Thursday, May 3, 2012

House Call! The Good Doctor Returns to the 15th Ave Adult Theater in Melrose Park, IL

House Call:
Saturday 4/21 @ 15th Avenue in Melrose Park, IL

Doc here with a House Call Report… A cold Saturday evening set the stage for a crazy night at Chicagoland’s 15th AveAdult Books and Theater (address info located in Dr. Emilio’s Adult Theater Database). 

During my weekly conference call with Brent in Portland, we often discuss whether the vibe was right or not inside the theaters we are attending.  This was one of those nights where the vibe was just right @ 15th Avenue.

Upon pulling the Lizardo 3000 into the spacious parking lot at 15th Ave. around 8:30pm, the number of cars plus lack of any people hanging around the outside covered area were good signs.  The third positive sign was a lack of people milling around the large ABS section of the facility when paying my entrance and spa fee.

The box score for the evening was as follows:

  • Total Couples: 10
  • Couples Played: 7
Here are the highlights, in no particular order…

The Young Blonde

Early in the evening, with about 3-4 couples nestled into the couples section, I noticed one couple that struck me as being new to this thing of ours.  She was young, probably about 25, long blonde hair, and curvy.  She was wearing a long denim shirt, and a dark knit top, which hugged her ample boobs. They were just watching the porn playing on the big screen.  Many of the guys in the theater were paying attention to another couple seated in the front row, so the younger couple was very much under the radar.

About 20 minutes after their arrival they got up to leave.  Most in the theater probably assumed that they were leaving.  However, The Good Doctor knows better than that…

I noticed that they walked straight ahead after leaving the theater, which means they were headed to the spa area, or to the video booths.  When yours truly reached the common area between the booths and the spa, I saw no one.  My gut instinct told me  (just like the voice in “Field of Dreams” that told Kevin Costner to “…”go the distance”, whereas my inner voice told me “…check the last booth.”

I did, and boy was I glad I did.

Upon reaching the last booth, I peeked in the open door and saw the lovely blonde on her knees sucking her guy’s sizable cock (in profile).  It was clear from their interaction that she was very submissive. At times he would grab her hair and fuck her mouth, other times she was in control. The show was very hot.

It was about then that my “Lizardo Sense” kicked in and I noticed a bunch of guys from the theater were now standing down the row in the video area behind me, also peeking in the booth.

Luck was smiling down on The Good Doctor, as the boyfriend motioned me into the booth as he pivoted his girlfriend towards me.  “Are you ready to suck his cock?” was the question directed towards the blonde, which garnered a soft “yes” from her.  Her oral talents were outstanding…Soft, wet, and plenty of eye contact.  At one point the boyfriend grabbed her by the hair, and drove her mouth onto The Little Doctor so I was fucking her mouth…Hard.  I didn’t last long before I was giving her a rousing 21 gun salute across her young innocent face.  It was all sorts of awesome, trust me.

P&F – Deep Staging

Long time readers of the Journal know that one of my favorite couples to hang with is the sassy and hot F, along with P (who is not sassy, but a great guy nonetheless).  I happened to walk back to the spa area when I heard the familiar sounds of Fran, as she was being soundly fucked.  They had an audience in one of the private rooms, and upon peeking in, saw F with her arms wrapped around the neck of a tall black guy, along with her legs wrapped around his waist.  Yes, F was defying gravity again.

Later on in the evening, while I was talking to P&F in the rear of the theater, P peeled down F’s top for me, allowing me access to her awesome boobs and rock hard nipples.  It was at this point I was invited back to their booth, whereby The Good Doctor showed F my appreciation by fucking her doggie style.  F’s compact and athletic body is a marvel, and if you ever get a chance to spend some quality time with her, you will go away a happy guy.

A nicer couple you will not find, my friends.  Just wait for the green light, the put the pedal to the metal.

Watch Your Step

Another young couple stepped into 15th Avenue’s theater around 9-ish that night.  She was a small BBW, with dark rimmed glasses, and thick curly hair.  I have seen her play inside the theater before, but she takes her time to warm up and sense the vibe.

It was busy in the couples section, and a young man sat next to them in their row.  However, on the way back to the spa area, she tripped over the young man’s feet (nice job getting them out of the way, Hammer) and down went Frazier.  She popped right back up and said she was OK, so it was nothing more than a standing 8-count.

Later on, she was back inside one of the private rooms, fucking up a storm.  The Good Doctor wasn’t sure whether any of the penis gallery were invited in, or if it was a pure couple’s encounter.

Standing Room Only

In a night of many outstanding visuals, perhaps my favorite was one of the most benign.  Remember P&F?  Well, while they were entertaining in their private room, a couple that had been in a room across the hallway stepped across for a looky loo. Her celebrity look-a-like would be Laura Linney, with shorter hair.  LL was looking in on F as she was again being fucked hard and fast, and from behind her hubby was finger fucking her as she watched the action.  The look on her face as she was being pleasured in front of 8 well-behaved guys was a keeper.  After a few minutes of looking, they retired back to their booth, closed the door, and carried on.

Step Right Up

From the time The Good Doctor’s loafers hit the floor inside the theater, until the time her left, there was a BBW in the front row servicing cocks of different size, national origin, and performance.  With her boyfriend riding shotgun with handi-wipes and water, she paid lip service to many patrons of the arts that night.

Look, But Don’t Touch

Lastly, a couple I have seen at 15th Avenue before, was back tonight.  She is a looker… Picture Patricia Arquettefrom “True Romance”.  PA was dressed in a skin tight white dress, which barely contained her wonderful breasts (which made a guest appearance later in the evening).

This couple are pure exhibitionists.  Teasing, parading, and putting on a show for the boys in the USO.  As the evening went on, their show got more exciting, with her sucking his cock a few times, as well as a late doggie style hard fucking bent over a theater seat.  It was a great visual, and who knows, one day she might expand her horizons.

These were the highlights, but not the only lights on display that night.  The vibe was excellent, the couples frisky, and many patrons of the fine arts went home weak-kneed and smiling.

Including The Good Doctor…