Friday, May 28, 2010

Blast From The Past Holiday Special from Old Marine Corps Guy: The Jamie Gillis Story

Doc here with a heart warming Holiday Version of Blast From The Past.  Old Marine Corps Guy (back when he was Young Marine Corps Guy), takes us down memory lane and into the best Jamie Gillis story ever.  Take it away OMCG!
I remember the Studio and the Pussycat on Beach Blvd and the Mitchell Brothers in Santa Ana, too. All had good action, and lots of it. I think the Pussycat had more action in the theater than the Studio because the older ladies that ran it (yes, ladies ran it....remember??) all knew what was going on and were okay with it. They even had a small room upstairs that they would let people use for "on-the-spot" gangbangs (you ever get up there?) The studio management was not very "play-friendly" and even had one of the counter guys come in and walk the isles with a flashlight. That's why most of the Studio action took place in the parking lot behind the theater.

Probably the most memorable night I had there was at the Pussycat (I know it was sometime in 1976 or 77 because I was stationed at Camp Pendleton then) was when the porn actor, Jamie Gillis, brought in 2 EXTRODINARILY BEAUTIFUL asian women (I spent a lot of time all over the far east and learned to LOVE sexy asian women so this was a REAL turn on for me). I remember it was a week night and not very crowded (must have been only about 10-15 guys and one couple that wasn't doing anything). As soon as Gillis and his two hotties came in ALL of the guys forgot the couple and made a beeline for them. They went down to the front row of the theater, got settled in, and Gillis pulled out some coke and passed it over to the girls and then took some for himself and then told the girls to, "Get the guys heated up", and he settled back to watch the girls.

They started kissing and playing with each other while he (and all the rest of us) played with his unit. Both the girls had those old type jeans that zipped all the way from the front to the back and both of them unzipped completly to expose their pussies, and started taking turns getting down in front of each other and licking each others pussy.

After each of them did each other they both started to give Jamie a "double-blowjob". While he's getting this he's snorting up half of Columbia (REALLY turned me off, but I guess it was the thing to do back then). After he got "his" he told the girls to sit back down and asked the guys who wanted a blowjob to line up in front of which ever girl we liked (I liked both of was a REAL hard choice). Both the girls started sucking and didn't stop until the last man was down. One of them (I think she was Korean) said, "Good to the last drop". After that everyone straightend up and they left.

I'll never forget that girls comment, or that night.
Have a safe and happy Memorial Day.