Monday, September 29, 2014

Field Report! Pat Wilson on The Lido Theater in Dallas

Doc here, a man who some say "keeps it real", when in fact, only my finely coiffed mustache is real, with a check in from an old friend of The Journal, Pat Wilson.

Pat's original website covering this thing of ours, Adult Theater Review, was the first adult theater website I remember visiting back in the early days of the net as we now know it. As a veteran of the scene, Pat's authoritative words are always spot on.

Pat checked in over the weekend while I was still doing my Merv Griffin thing hosting the Fire & Ice Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago, and has filed this report.  It's a great read.

Take it away, Pat!

Couple's Flash Report! "The Last Day of Summer" at The Paris Theater by Gemini on 9/21/14

Doc here, a man who some say owes this incredible lady a drink, with an outstanding Couple's Flash Report from the Paris Theatre in downtown Portland.
Our reporter, the vivacious and lovely Gemini, is a very good friend of The Good Doctor. She is the total package folks: A smart, funny, sinful, and insatiable woman who loves this thing of ours. My first encounter (of hopefully many) with Gemini at The Paris back in July was nothing short of mind blowing. It was so intense, I almost lost one of my fancy wingtips in the frenzy.
As Summer drew to a close this past week, Gemini chose to celebrate it at The Paris with several very lucky men. With her awesome hubby Jordan looking on (Hi Jordan!), Gemini held court at this historic theatre. And by hold court, I mean fucked 4 gentlemen senseless.
Take it away, good looking!