Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Piper's Call for Cocks! Attn: Tampa, Austin, Amarillo, Denver, Phoenix, and Vegas (w/PICs and VIDEO!)

Doc here, a man who some say gives and gives and gives, and then gives a little more to help unite the pervs across this thing of ours, with a pubic public service announcement from my good friend and excellent driver, Piper the Gloryhole Princess.

Gentlemen, Piper has a fever. And there is only one prescription: More cocks. 

In the past, you, The Lizardo Nation, stepped up to the plate when Piper put out the last Call for Cocks. Your amazing turnouts in multiple cities was appreciated, and you were richly rewarded.

Now, you need to follow Piper's directions. And no, I am not kidding. Here they are:
  • You need to be in these cities: Tampa, Austin, Amarillo, Denver, Phoenix, and Vegas
  • You are to send Piper an e-mail to ghcocks@gloryholeprincess.com . Mention the "Call for Cocks" on The Journal.
  • Put your location in the title.
  • Tell me a lot about yourself.  A few sentences will not work.  :D
  • Send three regular size, clear and in focus pics.  
  • One should be of your face, one should be of your hard cock and one a full out nude with your face showing.  If you want to show your cumload with your hard cock, that would be awesome.  :D
  • If any of these conditions are not for you, no problem.  Just keep enjoying my pics and videos and don't send an email. Your email lets me know that you are for real and have really thought this over and that you will show up.
  • Make sure you follow all of my instructions.  
  • When you are sure, send an email to ghcocks@gloryholeprincess.com.  Newbies are particularly invited!
Gentlemen, do not screw up this once in a lifetime opportunity with my good friend Piper. 

Need more convincing?  Chew on this...

New Feature! 9 Questions with The Good Doctor! Today's Guest: The Amazing MS. PIPY (w/10 Pics!)

Doc here, a man who some say cannot keep this a secret any longer. Let us punish the guilty. Let us reward the innocent. My friend, can your heart stand the shocking facts of grave robbers from outer space?

In the last two weeks, you may have read a report featuring the extremely hot MS. PIPY, who along with her partner in crime, The Escort, is just starting their adult theater journey. Their first trip is planed in the next month or so, and they asked The Good Doctor for some pointers.  You can read that report HERE.

So, where do we go from here, dear friends? Well, the only answer is 9 Questions from The Good Doctor!

In this new feature, The Good Doctor throws 9 questions at our guest(s), and they answer as truthfully as possible while hooked up to the Lizardo XR4Ti Lie Detector. Not once did the tape show any deception, so MS. PIPY's (& The Escort's) answers are the real deal.

Now for the cherry on top... Not only is this long-form interview cool as Hell, MS. PIPY supplied 10 brand new photos of herself to add some extra flavor to the interview.  That MS. PIPY...What a giver!

So kids, here we go... Enjoy the first chapter of 9 Questions with The Good Doctor!