Monday, May 22, 2017

Couple's Flash Report(s)! Max & Sarah's Wondrous Roads: A Tale of 4 Cities

Doc here, a man who some say is still searching for Valhalla, back with a tremendous first time Couple's Flash Report from Max and Sarah.

In a wide-ranging and hot as Hell report, Max and Sarah visit adult theater venues in 4 different cities, with (as you might have guessed) a varying success.  The adult theater Gods are a fickle sort, and this report illustrates this notion perfectly. 

Pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!) & please welcome to The Good Doctor's Journal of Adult Theaters the awesome Max and Sarah!


I'm Max, my girlfriend is a hot 40-something redhead named Sarah, and she is a newly-converted gangbang and theater slut. We've been reading Doc's blog for several months now and using it to plan our itineraries whenever we're traveling, since we live in a place that has no theater options at all. We traveled A LOT the last few weeks, for business and family reasons. Here's what we found:


Friday night in Houston we checked out the newly-opened Colette swingers club. Colette Dallas is our all-time favorite club and we had high hopes but the Houston location hasn't caught on yet. Unlike Dallas, there were only a handful of single guys, none very interesting, and most of the couples were shy and kept to themselves.

So we headed down to our favorite Houston theater, Smoochees. Smoochees has a really excellent sex toy shop downstairs, and a maze of theater rooms upstairs. Fridays and Saturdays are couples-only after 4pm. They require ids and filling out a membership form, more like a swinger club, and then buzz you upstairs. Most of the rooms are small, enough for a couch or two, with a flat-screen tv showing porn in every room. Farther back is a long skinny room with about four couches lining each wall facing each other. This is where the couples tend to hang out, and we've been able to play with others before but tonight everyone was shy. Sarah and I put on a show, though.
Houston, TX
Saturday afternoon we headed back to Smoochees during single guy time (when couples are free), and headed upstairs to the very back back room, which has couches along three walls and a single screen showing porn on the fourth. Sarah was the only woman in the place and as we made our way to the back couch, we could sense that we were drawing a crowd behind us. 

The guys at Smoochees don't usually do that aggressive wolf-pack thing, instead they'll hang back respectfully on the other couches until they get an invite. Sarah sucked my dick for a while and I pulled her dress up to expose her ass, then waved over one guy, then another, then another. Two got to fuck her and one of them was a really dominant guy with some great dirty talk. Pro tip: submissive girls love a guy with good dirty talk.

Later we drove out to Discount 24 Hour Video since we saw it listed in Doc's spreadsheet. We can't recommend it at all. They did the usual ID/membership thing but the overly-friendly clerk read Sarah's real name from her ID out loud and said "Is that your real name? That's an unusual name." Now every guy within earshot knows her real name. When we headed to the back, the guys were creepy and the booth area smelled like pee. We won't be back.

San Diego

We headed out to Barnett Adult Super Store both Friday and Saturday night, and so far it's been the highlight of our travels. The sex toy shop is really excellent, and the staff (male, female, and queer) are friendly and helpful. Friday nights couples get in free so you get a good crowd since guys know it's a target-rich time. The theater is split into two equal sides, one showing straight porn, one showing gay, with about five traditional theater rows of eight seats each. We peeked in both sides and decided to try the straight side first.
Barnett Ave. Superstore
San Diego, CA
We were the only couple. The wolf pack started hovering at a reasonably safe distance, but as Sarah started sucking my dick they moved in closer. One of them I took a disliking to and had to tell him twice to back up, and he got the message. (I can be scary when I go into alpha protector mode.) The crowd was a mix of ages and ethnicities, but there were two bearded Middle Eastern-looking guys who were HOT. Sarah eventually had them double teaming her in the back row, the one fucking her came, but then another woman who was loud and obviously drunk came in with two guys and killed the mood, so we headed over to the gay side. 

The guys followed us, and it wasn't long before Sarah was bent over the front row of seats facing the audience while I chose guys out of the lineup to fuck her from behind. There was another couple there, a cute young (and pretty innocent looking) Hispanic couple who were enthralled by Sarah's show, but they kept their distance.

This was Sarah's first time with this much of a crowd around her, but she took on four guys before tapping out and we headed home to postgame it til dawn.

Saturday there were fewer guys, the average attractiveness was down, and there were a lot more gay guys there who kind of rolled their eyes when they saw Sarah invading their space. She felt like we were not welcome on the gay side so we stuck to the straight theater. She knelt in front of the front row and sucked a few dicks of my choosing, but the vibe wasn't great so we didn't stay long. 

Funny story: the last dick she sucked she spent only about 5 seconds with before she stood up and he backed away; I asked her later if he had a hygiene problem and she said "No, he came as soon as my mouth touched his dick!"

San Francisco

The Bay Area doesn't really have any couples-friendly theaters any more. What they have, in addition to some great swinger clubs and parties, is a place called Power Exchange.
Power Exchange - SF
Power Exchange bills itself as a sex/swinger club, but it has a bad reputation amongst more "respectable" lifestyle and kink people. It's located in the Tenderloin, one of the most notoriously shady urban areas on the West Coast, and they let in unlimited numbers of single guys for a low cover charge pretty much all the time, so the vibe is more adult theater than swinger club, but with a dangerous edge. Obviously we love it.

PE is a three story club; the top floor is couples only, with a balcony that overlooks the main floor. It's a great place to put on a show for the guys watching from below, although you get a lot of them making eyes and waving their dicks at you like it's fishing tackle, which can either be funny or irritating depending on your mood.

Below the first floor is a basement with about a dozen small rooms with vinyl covered benches; each room has a chain you can put up across the door. Chain down means you want company, chain up means they can watch but keep out. Tonight we were going to play "Daddy Chooses" for the first time with the PE wolfpack. Sarah sucked my dick for a while, my fist in her hair, while the horde assembled leaning against the chain, dicks in hand. I sat back and made her strip, one article of clothing at a time, handing each one to me. When she was finally naked except for heels, I told her "go over and take the chain down."
Power Exchange - SF
She was terrified, but she did it. The guys slowly spilled in like something from Zombieland, but they followed my lead and ones who I told to back off stayed away. A couple of the guys were talented dom-types, so she got a good hair-pulling face fucking workout from them, and got fucked hard from behind by four guys. On the fourth one I leaned over and told her, "this is the last one, baby," but as he pulled out another guy with an enormous hard cock stepped forward and I decided, OK sometimes Daddy lies, because I wanted to see her take this guy. Which she did.

Power Exchange is not really an adult theater and the guys can be kind of aggressive, but if you want a little feeling of danger in "this thing we do," check it out.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles was pretty much a bust. There are dozens of places but they are all so spread out it's hard to hit most of them. We did two.

Stans Two at the O Zone, in Rowland Heights, has an arcade, preview booths, and a "theater" with a gay side and a straight side, but each side is really no larger than 8x10 feet, with a couch and a couple of cafeteria chairs on each side. We went into the straight side and there were 4 or 5 guys in there taking up all the seating; it was dark, we couldn't see them, we couldn't see how to start, and she got The Fear so we left and checked out the arcade. 
Stans 2 - O Zone
Rowland Heights, CA
We played with one guy back there but he was more into me than her (which is fine, I'm bisexual), but he couldn't stay hard so we went back to the theater. At this point there were only four guys left, all on the gay side, and they definitely hinted that Sarah was not welcome, so we left the store entirely.

Studs Pussycat Theater in West Hollywood is an old school porn legend. People like John Holmes and Kay Parker have left their handprints in the sidewalk out front, Chinese Theater style. 
Studs/Pussycat Theater
West Hollywood, CA
The main theater is an enormous old full-sized movie theater showing gay porn, with two mini-theaters in back, one showing trans porn, and one straight. It's a great space. Unfortunately it's also full of the scariest, creepiest, un-sexiest people we have ever seen in our adventures. Every one of them could be the villain or the mental patient out of Central Casting. We fled after 10 minutes. (ed. note: Wise move.)

Upcoming: Chicago!

We will be in Chicago for Memorial Day weekend and we will try to hit the famous 15th Avenue Theater on all three nights (Friday/Saturday/Sunday) probably closer to midnight each night although we might have some time during the day on Sunday. Sarah is crazy excited about the potential for the room behind the screen. We will probably break some personal records that weekend. 


Doc here again... Many thanks and kudos to Max and Sarah for a great job on their first report here at The Journal!  With one exception, I have been to all of the establishments, and their reporting is spot on!  Plus, a little birdie has told me we might get a "Sarah's POV" version of this report.  

The Good Doctor loves his and her's reports, made popular here by my good friends The Adventurous MD Couple.  I have my fingers crossed we get Sarah's report in short order!

Keep your eyes peeled for more from the Wondrous Roads traveled by Max and Sarah!