Monday, May 22, 2017

Couple's Flash Report(s)! Max & Sarah's Wondrous Roads: A Tale of 4 Cities

Doc here, a man who some say is still searching for Valhalla, back with a tremendous first time Couple's Flash Report from Max and Sarah.

In a wide-ranging and hot as Hell report, Max and Sarah visit adult theater venues in 4 different cities, with (as you might have guessed) a varying success.  The adult theater Gods are a fickle sort, and this report illustrates this notion perfectly. 

Pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!) & please welcome to The Good Doctor's Journal of Adult Theaters the awesome Max and Sarah!


I'm Max, my girlfriend is a hot 40-something redhead named Sarah, and she is a newly-converted gangbang and theater slut. We've been reading Doc's blog for several months now and using it to plan our itineraries whenever we're traveling, since we live in a place that has no theater options at all. We traveled A LOT the last few weeks, for business and family reasons. Here's what we found:


Friday night in Houston we checked out the newly-opened Colette swingers club. Colette Dallas is our all-time favorite club and we had high hopes but the Houston location hasn't caught on yet. Unlike Dallas, there were only a handful of single guys, none very interesting, and most of the couples were shy and kept to themselves.

So we headed down to our favorite Houston theater, Smoochees. Smoochees has a really excellent sex toy shop downstairs, and a maze of theater rooms upstairs. Fridays and Saturdays are couples-only after 4pm. They require ids and filling out a membership form, more like a swinger club, and then buzz you upstairs. Most of the rooms are small, enough for a couch or two, with a flat-screen tv showing porn in every room. Farther back is a long skinny room with about four couches lining each wall facing each other. This is where the couples tend to hang out, and we've been able to play with others before but tonight everyone was shy. Sarah and I put on a show, though.
Houston, TX
Saturday afternoon we headed back to Smoochees during single guy time (when couples are free), and headed upstairs to the very back back room, which has couches along three walls and a single screen showing porn on the fourth. Sarah was the only woman in the place and as we made our way to the back couch, we could sense that we were drawing a crowd behind us. 

The guys at Smoochees don't usually do that aggressive wolf-pack thing, instead they'll hang back respectfully on the other couches until they get an invite. Sarah sucked my dick for a while and I pulled her dress up to expose her ass, then waved over one guy, then another, then another. Two got to fuck her and one of them was a really dominant guy with some great dirty talk. Pro tip: submissive girls love a guy with good dirty talk.