was 10 years ago here and that now it was improving but still the good ole "hit or miss". All in all, I'm glad I went to check it out, disappointed that it was really a 'miss" night, but I can now check another top ABS off my list.... Now I really need to make it out to Portland!

Doc here again... I was sorry to see that HnR's visit to Fantasyland was a bust.  Holiday weekends can be funny...Either they are super busy, or they are as dead as a doornail.  Looks like the latter here.

I do like the fact that no one bit on the hustle that was going on.  The crowd at Fantasyland is a savvy one, and I'm sure this hustle will peddle their wares someplace else soon.

Thanks again to HnR for his very detailed Flash Report.

Do you have a report you'd like to see at The Journal?  E-mail The Good Doctor at


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blast From The Past: Nashville's Metro Adult Theater by TN

Doc here with a Blast From The Past from brand new contributor, TN.  This is a look back at Nashville's #1 adult theater back in the day, the Metro Adult Theater.  

Enjoy this trip down mammary lane with TN...

The Metro Adult Theater (& Bookstore) is still open but the booths and two theaters are closed now. No more wild nights or days there, but for numerous years Metro was the hot spot in Tennessee.

Probably the most famous couple to go there were Miss Kitty and her husband. She was a tall pretty brunette with after market boobs, nice ass and a flat tummy. They would come in and go directly downstairs, buy their tickets and into the straight theater. They had a regular 11 PM Friday night appearance for quite while. Miss Kitty had her favorite seat on the right side of the theater just below the projector. They would sit down and within a minute or so the raincoat or sundress would come off. Then she would do every willing guy there.
Metro Adult Theater & Bookstore
822 5TH Ave South, Nashville, TN
 Miss Kitty loved to suck cock, & fuck cock too. She preferred guys to cum on her face or boobs. Miss Kitty was allergic to condoms so it was always bareback. Miss Kitty did not rim or kiss but everything else was open. Crowds of 15-20 guys simply got her warmed up.The largest number of guys I have seen her do is 38. I have donated many loads of cum to Miss Kitty's pretty face. After they ran out of guys they would go in a dark corner where hubby would lick her clean except leaving the cum on her face. Then they walk out and get in their car and go for a meal at the local Waffle House letting the drying cum on her face flake off.  Miss Kitty was in her 50's.
The Country Music Fan Fest always brought into town some wild couples. In the last Fan Fest that Metro  Theater was still open, one of my favorites encounters was at a Thursday lunchtime when a couple came in...She was 40-ish , blonde, & kinda cute.

They sat down and immediately surrounded by the lunch crowd. They just watched the movie as we all watched her. Then he got a call on his cellphone and walked out of the theater to take it, the BBC sitting next to her turned in his seat and  gave her a passionate kiss and undid her buttons on her dress, by the time hubby walked back in she was sucking the first of many cocks and had several guys feeling her up. She did 6-7 guys before I had to leave to go back to work. No idea how long they stayed or how many guys she did all together.
My favorite sexual encounter there was the Saturday night when a guy bought in his GF. Tall young blond, nice C cups boobs, pretty ass. They stood next to the door for a minute to adjust to the dark then he put a blindfold over her eyes and led her upfront and had her take off her blouse (no bra) and get on her knees. She blew every guy that walked up to her sight unseen to her. Only saw her there once.

Some couples have preferences in who she plays with. One such couple we called the trucker couple. They came in every few weeks when traveling through town. They always played in the back left side. They also only played with black guys.  She would get down on the sticky floor on all fours and hubby would pick the next black guy to fuck her doggy style.  He would scream, yes scream,  at any white guys who got closer then four rows away or crossed the aisle towards her.

My favorite BBC only white slut was a couple that came in one Friday night. He had her strip then she would fuck , suck, make out  and rim the BBC guys. She was about 25, built very nicely with long brown hair and a  smile that dazzled. She played with about a dozen guys. Young hot playing gals are sadly too rare. She didn't mind who watched her.  Gloryhole Nancy reminds me of her.

I have taken three ladies to play at Metro. The first was a married woman who was in town on company business. I was introduced to her by a swinging couple I knew in Birmingham AL. She got to give her first ever gloryhole BJ in the downstairs booths. Then after giving three BJ's, I took her into the theater.

We sat upfront where she serviced another five guys. We then took four guys back to her hotel room to gangbang her. She would come every 2-3 weeks for the spring and summer and we would visit Metro then gangbang her. 

Another gal I took I met online. She wanted to experience theater sex. We met outside a Books a Million on Gallatin Pike where she blew me in the parking lot next to the road. I then took her to Purple Onion on Dickerson Pike where she pleased two guys. But Metro is where she did six guys. She told me the year before she had only fucked or sucked 8 guys and in this one night she outdid that year.  She only got to play on Monday nights. The third gal I took was ok giving me head in a gloryhole booth but would not touch any of the guys without a condom on.
Thanks TN for a great first report... I enjoy these Blast From The Past reports as much as I enjoy the Flash Reports.  But I am a sentimental kind of Doctor (in addition to being very handsome.  It's my curse).

Do you have Blast From The Past, chronicling this thing of ours'?  E-mail The Good Doctor at  I will edit, format, and publish your report... Just ask TN.  And it's easy.

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Flash Report: Bob in Biloxi Checks In From The Gulf Coast

Doc here with senior Journal correspondent Bob in Biloxi's latest Flash Report from The Gulf Coast.   When it comes to being prolific, Bob has few peers.   Looks like someone played his cards well this past weekend... Enjoy.

12/11/2010 Report

Hi Doc,

Another fast paced report from the beautiful Gulf Coast. Saturday night was one of those nights we  would all like to have every time we do this thing of ours'. If our readers will remember, I nominated “Angel” for the hot adult theater/adult bookstore heroine in the contest (didn’t win) but if you were there last night and participated I would have!! It was a very well behaved crowd last night!
The Angel came in The Gulf Coast Theater dressed in long tan/brown skirt with a spaghetti strap pullover top, she had on knee high high heel boots. Her and her man took a seat close to the screen and as is her custom remained very demure and uninterested in the various men that started jockeying for position around them. As is her custom, shortly thereafter they left the theater and arrived shortly down the street at the ABS.

This reporter got first dibs on the booth next to her and she started her magic. First, slowly stroking this reporter’s cock followed by her very talented mouth. After several wet sloppy minutes of this she stopped and tapped my cock. I bent down at the hole and she whispered for me to go to the end booth (no holes) on the right and wait for her. Up with the pants and off I went, as I opened my door, “The Coach” one of our regular hetero horn dogs was standing there grinning at me and took my spot in the booth.  He must not have lasted long because shortly thereafter Angel and her man joined me in the end booth. Angel is only about five foot tall and she immediately started feeling up this reporter’s package.

Doc, I have to tell our readers she has a very soft touch and knows how to arouse a man. She proceeded to her knees and resumed the aforementioned wet sloppy mouth hugs, and as usual my member responded to her expert talent. When she was satisfied that my cock was at full staff she then asked if I wanted anything else? Well duh, I told her I wanted to get that tight little pussy of hers shined up, and then I wanted to fuck.

With that little girl smile of hers, she bent over and this senior reporter proceeded through the alphabet and was rewarded with several “oh yeah’s”, “ fucks”, along with some “oh shits” Then she did something I’ve never heard of or seen, she stood on the metal chair in the booth with her lovely ass pointed toward me and lowered herself down on my cock.

I was standing behind her, and remember she’s only five foot nothing. Picture a women squatting with her feet on the seat of the chair holding on to the back of the chair with her hands.  After I was deep inside her, she looked around and said fuck me. This reporter started hammering her at length occasionally bumping her head into the screen for good measures, turning this demure beautiful lady into a real cock slut! The ABS is relatively quiet place save for the sounds the video’s make, but everyone could hear the Angel being pleasured above and beyond those noises. After this reporter downloaded into her flash drive, thanks were exchanged along with other pleasantries and I vacated the booth.

I figured I would drop by the theater again and see what was happening. Upon pulling into the parking lot this reporter spied two young ladies, one of which was the Catholic school girl and maybe a friend of hers dressed in the same type of outfit only black. These two ladies had skirts on that did nothing to cover two very young looking asses.  As I parked, one of the regulars told me they were just leaving and both girls were playing with the guy that usually only brings in Catholic girl to play around. He also told me they were looking for a third, but I relented telling him “The Angel” had drained my brain.

They were sitting in their car as I left with a huge smile on my face. They will be back and maybe this reporter will have another awesome report to file.
Thanks again Bob for an excellent retelling of your Saturday night.  My Saturday night was comprised of cleaning my sweater shaver. 

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Round 5: Best 2010 Adult Theater Experience by Major Voyeur

Doc here with Round 5 of the "Best 2010 Adult Theater Experience".  This entry by my good friend, Major Voyeur was a classic.  Posted originally on his blog "The World of MajorVoyeur" in September, MV had a great weekend at Pure Pleasure in St. Louis, MO during his first visit there.  I have also included MV's pics from that original article.

So, without any further delay, here is Major Voyeur and his "Best 2010" experience:

One of the alerts that I found on CL was from a couple going to visit Pure Pleasure around 10am on Friday.  This is the Pure Pleasure on North Broadway, downtown St. Louis.  I have been hearing of this place, but not had the chance to check it out.  By the time I had checked out and had breakfast, it was pushing 1pm.  I made my way north of the hotel and easily found PP. CapMV_Sep10_ac035
It was a surprise to see how clean it was.  I walked in the second door down and saw that the arcade was to the left.  The bookstore was through another door that look to have a buzzer system for late nights.  The sign on the door did say that they were open 24/7.  I decided to check out the booth area first.  It was a maze that wandered through the length of the building.  Sorry, but no gloryholes.  The booths toward the front were $2 to start, ones in the back went for $5, but were more roomier.  There were preview booths set aside also.
There were signs warning of no sexual activity and law enforcement may patrol through the area.  And, no loitering.  What I found in the back area was guys loitering and trolling.  While there was cameras present in the front area, I did not detect any in the back area which was also had the lights real dim.  The only activity was men looking for lookups.  The booths were tight and no way to see anything happening inside them.
There was an attendant that walked through the front area occasionally.  I got the feeling that the back was left alone for the most part.  I could tell that no action other than man on man was going on in the arcade at the moment.  I walked back to the front hallway and found the restroom.  After washing my hands, I was ready to exit.  I was almost to the door when I spied a sign about the Viewing Room.    It was through the bookstore that you had to enter it.
video store
I went into the bookstore area and read the prices for the Viewing Room.  It was $20 for singles and $10 for couples.  The one thing I did not like is that the clerk has to see your license before they will sell you a pass.  It looked like that your license was seen by a camera and recorded.  I can’t swear by it, but I am sensitive about my info.  They do mark part of your numbers on the pass.  I understand their reasons for this, just never comfortable in letting my private life in on my public facade.
The Viewing Room Pass is good for 24 hours and you can come and go as pleased.  The clerk does have to buzz you in.  I got buzzed in and found myself in a long, dim corridor.  I followed it to the end where there was this partition that you had to step around.  I then found myself in an open room with a gay porno projected on the right wall.  There were several love couches facing the screen wall.  That was a nice setup, but I did not expect the gay porn.
As I turned around to head back out, I realized that there was another room off the corridor that I had walked right by.   It was the main theater with straight porn projected on the wall.  Again, the seating was love couches and one full size couch.  The couches was of the leather like material.  Easy clean up.  There were 3 guys in the main theater, equally spaced out around the room.   I made my way to the front and sat awhile on one of the couches.  The couches were comfortable and I could see them being ok for action.
No couple entertaining though.  But I was there quite later in the afternoon and did not really expect to find action.  Just as well, I was running on empty balls anyway.  But I did want to check out Pure Pleasure.  I must say that I was impressed by the place.  I got that vibe that fun could be had here.  Its Missouri’s draconian adult laws that have me worried.  But with the location being North of downtown, there may not be issues with the city police.  Enough for today, headed back to the MV Lair for rest and recuperation.
Late that evening, there was another alert about Pure Pleasure and a couple visiting noon on Sat.  I decided that PP needed more in depth review and made plans to devote a majority of my time there on Sat.  I awoke on Saturday feeling optimistic about the adventure ahead.   After a late breakfast and shower, I made my way downtown to PP.  I did another walk through of the arcade area and got the same impressions as from the last visit.  I went through the same ordeal for getting the Viewing Room Pass as before.
ScreenHunter_06 Sep. 02 23.14
After buzz in, I check out both theaters.  I was the only soul in there at that moment which gave me an opportunity to do a quick check for any cameras that the establishment may had to keep things in line.  Sorry, but I had run into that at Maximus coed theater a few years ago.  Pure Pleasure’s theaters were clean of such devices and I felt more at ease with the place.  I settled back and actually watched a porn movie.   A few guys wandered in and out, but the posted couple was a no-show. 
ScreenHunter_05 Sep. 02 23.14
The movie change to one of my faves, Dirty D taking different women to an adult theater.  While you understood it was for the most part staged, it does give you that feeling of what a wild time an adult theater can be when a slut is thrown in the mix.   About then, I noticed a new person had walked in and sat along the back.  Earlier, I had noticed that there was a long bench set along side the back wall of the straight theater.  Something about this new person got my attention.  It was a bit dark in there since the film was playing dark scenes.
I had a feeling that this new addition was not a male, but female.  However, I was unable to visually confirm.  I decided to wait a bit to see what unfolds.  A couple guys move near the Pat, but no one is doing anything.  Two guys leave and the third moves real close to Pat.  As I was in the last row of couches, I could just make out their shapes.  The movie reached a bright scene and I could then see that Pat was a black female with her legs open, playing with her pussy.  As the scene progressed, Pat had her top up, showing off her nice set of tits.
I moved over to the right side of her while the other guy was on her left.   This close, I could make out all her features.  Pat was a plump brown beauty with a nice set of tits.  Her nipples were my favorite type.  Thick and very sensitive to touch. 
I touched her nipple on my side and she started to moan.  Hot Damn!  I leaned over and captured her nipple in my mouth and proceeded to give it very loving oral attention.  She was liking the attention for sure.  The other side guy got in on the act by focusing on her other nipple.
I moved my hand to her pussy and found it to be steamy and wet.  I ran my fingers over her clip and she was moaning, yelping with pleasure.  I worked her nipple with my teeth and did rapid, but light rubbing of her clit.  Pat danced all over that bench with delight.  To my delight, my poor sore cock started to get very hard.  The bench actually was at a good level for a slip in.  As I rose up to pull the monster free for cover and in, the other guy suggested we move to a couch to be more comfortable.  I hated to disengage at that moment, but Pat seemed ready to move, so we went to the full size couch in the back row.
This changed the dynamic due to the fact that Pat laid almost down on the couch.  I did not have a good as position as before.  TOG pulled his cock out and was feeding Pat.  I could still get to her nipple, but the angle had changed where instead of gliding on the clit, I was forced to do fingers deep into her pussy.  I found her sweet G spot however, and soon had her purring again.  TOG would pull out to suck on her other nipple some more.  Pat begged me to eat her.  I was tempted, but her musk was so strong that I knew it would linger on me for the rest of the evening.  It was not a bad smell, just strong musk that women of color can produce.
To be fair to both Pat and TOG, I asked him if he wanted to try her pussy.  He declined and stated that he wanted to cum on her black tits.  His words!  Well, she liked that kind of talk cause she really was humping my fingers now.  So, TOG and me talked real dirty to her causing her little O’s to blossom out.  I was in a bad spot though and could not get my cock out to do much.   I continued the nipple and pussy play while TOG was getting ready to dump on her.  As he moved into place to fire off on her tits, I leaned away and continued to fuck her with three fingers.
She gave a little scream of orgasm as TOG fired a healthy load on her tits.  I was quite impressed with their sync with the orgasms.  I pulled out of her wet pussy and was able to move enough to give me access to unzip.  But she was done with us at that point.  Pat apologize and said that she had to get home.  Yes, I was disappointed to not dip into her honey pot, however, that is what happens in theater sex.  One moment you are fingers deep, the next blued balled.
Not that I had any complaints, I was still recovering from the activities earlier.   As Pat was getting dressed, TOG told her that it had been awhile since he seen her.   Pat stated that she still comes to PP during the evenings when she is able.  This was good news to keep in mind.  After Pat left, TOG told me that she was a regular.  I asked TOG since he was in the mood to chat, how was the theater during the evenings.  TOG stated that quite a few couples do come in and play.  The parking area is watched by the staff and it is reasonably safe.
The price of admission seems to keep the worse ones out.  I decided that PP definitely was a spot to keep an eye on.  Since it was about 3pm and the prospects of any other encounter was slim, I decided to retire to the MV Lair for refuel and nap.  Resting up for the evening return sounded like a good idea.
I returned to PP around 9pm and did a quick walk through of the arcade.  There were several guys back there cruising, but no action.  A different crew was running the store, but seemed friendly enough.  I showed my pass and was buzzed back into the Viewing Room.  Did a quick glance into the gay theater and then sat down on one of the back love seats in the straight theater.  I was all alone in the Viewing Room at the start.
A few guys would come in to check out the theaters, but never stayed long.  It was getting along 10ish when I heard someone being buzzed in.  I could tell it was different by the time it took for the door to close.  I was not surprise to see a couple come around the corner.  The stood in the back watching the movie, which at the moment had a woman being mouth fucked by a huge cock.  As they stood there, I could see the bf rubbing his dates tits through her blouse.
She look to be barely old enough for the place.  Short in statue, nice titty bumps showed through a thin strapped blouse.  She had a shorts on which highlighted her bubble butt.  The bf was a jock looking fellow.  The movie must have affected them quickly or they must have came in the theater with horniness in full blown state, cause it was not too long before he guided her to the back of the love seat and bent her over it.
Guess which love seat?  Yep, the one where I had parked myself.  I am not sure that they even registered that I was there.  He had her shorts down along with his pants and was slamming her hard with his cock.  She was closed enough that I pulled my hard cock out where on every stroke, she popped up enough to see it.  They never missed a stroke.   She pulled her top up so that her tits were free.  I reached out and stroked her little nipples.  She was in heaven by the noises that were issuing from her throat.
Her small hand reached over and grabbed my hard cock.   I slid down enough so that she could reach it with her mouth.  Being as short as she was, I figured he had her off the floor with the draping over the couch back.  She wasted no time in deep throating my cock.  His every thrust caused her to go down to my balls.  She was getting fucked as rough as the gal on the screen was.  And she loved it.
I was building quickly and from the speed the couple were going, I knew it was a race to see to blew their load first.   He was getting real close cause by then, he had grabbed her ass cheeks and was using them to slam home on his cock.  His final ram held her pinned between his spewing cock and mine.  I dumped a big load that was build up from earlier straight down her gullet.  She was fucking awesome in taking it all at once.
As he pulled her off of my cock, her mouth closed with a bit of my sperm sliding down her chin.  He sat her back on her feet and she turned around to give him a kiss.  I could see her red ass cheeks from his rough handling and also, his load running down her legs.  They quickly dressed and vacated the premises.  I got myself back together and visited the restroom for cleanup.  A glance at my watch told me that the entire event happened with a 15 minute window.  Wow!
Although spent for the time being, I decided to stick around to see what else happens on a Saturday night at Pure Pleasure.  I was back in the theater, sitting across from entrance to keep an eye on things.  The theater had several men in it now.    I had not been sitting long when another couple showed up.  This was more of a lean, whippet of a woman with a burly he-man as her companion.  She was wearing a black wifebeater shirt and a short denim skirt.  Just the right formal wear for theater sex.
They sat in the same couch I had been earlier when I had my fun.  I hoped the vibe was still there to inspire them.  It did in a way cause it was not long before she had her legs open wide and giving her guy a handjob.  I had a good view of her pussy which was barely covered by a g-string.  She pushed it aside and was playing with her pussy in time with the handjob.  The rest of the penis gallery watched also and several cocks popped out for the couple to see.  It was nice to see that the guys did not rush the couple, but stayed back to see how it would develop.
It was a slow boil however.  The couple never progress further than the show they were giving.  Not sure where the vibe went at that point.  We all watched them until they apparently had enough show & tell.  The couple straighten up, discussed something, and then left.  Not sure what that was about, but I did enjoy the show.  Another visit to the restroom and a walk through of the arcade.  It was during the walk through that I may have found the couple.  Someone was fucking in the back booth.  It definitely was female getting banged by the sound of it.   I listened for a bit, but since seeing the action was not going to happen, I went back to the Viewing Room.
It was getting closer to midnight by now.  There were still quite a few guys hanging out in the theater.   My usual spot was taken, so I moved more to the front of the straight theater, sitting just one row back.  That couch was actually quite comfortable.  I had been settled in, watching the movie when I heard a female voice from the back.  I looked and saw that a new couple had walked in.  They made their way to the row across from me and sat down.
They looked to be a regular couple, not really dressed for adult theater fun.  She was a big bone lass with decent breasts that showed through the regular Tshirt she had on.  Also, she was wearing blue jeans.  That is a mark of newbies who don’t do theater sex often.  You know why I make that statement.  They were just sitting there, watching the movie.  Snuggling seemed to be their speed at the moment.  I was in a very good position to watch and see if this boils up to something good.
The movie ended and was doing that DVD intro loop that is annoying as hell.   A couple of the penis gallery left and I hope to tell the clerk that the movie was done.  I kept expecting the couple to leave, but to my surprise they had actually moved their action up a notch.  He had his hand through the neck of her blouse, cupping and rubbing her tit.  Blue Jean Girl had his cock out and was jacking it hard.  I was so wanting the movie to hurry up to start before they grew bored with the loop and left.  As much as I wanted to go tell the clerk to start a movie, I did not dare for I would have most definitely lost the best seat to watch the developing action.
Well, finally the movie starts.  And the clerk was lazy and just restarted the last one.  At that point, we did not care as long as the couple was still active.  They continued with their mutual stroking, intermingled with deep kissing and necking.  I felt that they were building up to more.  Buzz, the door opened, and around the corner comes another couple.  That made all the penis gallery come to attention.  The new couple walk up to see the other couple in their embrace.  They sat on the couch in front of them. 
I recognized our new couple.  She was once part of a couple who called themselves the  Pkhill Clp.  I remember them splitting up and she was with someone else the last time I saw her.  This guy that she was hooked up with, I remember from the Colony…and I will leave his description at that.  If I remember correctly, her passion was bbc and anal.  Very big on anal.  Wish I could remember her name.  Lets just call her BA for this report.  I will look around cause I use to have a photo of her back in days.  She is a Blonde BBW who definitely knows how to dress for adult theaters.  Tonight, she had a pinkish short dress on with cutouts near the boobs for easy access.
BA and her thang watched the newbies continue their makeout session.  He got her to move to the couch beside theirs.  BJG got up and moved to front of her guy.  She kneeled down and was sucking his hard cock.  Well, BA was directed to mimic the actions, so she got on her knees also.  My location gave me a view to a double blowjob and I almost had to laugh when their up/down motion was sync’d.  I could tell that BA’s dude was wanting to escalate this farther, but the newbies kinda wave off.
It reached a point that BJG had her guy to a fevered pitch.  He got her up and they started to use the couch in front of them for more activity, but there must have been a wet spot cause BJG muttered about that being disgusting.  He turned her back to their couch and after situating phone and drink, she dropped trouser and bent over.  He moved right in to her pussy and was fucking up a storm.  I lost sight of BA and her dude at that point, but I did not mind cause this was the main show. 
He plowed her pussy quite well according to the fuck noises she was making.  It did not take too long for him to pick up the pace for the race to the finish.  His final slam brought her to orgasm as well as the feel of his splurge filling her pussy.   He grind a bit more for effect, which she appreciated, moaning the way she was.  It was a great sight to see for a couple to be so in tuned in their orgasms.  As he pulled out, I saw drips from her.  She had a tissue that was not up to the task and finally, just had to pull up her panties to contain his spent load.
They were more chatty with BA/Thang before leaving.  I sensed that someone was not happy being unable to get his paws on BJG.  Oh well.  I commend the penis gallery who did gather closer to watch, but it was not the total gang up that I have seen at like Colony or Hustler.  It was more reserved and respectful of the couple’s space.  That was rare thing to observe in theater sex.  BJG left with her guy just chatting away while walking down the hall.
It was very soon afterwards that BA left also.  I would have thought that they would have played with a few of the chocolate fellows that were hanging in the back.  I did overhear one of the guys state that he had finished fucking BA in the arcade earlier.  He was proud of the fact it must have been his drippings that BJC had made comment on.    That was a capper to that event.
There was a black couple who came in later, but they did nothing more than look around and head back out.  The penis gallery was thinning out also.  Since I was feeling tired, I decided it was time to vacate myself.  So I left around 2am.  All in all, it was a very good time had at Pure Pleasure.  That much action in an adult theater on this side of the river, I have not experienced in a long time.  It was reminisce of Maximus hey day.  I definitely will return to PP for more adventures and hopefully, get to see Pat again.
Doc here again...That submission into the "Best 2010" essays is nothing shory of awesome.  I loved that post the first time I read it, and like it just as much now.  Thank you Major Voyeur!

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