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Couple's Flash Report! The Chairman & The Suburban Wife Hit Secrets in Oakland

 Doc here with a terrific Couple's Flash Report from new contributor The Chairman.  He and his married submissive suburban blonde lady friend hit Secrets in Oakland, and man is this report loaded with all the filthy details you'd want.
Here we go...

Hey Doc- love the blog. You can call me The Chairman... Here is a report from Secrets in Oakland, CA. I posted it there and sent it to Brent also- but feel free to post it if you like. Love your blog!

Remember the beginning of "Love Story"? It started out with "what do you say about a girl who loved Bach, Beethoven and the Beatles…" Well, this is kinda like that- except different.

What do you say about a beautiful, blonde, submissive suburban wife, who is neglected by her husband, and who gets off having her boyfriend use, degrade and defile her, in front of and with others? I usually say "that was fun - I'll see you next week". Yup, I'm the proud owner of one of the finest pieces of slut flesh in the SF Bay Area- and among the many twists I have introduced her to, playing in porn theaters ("this thing of ours") is one of her favorites.

So yesterday (June 8), we returned to Secrets in Jack London Square in Oakland ("Oaktown" if you want to get thuggish about it). Naturally, she had gone shopping for some slutty shoes the day before (4 inch heels is my minimum requirement). She texted pictures of two pairs she was considering- and naturally, I told her to buy both. And naturally, she did as she was instructed, and wore the 4 inch heel gold shoes.


Oakland, CA
We met for drinks beforehand, and she was wearing her "slut dress" as she affectionately calls it- it's kind of a black clingy thing that can be pulled down from the top or slipped up from the bottom- easy access being the key. And to that end, she never wears panties- in fact she only owns one pair that she only uses when she gets a wax. The outfit is perfect for theater play.

So we walked down the street to the theater, and had to wait for the longest train to pass (ironic in a way), so I slipped her collar around her neck and we kissed a bit. When we got to the theater, I bought a bottle of lube, and paid for our tickets and in we went (the salesgirl is getting to know her and flashed a knowing smile!).

I'm not one for dilly-dallying so we got right to it. The back row of seats is kind of lit from the entrance so I stopped her and leaned her against a seat. I snapped a leash to her collar and kissed her. I looked her in the eyes and said "I love you baby". Then I slapped her across the face. Again I said "I love you baby", and I slapped her again. I did this a few times, then grabbed her by the hair (long blonde with highlights), and made her look each guy in the eye (and there were 10 or so) and say to each of them "I'm a whore".

Tired of talking, I began squeezing her breasts, and pulled her top down to reveal them. I told the crowd "look but don't touch" and they were respectful. I of course, was not. I slapped her breasts and pinched her nipples and she was moaning. I had a pair of nipple clamps in my pocket (I coulda been a boy scout), and put them in place. I wanted her to hold the chain in her teeth, but it was too short.

So instead, I switched to a thin piece of suede I had brought that is perfect for whipping breasts- it's loud but soft, so not really painful. I must have given her 20 good strokes with the suede and her nipples were quite hard- she was really getting into it, and moaning quite a bit. All the while I am talking dirty to her, reminding her that only a slut and a whore would let some guy take her to a porn theater and use her in front of strangers while her husband is at work...

Then I pulled her on her knees and made her crawl in a little circle- just to show the crowd what a good slut she is. If watching a hot blond crawling on the floor of a porn theater in a collar and leash doesn't get you hard- well, you probably like a different brand of scotch than we do. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Then I pulled her up, turned her around, and bent her over that same chair and smacked her ass hard with my hands a number of time. Not wanting to disappoint the crowd, I slowly lifted her skirt to reveal her absolutely stunning little ass. She thinks it's her best feature- along with her legs, and I can't disagree, although I pretty much love all her features.

She was getting into it, so I pulled a much thicker strip (5 inches or so) of suede from my pocket ("be prepared") and told the crowd to give me some room. this stuff is the best- I can wail on her with all my might (and I'm pretty fucking strong), it makes a HUGE cracking sound, and gets her ass a gorgeous red- but doesn't hurt anywhere nearly as loud as the sound would suggest. I worked her for a bit, then picked a random number (39) and decided to make her count them. I was beating her ass so hard I was sweating, and she was spreading her legs to display her asshole for all to see.

Right about then, some old guy pushed by to leave, and rather loudly (and rather indignantly) said "you are a total freak".

Uhhh, yeah, your powers of observation are amazing. I cannot fathom how you managed to figure that out- was it the whipping a hot blond in a porn theater while a bunch of guys stood around jacking off that tipped you?? Oh well, as they say in porn theaters "different strokes for different folks".

Although the girlfriend and I have been debating if he was talking about me or her. Or both of us. Whatever.

After some more whipping, I again pulled her to her knees and told her "you're going to crawl now with your ass exposed", and we started for the side wall. After a few steps, I made her stop, and put her head down and reach back and spread her ass cheeks. Then, this gorgeous blond, who 7 months ago had never done anything remotely close to any of this, began crawling along the floors of this porn theater. Who knows how many loads had been dumped there- but she just crawled through with her skirt hiked up and her ass displayed for all to see.

When we got to the side wall, I pulled her up with her back to the wall. I kissed her and said "I love you baby". Then I spit on her face and slapped her. Again I said "I love you baby", and again I spit on her face and slapped her. I turned her around and smacked her ass some more then pulled her to her knees. Perfect placement for her to display her skills as a cocksucker- and she went after my cock like a kitten going after milk.

We've been working on her gag reflex, and she is developing nicely. Although my cock is but average length (about 7 inches) it is extremely thick (about 7 inches in girth with a nice cut head). Even though she can get it to the back of her mouth, getting it down her throat is more of a challenge. So the drill is I make her take it until she gags, then I allow her to pull back. Then I slap her. And then we repeat it. Over and over and over again. Good fun, and really, it's good for her as a person.

Yesterday, the head of my cock made it down her throat- and I can say, although I have worked hundreds of pretty mouths in my career as a pervert, she is one of the few to get that fat head down her throat. All I could say was "good girl". Actually, I didn't say that at all- what I said was more along the lines of "show these guys what a good cocksucker you are". You know, the sort of "sweet nothings" all girls love to hear.

This glorious blowfest was only interrupted by interludes of her rubbing my cock on her face, licking my balls, and me slapping her ass. All the while the crowd was jacking off, and clearly enjoying it, weighing in with very appropriate and filthy comments.

At some point, I decided I needed that pussy so I bent her over a chair and began fucking her. Her pussy is like warm silk, and I let her use a small hand held vibrator (a vibrating nipple clamp actually) on her clit. One guy who I thought I knew was in front of her and after I fucked her for a while and she had cum, I told her to suck his dick while I fucked her. Like a good slut, she obeyed. Now she loves (LOVES!) one in the pussy and one in the mouth (she had fantasized about it for years, but got her first taste of it after meeting me), so she was in heaven- he grabbed her hair and fucked her in the mouth, and she
was working her clit and I was fucking her.

Then I moved her face to another cock, but she resisted- apparently she didn't feel comfortable with him (WTF I say), but I didn't force her- we play hard, but consensual is always the rule. But still, I didn't like the resistance, so the only appropriate thing to do is to punish her with a brutal ass fucking. Unfortunately, that is a favorite hobby for her- so it isn't a very effective punishment- but it sure is fun.

I bent her over and opened up the lube and put a good amount down her crack and on my cock. I eased it in slowly, but it wasn't easy for her. But like a champ, she took it, and eventually she was begging for it, saying "fuck me in my ass!" over and over. I'm a gentleman; so naturally, I obliged the lady's request, all the while reminding her what a whore she is to take it in the ass in front of strangers in a porn theater. She was working her clit, and I could feel her sphincter tighten like a vise on my cock as she came again and again.

After a few more strokes I asked her what I was going to pull my cock out of, and she said "my ass". Then I asked her where I was going to put my cock and she said "in my mouth". Yup, she went ass to mouth in a porn theater in front of strangers. In case that wasn't clear- she went ass to mouth in a porn theater in front of strangers. Hot. Fucking hot. So hot that I went back in her ass and then back in her mouth several more times.

I'd had about enough- dominating a theater slut is hard work (or, as the Grim Reaper said in "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey: "reaping is hard work"). But I digress. I had to cum, and right soon. So I put her back on her knees and jacked a load onto her face. I hadn't cum for several days, so she got a nice thick splooge of batter on her face.

Now in the back of my mind, I remembered some grade school teacher saying to me that "sharing is caring". So I offered her face to those I approved of. The first guy was a white guy with a goatee who I knew- and he delivered a decent load. Then another guy (who must work there- because he is always there) who appears kind of South American gave her a decent shot across her bow..I mean face.

So there is my little angel with three loads on her face, and a fourth guy steps up- kinda tall and skinny, and damn! He blew a huge nut across her face. Well done sir, well done.

Oddly, nobody else wanted to give her a facial, which was disappointing, and really, I'll just never get it. Here is a hot Cameron Diaz kinda looking blonde taking facials in a porn theater- who doesn't love that? Fresh bukkake in the works, and no takers?? But different scotch for different folks I suppose. One African American guy apologized- he wasn't "ready", but that's the nature of the beast, you gotta be ready to go on command.

My girl has great manners. I stood her against the wall, cum dripping down her face, and she thanked everyone. Wasn't that polite? I grabbed our coats, and we headed out, stopping in the lobby where she told the salesgirl "you have a nice
store", with cum dripping down her face.

We left with her still in collar and leash, and headed back for another drink (I did let her wipe her face with her dress), passing by three of the guys who had been in the heater, that were standing together talking on the street, all of whom looked somewhat incredulous about what they had just witnessed.

I know our brand of fun isn't for everyone (as the elderly guy so succinctly noted as he departed the theater), but for those who do enjoy it, I think it was a great time. We are always up for adventure- if you're ever in the Bay Area, we'll consider meeting, although the anonymous joy of theater sex is hard to beat.

We'd like to visit some other cities (Portland!), but damn it, her husband isn't cooperating on our travel plans. I say he's being self-centered and unreasonable.

Anyways, for those who were there this week, hope you had fun, for those who are
reading this but were not there, hope you enjoy the report. Until next time…

The Chairman


Doc here again... Many thank to The Chairman for this outstanding peek inside his scene with his blonde suburban sub and their trip to the dark side inside Secrets in Oakland.  Keep up the fine work, sir.


The Big Shield's To Protect and To Serve Tour: Part 2 - "A Fauna Thing Happened on the Way to Vegas"

Doc here with Part 2 of The Big Shield's To Protect and To Serve Tour of adult theaters and ABSs across this great land. 
In this report, the target is Las Vegas. The road however was bumpy, and featured an uninvited guest.
Take it away, sir.
Hey Doc,
As stated before, THE BIG SHIELD to Serve and Protect Tour would continue onwards with recons to theaters in the Las Vegas area on May 7th in advance of trips planned for later in the summer.  As I start this report from just under 36,000 feet up in the friendly skies from somewhere within the contiguous United States, I'm thinking that you never know in this thing of ours what you are going to see or experience or whom you might meet. I didn't hold out much hope that a Tuesday afternoon visit to any one of the three theaters that I am contemplating on visiting will produce anywhere near the fun that I experienced last Thursday at Xposed in the Big D (sidebar to N2Mischief - cum and experience the TBS Serve and Protect Tour making an comeback to Xposed on Memorial Day evening around 8ish).  
Fast forward two days to Thursday were. I sit in the forever present Starbucks - sponging, as we all do, on their free wireless connection for the mere cost of a cup of coffee and bang out the report that are now reading.
The original plan was to land in my destination (Salt Lake City) on Tuesday for a quick Wednesday morning business meeting and then fly back to my little hole in the universe known as parts unknown.  
Having been mistakenly told that it would be a 4 hour drive not freaking 400+ mile drive, I anticipated making my way down I-15 to Vegas by the early afternoon.  However, now knowing that it would take 6 hours rather than four (each way - as in a full half a day - literally) I seriously considered sitting this recon out.  However, within about 30 minutes of driving around SLC (this being my first time ever being here) there was no way that I was about to spend a complete day here - I'm not Karl Malone LOL.  
So, off I foolishly went.  Nature was calling me to check out the Vegas area in advance of a golf outing with some college friends including the friend that got married (still is married) in Nashville nearly 25 years ago when I was introduced to this thing.
The Big Shield's Guest
Well as nature was calling me, nature truly called because as I got into about an hour of my drive from SLC, nature called for a deer/moose/elk (not exactly sure as it was bigger than any deer I've seen in my life, moose are present in Utah but I couldn't make out the antlers and it could have been an elk - at any rate it was big as hell) to cross the highway and run right into the side of the Serve and Protect cruiser - thank goodness I had full insurance on the rental.  Nature was calling both of us, but unfortunately neither of us made our port of call on Tuesday (Vegas for the Shield or the other side of I-15 for the big fella who hobbled back from whence he came).  As I said earlier, you never know what you may experience or what's going to happen in this thing of ours.
Early Wednesday morning my meeting was pushed back a full day so once again I had to decide what to do with an entire day - and a day to the Mormon Temple was not on the agenda.  Equipped with a new tour cruiser and a full day, I decided again to make a go at Vegas --- and this time I made it.  
The plan was to visit 3 theaters and report back my findings and plan to incorporate the good stops into my summer golf outing.  I ended up going to all 5 brands listed in the database: [all addresses in the database ARE valid] Adult Superstore, Adult World, Deja Vu, Fantasy World, and Main Street B&V.  Spoiler alert - I didn't go to all five establishments because I couldn't get enough, I went to all five because I could not believe that Vegas was as weak and lame as it struck me.  I mean after all it is known as Sin City and it happened to be hump day for crying out loud.  
First Stop - Main Street B&V
Main Street
Books & Video
ABS with booths and theater.  When I arrived there was a very attractive lady with her guy buying toys for a party away from the store.  The staff did not seem overly excited or accommodating (nothing that they did - just the vibe inside).  There was no one in the booths ($8 minimum posted on the turnstile - I didn't go to the booths, I just paid $9 for the theater and went in.  There are 2 theaters - one is str8 and the other is always playing some derivative of gay (bi, shemale, lesbian, gay).  The theaters are not really theaters but rather 2 rooms with a tv on the wall.  
There were about 6 guys between the two theaters, myself not included -- all present except for The Big Shield had someone elses cock in their hand and/or their mouth.  If It's not NYC's or Coney Island's Nathan's Hot Dog's - I'm not having off to next theater I went.
Stop #2 - Deja Vu and their newly franchised Love Store.
DOA!!! at 4:30-5pm - How dead? NO one was even on the traditional stripper side of the establishment.  Absolutely no one in the regular  store (which is freaking huge) except for the 2 clerks working the registers.  The store is so big that the clerks literally canmot call each other out loud and have a conversation from the two furthest walls as some of the words/meanings are bound to be cancelled by white noise.  
The store has 2 theaters and several booths (the booths only takes one dollar bills and they tell everyone verbally - per the clerk - and taped on each door seemingly in the store "Deja Vu will not refund any money for malfunctioning machines".  Seems like a casino inside - put your money in, nothing comes out, play at you own risk because there are no refunds - LOL.
The theaters (1 straight, 1 gay) cost $10 for universal access.  The entry fee is good for 8 hours with in and out privileges, and up to 4 additional hours at one of the other Deja Vu locations in Vegas past you 8 hour original window.  Nothing happening so this visit lasts all of about eight and a half minutes.....keep it movin' is TBS's motto - so onwards......
Stop #3 - Adult Superstore (visited 2 different stores) 
The Adult Superstore like many other Vegas adult entertainment establishments are chain stores, similar but not identical.  The Adult Superstore on the 3000 block of Tropicana (the one in the database with the actual Tropicana address) does in fact have 2 theaters upstairs as well as booths, but the other stores are 1 floor gigs with only booths.  
The clerk at the AS with the theater was very nice, I talked to her a bit and she she let me check out the theater for free to see if I wanted to pay ($10) and stay.  There are two rooms connected with 2 tvs on opposite walls per room (4 movies showing - all varieties).  
There were 3 guys choking chicken so I decided to go back and talk with the clerk a bit more and be delinquent on that rent. She told me that there has been a real down tick in couples - more out of town folks visiting than locals and typically when you see an out of town couple or two it's on the weekend.  Side note - there are no gloryholes in Las Vegas.  Doors must be removed, have an window so that folks can look in, or doors must have the bottom half removed (also checked 3 ABS that lacked theaters on Wednesday and it was more of the same).  Motto - boys and girls? - Keep it movin, so I did.
Stop #4 - Adult World
Adult World
Adult World is dingy and grey and it reeked of past glory days that walls are clinging to for dear life.  Clearly this place is a less than savory area has the maximum amount of seediness that puts you and your senses at the state of "this is really too seedy for me but the fun is raw, raunchy, and memorable"  I'm sure that when there is fun to be had in Vegas, it is most likely to be in this uninhibited locale.  There are two theaters (straight and not) and admission is $7 with local  in and out privileges (you can't theater hop and come back hours later).  The booths are of the 'missing lower half of door variety'.  The clerk was very friendly and admitted that they only got couples on the weekends and they are most likely to be locals.. With 7 or 8 guys (based on cars outaide) in the theater I had no desire to check out the seating arrangement or the quality of the actual theater.....let's just say my many years of experience tell me that it was likely to be as outdated and as seedy as the rest of the store.  Boys and girls?  That's correct - Let's keep it moving.
Stop #5 - Fantasy World (actually in Henderson not Las Vegas Proper).
Pretty clean standard ABS with a dual theaters and standard booths (no gloryholes - but with full doors and most without windows), But there is a $2 charge to just go into the booth area.  I suspect it is to ensure that they are making money off of the guys that loitering and waiting on another's third leg to play with.  Theaters which cost $10  (2 - more of the same) are actually 2 rooms side by side with about 6 cheap Walmart quality plastic chairs lining the walls in each room and a bunch of open space to play if there is someone there of your ilk to play with.  The clerk told me that couples do come and play but it was hit or miss (I suspect much much much more miss than hit).  But when I asked him were there any couples in the theater he stated that he wasn't "allowed to tell".  Of course, finishing my recon I paid the rent and went in.  I sat in the straight theater minding my own business with arms folded - not sure if there is any other overt action that a man that only believes in splitting in half woman that happen to be born in that form can make it known that screams WRONG TREE!.
At any rate, I went to the bathroom which was surprisingly clean and conveniently located right in the straight theater.  when I came back out several of the guys were gone.  I went back to my seat then I heard gag, gag "oh I'm cumming" out of the other theater.  No one came out of that theater so I assumed that it was the movie.  Then I hear it again (in general) and while I'm hearing this one of the guys that had disappeared reappears out of the room zipping up and headed for the rest room.  I start to think that maybe one of the ladies that were with their guys in the bookstore came back and were servicing.  So I step over to the other theater and what do we have? The wrong tree barker on his knees.  Boys and girls? HELL YEAH - KEEP IT MOVING!!!!!
So my recon of Vegas taught me the following: if traveling there bring your own fun (kit and caboodle), the Sin City moniker doesn't mesh with the city's "thing of ours" scene, and finally plan to play a lot of rounds of golf when I'm there this summer because I not a gambler I'm a 'fuck (h)er' and "her" ain't there.

Well Doc this report is being sent to you courtesy of paid GoGo in flight as I fly back to parts unknown.  The tour continues tomorrow (Friday, May 10th) with a possible surprise visit to a popular bookstore here.  And tell the readers in the Memphis area that the cruiser will be parking along Beale Street Sunday evening.  

Until next time, may The Big Shield be with her, whomever she may be.

Doc here again... First of all, we are glad that The Big Shield is safe and sound, and was not taken out by The Abominable Moose. Secondly (and sadly), Las Vegas continues to disappoint on the adult theater scene. When going to Vegas, your best bets are the on-premises clubs like The Green Door, The Power Exchange, or The Red Rooster. White theaters are plentiful in Vegas, patrons are not.
Part 3 of The Tour is coming soon...