Monday, July 5, 2010

Last Call! "Who Are Your Top 3 Adult Theater Women?"

Doc here again with a last call for your entries in the "Who Are Your Top 3 Adult Theater Women?"

You have until midnight tomorrow night (Tuesday 12 midnight) to get your reports into The Good Doctor.  I will begin publishing the best entries later this week.

Here is what The Good Doctor is looking for:

a) Your screen name (or any fake internet name you want to use), so I can attribute the submission.

b) General geographic location and adult theater name

c) Nickname or first name of the women you encountered, and what made them memorable

Here is an example from The Good Doctor:

Portland, OR @ The Jefferson Theater around 2004

Nina (aka Bakery Slut): Blonde milf who looks like Nina Hartley. Great attitude, very attractive, insatiable appetite for cock, no-holds barred approach.

It has been my experience that most adult theater women go by a nickname (either self-given or given to them by the males in regular attendance). There are exceptions to that rule, but if you do use a name, just use a first name only. The last thing I need is for the sunday school teacher who happens to like 3-input theater sex breathing down my neck for outing her.

Please send your submissions to The Good Doctor at, or private message me on Twitter:

Have fun with this, and feel free to add a longer story if you like. I will be more than happy to give you your own article if your story deserves the space.

Note:  The submissions I have received so far are terrific.  You will enjoy reading about these women...


Flash Report! July 3rd at The Gulf Coast Theater by Bob in Biloxi

Doc here with a Flash Report from intrepid field reporter Bob in Biloxi.  The Gulf Coast Theater in Biloxi has been the scene of several hot theater reports in the past from Bob.  How was July 3rd at the GCT?  Read on...

7/3/10 Report from Biloxi:

6 couples showed up Sat Night, only two playing. One lady has been in before and took on everyone that wanted to get sucked/fucked.

A new couple I've never seen before came in and sat down, immediately the guy she was with started looking around. I figured something was up, so I stayed and watched from close by. They got up and sat down next to a black guy who started playing with her pussy. After awhile they moved to the back and she started blowing what may have been the smallest cock on the planet. After a few minutes of that she turned around so he could fuck her. She started sucking her dude then with her ass up in the air. He couldn't keep the condom on, so he just jacked off on her ass, then she turned around and thanked him for the good fucking? LOL that was the funniest moment of the night. She pretty much had everyone shaking their head over that one.

After that they left. Two more couples showed up after that and just played around with their clothes on. One lady showed up driving a club cab outside and I got to fuck her in the back seat in the parking lot while her old man was in the front, that's not theater action, but it was in the same parking lot. Wonder if that counts? (ed note: Yes, it does!)
Doc here again...Another great report from Bob!  Thank you sir!

Do you have an adult theater report, past or present?  The staff here at The Journal would love to publish it here on our pages.  They can be e-mailed direct to The Good Doctor at

Summer 2003: 4th of July Fireworks at The Jefferson Theater in Portland, OR by Brent

Doc here with a classic from the pages Brent's Theater Tales.  Let's Jump in the Way Back Machine and set the controls to Independence Day 2003 at The Jefferson Theater in Portland. 

I seem to remember, as if it were just yesterday...

This was a legendary night at the Jefferson. The AC was broken and it was hot as balls. But that didn't slow down the action. If I hadn't been there myself, and written about it, I might not have believed it.

Glory Days, they'll pass you by…Glory Holes, can I come in your eye? :)  Without further a goo:

It seems appropriate that the Jefferson Theater was named after one of Our country's founding fathers, because there were a lot of "liberties"; going on in there , this Fourth Of July weekend it's been a glorious holiday in Portland. The weather has been perfect. There has been a lot to do in the city .The Blues Festival, a regatta of boats docked by the river. People are definitely in a party mood. And there are quite a few people in from out of town.

There were some new couples in the Jeff on Saturday and some who haven't visited in a while. When I walked in it was already going strong. Man it was hot in there! (please fix the AC, thank you)

Everywhere I looked there was action. Down in front, by the screen, a woman with short blonde hair- with a nice , sturdy body and a strong good looking face, was fucking and sucking anybody and everybody. She was in for a few hours and swallowed loads of come while her husband watched. They've been coming in for years. She has fucked and sucked a lot of strange cocks inside adult theaters.

In the couples section there were four couples, three were playing. The one who wasn't was a new couple and they were just taking it all in. A tall , older lady with long straight blond hair was sucking a guy off whom she had invited into the couples section. She had on a short skirt, crotch less pantyhose and was wearing a slave collar. After a while, the guy she was sucking put on a rubber and started fucking her . In the back corner was another couple. The girl was wearing a red Scottish type school girl skirt with white blouse and white bra. She had a great pair of luscious breasts that she had pulled out of her bra and was caressing them while she stroked her husband's penis.

She had caught the attention of the black rapper who was begging her to come down and show him her great body. Guy should be a telemarketer! She kept giggling while the rapper talked, but wouldn't you know, after a while, this pretty but straight looking blonde came down front and started to play with Rappers (or Persuaders?) dick and invited him back to sit with her and her old man.

They were all sitting on the bench. She had her legs spread and was playing with Persuaders big black cock. What great contrast. After while she started sucking on him. Then she lay down and Persuader started eating her pussy, something he loves to do. She was sucking her husbands dick while this was going on. After a while, the three of them got up and left together. I can hardly wait to hear the end of that story.

The fourth couple had left the couples section and were sitting in the main section in one of the prime play spots- over on the left She was another blonde a little chubby but not bad; young looking,
nice breasts. She also had on a skirt and crotch less pantyhose. Pretty soon she was surrounded by guys. Her face was buried in cock and guys were lining up to fuck her. Her boyfriend was making sure guys were wearing condoms, but I think one guy slipped it in bareback. When I felt her pussy, it was pretty wet and sticky. She must have fucked five or six guys and sucked off a few more.

They left for a few moments. When they came back in they headed down to the front followed by a group of guys. She ended up on the stage with the lady with the short blonde hair, who had been there all the time fucking and sucking dicks like MacDonald's makes hamburgers. I didn't go down there, but I imagine they kept fucking and sucking guys and maybe did some stuff to each other.

DP Girl came in. She is another blonde who looks like one of those women who sings opera with the braids and the horns. She's tall and well put together. She loves to have a cock in her pussy, a cock in her mouth and a cock in her ass at the same time. That's they were doing, Saturday on the left side of the theater. She too had a large group of men around her. I could hear her moaning and groaning as the guys would fuck her in the ass and the pussy.

Things were a little quieter in the couples section. There was a well dressed classy looking couple who had just come in. They sat in the front of the couples section by the fan. They were in there for about an hour. They even left the section to watch the action in the main theater. She was wearing a short skirt, but she never did get relaxed enough to uncross her legs. The guys were standing near her waving their dicks at her but she didn't seem to be interested. I wonder if they enjoyed the experience.

The older lady with the slave collar had invited another guy back there to suck off and the other couples were watching that. Everybody was having fun at different levels. I played with Slave collars tits and fingered her pussy. I don't think I pinched her tits hard enough to satisfy her. I need to get one of those hand grips and start working out. Then I will also be able to jerk off longer, while I watch all of the action and be able to give submissive women a stronger titty pull.

Back to the action. A man had brought a young woman in. She had a pretty face, was wearing a light blue dress and leather jacket. She looked like a Gibson Girl. She had dark hair done in a stylish bob. She was beautiful, young and angelic looking. At first they sat in the main section and were immediately surrounded. One guy told me that she ad her dress hiked up and black panties pulled to the side so her old man could finger her. It must have gotten too close because they came back into the couples section. She ended up in the front of the section giving her old man a fantastic blow job. Her old man had a pierced penis with some kind of penis jewelry in it. He announced that they would be in town all week. I hope they come back in for an encore.

While all this was happening the girl with short hair was still sucking guys off down front by the screen, DP girl was still brown- butting it on the left hand side and the usual assortment of gays and TVs were doing it all over the place. And the Beat (off) Goes On!

Lawdy Lawdy Law... Some of those TVs can be pretty convincing. Some look like Ed Asner with a wig! A few guys were getting "sucked in" in by the deception. Or, were they?

Two very sexy couples came in and sat right in front of the couples section. The girls wore sexy summer dresses and the guys were well built with good sized cocks. These four had come to show off and play. One girl was a tall, beautiful blond with medium short hair. She looked like Cameron Diaz or Reese Witherspoon, a little. The other girl had brown hair, kind of curly. She was very pretty and had a lot of mischief in her eyes.

They started playing with each other and pretty soon they were naked This, to me, was the hottest scene of the night. The girls were doing each other. They were sucking and fucking their boyfriends in various combinations. They were getting spanked and fingered and licked. They were moaning and screaming how good it all felt. They were talking dirty to all the boys and to each other. The blonde was riding one of the guys cocks while she sucked the other guy. She kept saying how much she loved to fuck.

The pretty girl with brown hair was getting fucked while she was on her knees. Then they both came down to where all of us guys were. The blonde wanted as many loads of come on her tits as we could give her . She kept saying what a bad girl she was. The other girl was helping her out and she too turned towards us so we could come on her beautiful tits. I stood up and jacked off on her breasts as did a few other guys. One guy, dog boy I think, licked the come off her tits and face. Oh well- once it leaves my body, its not mine anymore. (Tell that to the Judge!)

The excitement was electric. It was a perfect Adult Theater moment. Controlled yet chaotic. These gals were fabulous. I think both of the guys came inside the blondes (at least one did) pussy. I can't remember. When they were done, they got dressed and the blonde happily stated that that was the baddest she had ever been in there! We thanked her for being bad and they went to the bar next door for a drink.

Things slowed down a little after that. One couple who didn't do anything all night finally left. They had been in for four hours so I guess they enjoyed all of the action that they witnessed. I think I over heard that they were from Kansas. Her name might have been Dorothy!

One of the Jefferson regular couples had come in and were turned on by all of the action. Her name is C and she is a short , pretty girl, who loves to play. They eventually ended up on stage and she was letting guys play with her but I'm not sure if she fucked anybody besides her husband. I was guarding the back door which had been opened up so they could get a breeze through the theater. It was like a sauna in there!

There was another girl in the back who had gotten naked and was letting guys cone o her tits. That seemed to be popular thing with women Saturday night A pretty little Mexican girl came in with her boy friend and she ended up on stage with her ass in the air, either getting fucked by her old man while she sucked guys off or getting fucked by guys while she sucked him off.

She was on the stage when I left. There was another couple in the couples section.. a short, pretty, chubby, curly haired red head and an older "date". She seemed to know her way around the theater. I'm sure I'd seen her before, but it was after 3 am and I had to get home. I'm sure I missed a lot of early morning action. That's what kind of night it was. I've probably left some stuff out.

Do any of you people who are outside of Portland (especially couples( plan on making a visit to experience the Jefferson first hand? It's really hard to describe what actually goes on in there. Think of a golf tournament with huge galleries, all guys, mostly older, with their dicks out, hushed and respectful. Instead of playing golf the "players" are men and women fucking., sucking and showing off!
Doc here again... The Jefferson was an ideal place for theater sex.  The theater itself was just the right size; big, but not too big.  The couples section was just a chain link away from the gen pop, but secure enough to be a safe haven.  But the king of adult theater locations is dead.  Long live the new king: The Paris in Portland, OR.

The Good Doctor needs you!  Do you have a theater report/review/experience you'd like to see on the pages of The Journal?  E-mail me at, and I will make sure your report is up quickly.