Friday, September 28, 2012

Flash Report! Mark Hits 15th Avenue in Melrose Park, IL

Doc here with a success story from this thing of ours!  A question leads to an answer, and that leads to a trip to 15th Avenue Adult Theater by Mark.



Doctor, you are a miracle worker!

As you so wisely advised, on my very short swing through the (now my favorite) city yesterday, I finished my toiling at the thing that I have to do to feed my family a little late, so I was very short on time to visit the 15th Avenue store. I arrived at almost 6:00 and figured I needed to head to the airport in only an hour. I almost just threw in the towel, but then thought of your wise advice to just be patient and see what happens....and besides, it was a chance to look around the famous place like being on a Bart Simpson vacation (ie looking at the Grand Canyon for three minutes then leaving). So I followed my friend Suzie Satellite (my trusty GPS) to the building, found the parking lot, and realized that what might be the hottest girl I have ever laid my eyes on was standing around under the smoking tent with her man. Well, needless to say I reminded myself that this was a mirage because it was late on a Tuesday afternoon, so forget it, besides my clock was ticking to get to the airport!

I went inside, paid for both the theater and spa (what the heck, you can't scout if you can't get in...chock it up to research), and tried to find my way around.

The theater was I did my due research and scouted the room, watched a rather strange flick for a short while and decided my time was short so I better figure out where everything else was. When I came out and figured out where the booths were, I entered that hall and there was the amazing girl from the parking lot. There was a small gathering of "interested parties" staying nearby to see what was going to happen (myself included,and I looked the goofiest cause I really was lost) but I couldn't see anything that would seem that something was going to happen. The clock was ticking so I headed to the SPA to continue my scouting mission. It was EMPTY. That was the bad news, but the good news was that I could scout without looking like a creeper!

When I was about to give up ( was about 15 minutes to departure) one of the regulars came in and struck up a conversation. He told me about the activities that day with some nice missed opportunities, and we had a great chat. Soon another fellow came in and joined with stories from there, it was great fun. Then as I thought about bailing out the buzzer indicated a new entry and THERE THEY WERE! They smiled, said hi and went into one of the private rooms.

Well the chit chat went on with the guys, the tick-toc in my head was getting louder, along with the sense that I was going to leave not knowing what might happen! I was crushed.

We chatted a little longer, and my new friends were trying to track what was developing behind that closed door when one of them bumped it and it popped open. I almost panicked cause I thought we crossed a line that I hadn't read yet in the rule book but they didn't seem to mind...oh, of course I made sure I took advantage of the incident to move to see she was naked and more amazing than I thought before!

I'm not sure what my new friend said to them, but somewhere in there I heard "he has to catch a plane to Pittsburgh" and turned to me and said c'mon over to me. Her man said "she wants to fuck and to have cum inside of her" my new friend said something about a condom and her man said "no condom, she is allergic to latex" my new friends kind of backed up, but I was looking at that body and said (in a tiny shy voice) "I'm in!"

What happened next was a blur. I walked in, the door closed, I said "holy shit, you are A!" We all laughed and M introduced himself but said "of course nobody cares"....for the record I do cause he is one lucky bastard! And he shares that treasure !

Well, the rest is rather frustrating...I was so unprepared to meet with the champion, started a hand job, followed with a mouth that was second to none, and her pussy was like velvet. It was not my best performance, everything happened way too fast and my only regret was I was now way late. Of course, it was great, but I really needed a second round. Damn clock!

Well, this was way too long (a common problem for me), but what a chance to have no expectations and have what's probably the most unique night of my life!

Thank you, Doc. You are now my hero!